Tuesday, 29 August 2017

..... singing the Internationale?

G'day Possums,
it's nearly Spring.....

Faux Finance Minister, Matty Horse-Shite Cormann whose second language is English and third economics, has painted a desperate doomsday scenario of Australia under a Willie  Shortstuff  Labor regime, claiming that he is "cocky" and relying on the politics of envy to propel him to the Prime Minister's Lodge as people forget the failures of, "shock-horror", that word which should never be uttered:  socialism. 

Ludicrously likening the Labor party to a East German Stasi cabaret, The Cuban's Beuna Vista Social Club, and St Petersburg's Mariinsky Ballet, Horse-Shite, in a mixed language rant to Father Gerard's Sydney Geriatric Institute, claimed that by being socialist  and not giving tax breaks to big business, curbing excessive executive payouts and paying fair wages there will be a terrible brake on "aspiration" in Oz and the entertainment of widening class division!
Also, conveniently ignoring not only Australia's faltering economy, increasing debt and rampant Ruling Rabble corruption, this salient member of the Lying Nasty Papists, in reprising the "Reds-Under-The-Bed" scenario from the 50's also avoids  mentions of  the economies of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark who are highly successful social democracies.
He prophesied that our most innovative  entrepreneurs with imagination and creativity will  flee the country to their Cayman Island tax havens leaving the light on thus causing all those renting these refugees negatively geared properties on their reduced wages without penalty rates not to be able to afford the rising electricity bill, smashed avocado and forced to eat cat food in lieu of real mince.
Seeming never in his life to have had a job other than one sucking off the public teat, this neo-fascist Belgian expat is well qualified to be concerned about the politics of envy, cigar smoking and the dismal failure of neo-con theory as his Lying Nasty Papist cabal fails to govern effectively; and because of its policy bereft status is even being pilloried by those whom you might think, at other times, would be supporters.

A perfect storm is brewing too, as the eligibility crisis, the stupidly divisive marriage equality postal vote  and Pell-Pot's historical child abuse case all head for judgment in October and there seems to be a drip feed of damaging historical malfunctions like Rabid-the-Hun's alcoholic stupor and sleeping through important votes in parliament and the potentially internecine stoushes between the LNP and the Nats to make the ruling rabble a total shambles.

Nationals deep-north senator Matty, Thug Canavan and Noe Notion senator Mal-Addled Roberts have changed their tune on key details of their citizenship status, as the High Court begins hearings on a case providing ample evidence of the honesty, ethics and integrity of ruling rabble and its affiliates. Happy to lie to the people they say they represent Thug Canavan has conceded to the court that he has been an Italian citizen since he was 2 - when he previously blamed a 2006 application on his mother - and Mal-Addled appeared ( I say "appeared" as his empirical evidence enunciations are always in a deep-north dialect quite foreign to the rest of the country) to admit that he had not filled in his British citizenship renunciation documents until after he was elected, to which, there was weeping and gnashing of teeth by 77 sack-clothed and ashed deep-north voters. 

Some of Australia's most senior politicians have been caught out not declaring a free pay television subscription worth up to $1,600 a year. No wonder The Ugly American, Murdoch needed another, no strings, $30,000,000.00 of taxpayers money to play with.  He will also be having stern words with his son who lackadaisically  has been gazumped again, this time by CBS flying under his radar to buy Channel 10, thereby stalling The Ugly American's ambition of having almost total control of Australia's media.
"So comrades, come rally
And the last fight let us face
The Internationale unites the human race".

Hoo-roo comrades,


Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Greatest Show on Earth

Shane as a Clown

G'day Possums,

 I finished last weeks rant with a list of what was ailing us nationally and  this : "... all of which strongly indicates that this nation is falling apart under this ruling rabble..." only to then observe a week where  the rule of law, ethical behaviour and convention have all been sacrificed on the altar of political survival; the stench of corruption growing ever stronger and a whole lot of clowns coming out to play.

First there were the two Greens senators tripped up by accidents of birth who then do the right thing and step down only to be followed in the dual citizenship maze of Sect. #44 of the constitution by the National's Matty Hayseed Canavan who steps out of cabinet but not from government because rules aren't meant for the ruling rabble to adhere to. Blunting the petty diatribes of Nat's leader Barnyard Joyce whilst simultaneously demonstrating his hypocrisy when he said of the Greens that "...the law is black and white..." deputy PM Barnyard has then to embarrassingly announce to the house that he too has dual nationality but also wont be stepping aside to leave the ruling rabble literally with a "hung" parliament. On top of Barnyard's vindictive swipe at the Greens for being sloppy in their management, the Nationals have further to announce that their deputy leader, Princess Fiona of Nash is a dual citizen as well  but she hasn't the ethics to step down either, which, given her troubles in ruling rabble Mk#1 as assistant health minister and her employment of dodgy lobbyists inimical to her portfolio, isn't really surprising.
Le Havre

Before  Princess Fiona's admission there was senator Mal-Addled Roberts of the Deep North, Noe Notion Mob who was finally provided with the empirical evidence he so loves which proved he was actually British even though he "felt" Australian and didn't see the need to step aside either and carried on to such an extent that  W.S.Gilbert could have penned this for Mal-Addled.... "I hold that there is no such antick fellow as your bombastical hero who doth so earnestly spout forth his folly as to make his hearers believe that he is unconscious of all incongruity."
Neither did Nick "Hades" Xenephon feel any twinge of convention to go out of parliament when he fessed-up to being a Cypriot and oddly, British but then he sides with the ruling rabble so often that cretin might be a more appropriate label.
Thrown into the fray to provide "look-over-there" distractions, Jules Asbestos Bishop kept the opposition benches in stitches and New Zealand feeling superior with her ludicrous ranting "gun-boat" diplomatic skills... only proving 1/  that when you're in a hole it's probably best to stop digging and, 2/  that the ruling rabble are just that...a rabble.
Sect. #44 may well get a different High Court workout with the business dealings of Deep North ex-copper Senator  Big Bazza O'Sullivan whose family company has had about $2.5 Mill worth of Govt contracts go its way requiring scrutiny but with this on top of his 49 negatively geared properties there's probably nuthin-to-see-'ere! Is there?   Nahh, sweet...nahh !
We end this epistle Petals, on a religious note. Catlic Bishop Hart of Melbourne (all hart and no empathy) has told the RC into child abuse that priests will not divulge to police, child abuse evidence told to them in the confessional. Hmm... Shades of Henry 2nd of England...how medieval.
Watts Chapel, Compton.
Watts Chapel, Compton.

And we can't not record the Noe Notion Leader, the Red Terror of the Deep North, Appalling Hanson fronting the senate in a Burqa as the final circus act of the week. Always her incoherent best, it is really a pity that the Red Terror wouldn't wear the same garment down the streets of her rancid supporters in Ipswich and experience the hate she promulgates!
Bookshelves Brandis for once sounded genuinely statesman-like in his criticism of her racist stupidity but unfortunately many of his ruling rabble colleagues failed to join with the spontaneous applause from the opposition and cross benches thereby indicating their equivocation and lack of moral fibre.
The slope looks decidedly a lot more slippery.
Hoo-roo Petals,
Watts Chapel, Compton.
Watts Chapel

Friday, 11 August 2017

How low can they go?

G'day Possums,
 today some pics from the RAAF Museum at Point Cook where we, Mrs Wombat, daughters and son-in-law repaired to after a scheduled gift flight in a Tiger Moth was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Golly, the Ruling Rabble are not only just office boys to the IPA. Now, with Tardis State opposition leader Matty What's-a-Green-wedge Guy, they are also foot soldiers for the Mafia mob.
Tiger Moth Point Cook

Having supped the cray and sipped the Grange with what Vicpol term "a senior mafia figure" who's been banned from racecourses and the casino, Matty has spent three days refining his account of not really knowing or wanting to take election funds in discreet amounts to dodge electoral law from the Dodgy Bros and after sacking his too locquacious staffer organizing the deal has referred himself to IBAC for absolution. Given that this body, due to when the ruling rabble were messing the state up, had over-watered the plant turning it into a toothless tiger, the ploy is just a cynical bit of window dressing attempting to avoid the obvious. 
Matty, like your party, you're bent: and if you think you can continue to run a Laura Norder election you will look more like a character from Komedy Kapers than a seriously valid candidate for premier.
Avro 504, Point Cook
Interestingly, the mobster with the lobster is the same Maddaferi who was allowed into the country by the then immigration minister Mandy, Il Patrone Vanstone back in 2005 on "humanitarian" grounds. Noted, not only for his alleged involvement in murders, drug running and stand-over tactics he apparently was also a generous donor to a ruling rabble slush fund called "The Millenium Foundation."
Now, if you're taking money from the Dodgy Bros what are you giving in return?
How low can the ruling rabble go?
Supermarine Walrus

Pretty low actually ..... federally, they have instigated a non binding, voluntary postal survey that is going to cost $122,000,000.00 ( where's a budget emergency when you need it?) so that those not the least bit interested in marriage equality will have a say in who can and can't, rather than the parliament doing what it's paid to do and voting on it, because the ruling rabble are hopelessly enmeshed in internecine factional warfare.
As the rules pertaining to elections will not apply, open slather has been accorded to the haters, trolls, homophobes and other narrow minded fundamentalists to spew forth without fear of litigation.
First cab off the rank rank was the alleged xtian, Lyle, Sleaze-Mind Shelton who was fairly drooling over the opportunity to vent his putrid medieval religiosity on a national stage. He was backed up by failed priest, and failed Prime Minister Tony, Rabid-the-Hun Abbott who was overjoyed at being able to conflate freedom of expression, political correctness, safe schools, and marriage equality into his negative and venomous three word slogans of bilious hate. He was following by Bronny Kero/Chopper Bishop (she who should be but is not, dead yet) alerting us to the real dangers being faced by cats, dogs, horses, sheep and possibly Kangaroos, and hades forbid, Wombats if the vote is "Yes" .
This shonky postal vote is just another weapon in the arsenal of dissension fostered by the right-wing to obscure their real agenda: capitalist domination.
Adding to this little distraction are a swag of other improbity:  the rampant corruption surrounding the National's leader Barnyard Joyce's Murray-Darling water theft, the stinking mess of dishonest EPA officials and their response to re-cycling practices, ministers being paid monies by firms they are going to work for when they leave parliament, before they leave parliament, corruption from the top in our nascent SS, the Border Farce, the failure of some parliamentarians to rescind dual citizenship and then ignoring convention and not stepping down, more blood on ruling rabble hands from the concentration camp on Manus Island, banks aiding and abetting the illegal transactions of criminals and terrorist groups and the ongoing rorting of parliamentary entitlements... all of which strongly indicates that this nation is falling apart under this ruling rabble and Truffles then has the temerity to tell us he's a strong leader!
Perhaps he was referring to his odour?
Hoo-roo Petals

...and a horse on a skate board with a pupil makes as much sense, too.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Basket Case or Train Wreck?

G'day Possums,
It's been a week of nasty surprises, mostly at the expense of our hideously incompetent Ruling Rabble.

So is it a train wreck or a basket case?

Pics are old rolling stock at Trentham Station.

In an attempt to counter a real societal issue that Labor is now effectively exploiting, the Ruling Rabble's amateur treasurer, Scummo Morrison boldly declared that, "Inequality is improving." This Orwellian summation was followed a couple of days later by prime miniature Truffles Turnbull telling West Australia's media that they "...were living in a parallel universe"  and that their reporting of public anger at the state being "dudded" by the federal Ruling Rabble in its share of tax revenue was, "fake news." Considering that after this, in the Un-united States, the full transcript of Truffle's first phone conversation with the recently elected "Pussy-Grabber," Trump has been leaked and has provided evidence that "Fake- News" is in fact, Truffles' stock in hand in dealing with his own electorate, no wonder he's comfortable with the phrase.

Which in its own odd way explains why the Ruling Rabble is having such conniptions over the marriage equality legislation, climate change, renewable energy, education and health care. Unable to show any imagination in progressive policy and with a default setting of "NO" to anything which is progressive, the Ruling Rabble have bedded themselves firmly in the 1950's. The rest of the nation though, has actually moved on and Truffles cabal of limited talents pathetic attempts to sound relevant can only be like his copper broadband network, fake!

Dissatisfaction  with the Ruling Rabble is rife with even their most redoubtable proselytisers kicking them in the shins. Nikki Saava in a recent article, having had a couple of piddling swipes at Willie Shortstuff , then went on to savage her own side, criticizing their constant in-fighting and inadvertently exposing their complete lack of relevance and the policy vacuum they exist in. Then there was the "interview-interruptus" of Peter van Onselen on Sky. Our gayest Ex Freedom-Man, IPA clone and member for Balaclava, Timmy the Twat Wilson was asked for his views on the infighting in his mob on the issue of marriage equality. Timmy demurred, saying he would prefer to talk about anything else. van Onselen just said, "Thank you for appearing." and cut him off!  I can't imagine the "tanty" Timmy the Twat would have thrown at being so summarily dismissed by a fellow conservative as he, as an inveterate self promoter who also sees himself as a key intellectual of the right of Oz politics loves the limelight and relishes any opportunity to rant on and on and on and on.....I suspect van Onselen with his Phd's, Masters and Professorial positions doesn't suffer fools gladly!

Annabel Crabb did a real job on failed treasurer, Eleventy Hockey when she briefly hosted 7.30 a few years back. Asking him a question which really only needed a yes or no, his response was an off the point bit of obfuscation to which she cut into saying "I'll take that as a No, then" and went straight on to the next question. He never recovered his composure.
The other side of the coin was on display the other night when Willie Shortstuff bested Hissy-Fit Sales when she trotted out her standard Ruling Rabble propaganda as a question and he replied that he didn't agree with the myths the Ruling Rabble (and inferred, she) continually peddle and answered her question but stayed in control of the interview. Not comfortable being unable to run her own agenda it seemed that Sales terminated the interview early.

We wont talk about the terrorist molehill being made into a mountain at present but suffice to say that the polls are still bad for Truffles and his Ruling Rabble but there is mileage aplenty in disrupting airline passengers with excessive security whilst not also checking baggage handlers, cleaners and kitchen staff etc.
A train wreck, I think.
Hoo-roo Petals,