Thursday, 8 January 2015

Flying kites...

“It is good to be born in very depraved times; for, compared with others, you gain a reputation for virtue at a small cost.”

Shane Flying
Shane Flying
G'day Possums... 
it's all ...

Wombat Droppings
…..or the chronicle of Oz’s inexorable slide into Fascism

Julie “Death Stare” Bishop or as someone has dubbed her, “Princess Mesothelioma” is being risibly touted as the anointed to replace rancid Rabid-the Hun as Prime Miniature when he’s assassinated, which brought to mind this quote from French philosopher Michel de Montaigne:
 “It is good to be born in very depraved times; for, compared with others, you gain a reputation for virtue at a small cost.”

A. Jarquemqart The Hunter
Forest Glade, Macedon.

Rabid–the-Hun in a vain attempt to get a lift in the polls has been on a secret tour to Iraq. There is little truth in the rumour that he was either hoping to “shirtfront” some “ISIS-Death-Cult-Baddies”, steal their flag and with thumbs in ears whilst flapping his hands up and down, pronounce ”Nayaa-Nayaa-Nayaaa-Nyaaaaaaaaa,” or get himself martyred.
So secret was his mission that the Iraqi press announced it a week before he arrived.
Unable “for security reasons” to take Australian press with him, (possibly fearing the Ides of March) Action-Man Rabid, wearing a fetching leather “Bomber-Jacket” (a’ la George Bush) still managed to stuff up, calling The Iraqi Prime Minister, “President” and making statements that meant nothing. Not impressing anyone by returning $5,000,000.00 from the 14 Million cut from foreign aid and certainly not the soldiers whose pay and conditions he’s cutting as well. I’m not sure what the pilot he accosted on landing after a mission would have thought… perhaps regret from not having any armaments left?

Still Life, Carlton
Carlton, Still-Life

Whilst the man of many faeces was avoiding the bushfires in Victoria and South Australia, which many are saying, will only become worse as climate change really kicks in, a number of his minor rabble have been fanning other flames by ventilating that the GST should include food and education.
Timing in politics is as important as it is in comedy…. my congratulations to the Member for Wannon for exhibiting a lack of talent for both.
Whether this was meant as a distraction, a feint, or typical Liarbril dissimulation in just testing the water, it further demonstrates just how nastily anti-social these mongrels are and how their hubris knows no bounds, particularly when GP’s are about to demonstrate very clearly that Medi-bank is being dismantled.
Carlton Chic
Carlton Chic
Another demonstration, not as hubristic, possibly humble, is taking place with “LeJongleur” Roskam, who heads up the “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” (IPA). He is taking part of a right-wing team who will analyse why the Baillieu / Napthine rabble thankfully became the “Tardis” State’s first one-term government since 1955.
I can tell them for free.
1/ They were not competent.
2/ They were corrupt (See Matty “What’s-a-Green-Wedge” Guy’s, Ventnor Frolic or the “business” case for East-West-Link for starters)
3/ The IPA’s influence pushing the Liarbrils into Fascism.

Liarbril Party / IPA
Liarbril Party Led by a Think-Tank

The demonstration of Federal incompetence in using the IPA’s wish-list as a policy base has more and more people concerned that fairness, equity and a balanced society is not what the Liarbrils understand any more as they are over-run by the far rights big business lackeys.
What is so pathetic about the "Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe" is that they are like a conceptual totality in search of a theory, an answer in search of a question and apparatchiks in search of their loot!
Such a repulsive accretion of dross.

Dog with bone
Dog with bone

"Le Jongleur" Roskam has (two years ago on his Friday advocacy on 774) said that they should be like Whitlam in a "...crash through or crash..." style. I think we are seeing the evidence of that. These malicious bumpkins need restraining.

Hoo-roo Petals,

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