Tuesday, 26 March 2013

...to Ballan Autumn Festival once more

G’day Possums,
Here we are again at the Ballan Autumn Festival so I thought we’d start off where we were last year at the Lal-Lal Photographic Group’s exhibition that showed some nice quality and obviously new members.

I decided to concentrate on the faces of the participants and spectators of this year’s festival.
One of the first groups in the parade (this year themed as The West) was a contingent of Light Horse re- enactors.

Light Horse

 It was a moving experience realising, as they passed the war memorial in front of the post office that nearly 100 years ago Light Horse squadrons could well have paraded here before leaving for the Middle East and France.

Ballan and Myrniong Primary Schools were well represented

As were the local CFA units on whose volunteers much depends.

And Brass bands

and the Local Dance School

and the Ballan Pony club
 and the rest...

with even some Jedi from www.rebellegion.com

They watch "Big Bang Theory", too.

Salvatore, “Ballan Provincial Butcher” wowed ‘em again with his Spit-roast….look at that queue

Judging  performances were from left, MLC Simon Ramsey (Liberal, possibly looking for a policy) newly elevated to the Federal Ministry Hon. Member for Ballarat, Catherine King ( Labor and jolly happy looking considering the events of recent days) and local Councillor Paul Tatchell(a somewhat acerbic scribe).

Local members

Performers included a delightful display of Tai Chi

And “Monsieur a’la Unicycle” who was great fun and terrific entertainment
Monsieur le Unicycle

Then there was face-painting

….and riding the carousel

….and helping with the cooking

Da Boyz

….and wandering

And puffing….

…and just sitting… observing….

…..a good event well attended

Wombat Droppings

Shaun Micallef’s “Mad as Hell” did an outrageously good representation of “He –Who –Would –Lead-Us”  ‘tother night.
It was good because it fitted…so with apologies to the wit at “Mad as Hell” who originally thought it up….
I’ve made my own….
Why does it fit?  The ambitions, intentions and modus-operandi of the respective characters are the same.

Kelly (Prattle) O‘Dwyer could well be in the running apart from, Sophie (Pit-Bull) Mirabella or Barnaby(Addled) Joyce to lose the un-losable election for the Liarbrils if her performance on “Q and A” was anything to go by.

When you have an audience ROFL- ing at your assertions that Tony”Rabbott” is neither misogynist nor socially divisive you really have to wonder whether she even knows black from white!
Brit philosopher sitting to her right A.C.Grayling, looked like he was studying a new life form when she spoke. 
Next day, Mr Rabbott on a "press-the-flesh" fronted the TV cameras' and said "We've got a plan and all Labor can do is hit below the belt", or some-such tripe. 
What is really disturbing is that it seems there is a pathological syndrome with these Liarbrils where they start a brawl and always blame the other... Pyne, "The Whyne" was caught out recently, frankly, lying again, and didn't bat an eyelid... next question.. oooh look, there's a rabbit!
It's all plans, buzz-words, bullshit, spin, smoke-and-mirrors and no policy but they'll romp it in anyway! 
Labor Party implosion is doing all it can to assist Aspirational Bogans aka "Liabrils" to walk into power without the need for policy discussion other than "bash the asylum seekers". 
Lordy, what a week!  

New “Tardis” State (where-All-Goes-Backward) Premier, Dennis “Dodo” (Genus: Inutilis Rusticus) Napthine has taken to the job with all the enthusiasm of a schoolboy in a lolly-shop, exitedly letting Unplanning Minister Matthew (What’s-a-Green-Wedge) Guy announce a very big building that has no infrastructure to support it and proposing a ferry service from here to there….and selling-off  half a public housing site to private developers to “… mix it up socially”!  
Which sort of fits with the philosophy of the privatisation of public education and selling its sites to developers. Now, there’s a role for  ‘Big bird” Baillieu (Genus: Silvertail Incompetens), he’s been-there-done-that!

"CROWDED" school curriculums will be overhauled and there will be more flexibility in school reports under reforms announced today, according to Education Minister Martin Dixon. 
Shelley Hadfield  “Sun”  November 15, 2012
“Plasticine” Dixon still wants to bash teachers into submission … is it that his educational philosophy was formed when he was at Marcellin College in conversations with Alphonse Gagitano?
Vic. Police are in a bit of bother by consorting with bikies and other assorted crims during leisure hours and taking freebies like drinks and food when offered. They have been told they are very naughty boys and that "We are watching you"! 
Police, Chief Commissioner Ken Lay seemingly comes from the exPolice Minister Peter Ryan's mold,..."I-Know-Nuffin" !

The class action by residents of bushfire areas against the Power company and it’s maintenance of poles is underway.
Question? Does Jeff (Bully-Boy) Kennett (the Dorian Gray of Tardis State Politics) feel any responsibility for this; having sold off a profitable and efficient State owned asset that was consistent in its infrastructure and materials and effecting replacement with a system that is solely there for the benefit of shareholders?

Our solar experience is becoming very interesting…. More soon.



Wednesday, 13 March 2013

….to Nuptials, Frogmore and Chenonceaux

G’day Possums.

Weddings are interesting events to photograph because the mix of people can create quite a dynamic atmosphere.
This one was a bit like a school re-union as the wedding party had all been at school together and that familiaritymade for a very relaxed mood.

R and T
I thought too, at the extensiveness of the planning involved in this wedding and wondered about the altering “Rites of Passage” we have as our society becomes less cohesive and communal.
The gels
 The venue (The Cosmopolitan, Trentham) was good as was the food and wine
The music makers are due a special mention as it seemed to me they hit just the right note (pun intended) with music that was entertaining, danceable, but not “in-your-face” head-banging…if you want a demo..   www.myspace.com/yuliyamik

Brazilian Music
Yuliya Mik
Brazilian Music
Yuliya Mik
Swingin' along
The following day Mrs Wombat and myself ambled off to Frogmore Gardens near Trentham   www.frogmoregardens.com.au  to have a wander through on their Open-Day.

Classical Flower arrangement
Zena's Arrangement, Frogmore Gardens
 This beautiful arrangement, made by one of the proprietors, Zena, greeted us on our arrival in the office and it took my mind back to the extensive flower arrangements throughout the Chateau of Chenonceaux.

photo lawrence Winder


Frogmore Gardens ..The Pale garden
The mix of formal and informal is particularly striking in The Pale Garden 

Frogmore Gardens The Prairie Garden
and the Prairie Garden will have to re-visited soon as the Russets of the grasses become more bronze and contrast brilliantly with the vibrant Poplars and dark forest background screen.

Frogmore gardens

A civilised place.
Frogmore Gardens

Wombat Droppings

Vale, “Big Bird”Baillieu (Genus: Silvertail Incompetens).... he’s been dumped by his own lot as Premier.
Hail, Dennis “Dodo” (Genus: Inutilis Rusticus) Napthine.
But the real premier of The Tardis State (Where-All-Goes-Backward), the member for Frankston, Geoff “Fiddles” Shaw who now sits on the cross benches (‘cause he’s cross with the Liarbrils for letting the police investigate the illegal use of his taxpayer funded government vehicle to profit his hardware business’) but wields a big stick… although this matter pales to insignificance compared with the tens of millions floating around Eddie O’Bied of NSW Labor…. Shaw was muttering “…Vultures.” at the press the day he resigned from the Liarbril Party. 
Will people like Shaw and O’Bied ever really understand that they are the true Vultures?

Chris “The Whyne” Pyne supports some of the new testing regime for teachers particularly the stuff on “emotional intelligence”…. Does that mean he’ll not run out of Parliament when Craig Thompson has a vote?

George, Cardinal Pell is graceless! 

Sophie “Pit-Bull” Mirabella is shadow minister for manufacturing….. that’s a joke BTW..... ‘cause it’s true.

New work perhaps to go on exhibition in “What Lies Beneath Us”, soon, in Ballarat
Titled: “The Sleep of Reason…..”  More later, if it all pans out.

photo Lawrence Winder
The Sleep of Reason....
Cheers petals,

Monday, 4 March 2013

....viewing nice things and the Huns at the Gates

G’day Possums,

Shane at picnic

Or should I say Flying Foxes  as we had a picnic with them at Yarra Bend 

Flying Foxes

before we tripped off across the river to Fairfield to Photonet Gallery for the opening of “Window on the World”, its 3rd annual women photographers’ exhibition celebrating International women’s Day.

Opening Photonet Gallery

 Maria Colaidis’ work to me evoked a sense of Gertrude Kasabier with its soft focus and introspective nature but M.C. did tell me that her reading and looking at Francesca Woodman was part of her inspiration.  Certainly, you can appreciate that in the poses but in isolating the figure from the viewer by the use of textured glass; and softening it and increasing its vulnerability and sense of self absorption the further the figure is from the glass adds a more “Romantic” allure than Woodman’s more observational and documentary commentary on youth and gender.  Also the “framing” setting of the prints adds a further dimension to this work.  

Maria Collaidis

Karena Goldfinch presented photogravures  (a C19th intaglio printing process) that had a Federation “Pictorialist” bent but there was another edge as evidenced in the starkness of the burnt trees in combination with the dead raptor and the, at first, “Romantic” feel of the light barely pushing through the trees but becoming more mysterious and malevolent the longer you looked. The process used certainly suited the imagery and again clearly indicates how graphic in nature photography is. 

Karena Goldfinch

Karena Goldfinch

Kirsten Bowers, Zen Moments


Helga Leunig


Kallena Kucers Edges No V


Michel Cardamone, Images of Lake Eyre

Silvi Glattauer, Wimmera Window 2

Tech on tech....

You could put it down to personal preference but what “worked’ for me in this exhibition were those of a more graphic nature and although some of my favourite photographers are street photographers, in this show it was these that seemed overwhelmed by pieces which had something more than an observational and recording function to impart.
A show worth seeing.
“Window”, A Window on the World.
Photonet Gallery 15A Railway Place Fairfield….

Wombat Droppings
In the Tardis State (Where all Goes Backwards) Big Bird Baillieu (Genus: Silvertail Incompetens) has been digging bigger holes for his Liarbril lackeys… he’s had another hissy-fit  with “Big Red” Gillard over education… “our’s is better than yours even though I don’t really know what yours really entails….so there…!! ”
( we in the Tardis State have any public education to talk about?)… sort of foot-stamping-stuff…. 
But now some-one has really leaked some very sloppy and recorded “merde” about the OPI/ Overland/ police union/ Peter ( I-Know-Nuffin) Ryan… I have said this lot stinks … you no longer have to sniff too hard to get the whiff… Oohhh and let’s not forget we’ve another $50,000,000.00 or so to waste on another Grand Prix.
And let’s also not invite a vituperative backlash by mentioning the “deals” of Un-planning Minister Matty (What’s-a-Green-Wedge) Guy!

Federally, Morrison’s putrid idea about reporting a group to the authorities is not unlike what the Nazi’s did after they occupied countries in 1940…. they just asked people to register for identity cards .. and then again, for more information… first a small directive to give information to the occupying authority; a trickle that becomes a torrent until you are fully integrated and so compliant with the racist machine that without realising you are the racist.
Morrison needs better to understand history and better understand the ramifications of what he is doing to this society.
And is Abetz’ support for Morrison only repeating history and angling for another family Ambassador’s posting to Paris? 


I suppose you could call my little video “vilification” and I’d agree with you; but as Mr “Rabbott” has by his support for Morrison’s nasty vileness, sanctioned vilification as an appropriate methodology why not serve a bit back?
“Rabbott” took almost three days to “come-out” and back Morrison.  Was he reading the polls before making a decision?.
This really is a leader?
Vote Bogan…get a Liarbril!
Ships of the Damned, then and now
Already in previous posts I have said that if the Liarbrils win office in September the “Civil” society that some aspire it to be, will be submerged into the sort of vicious bogan mindsets we see evidenced above and interestingly, for the first time in Australia in 100 years we will have this crude racism (White Australia Policy) emanating from the top of our political system.
It’s going to be a very interesting country by the time it saturates the whole society and then has to find new “targets” to satisfy it’s inherent selfishness in order to maintain itself.