Sunday, 19 May 2019

Stupid is As Stupid Does

Torn Dream

G’day Possums,
welcome to the Wake!

Scummo believes in miracles.
I don’t.
I believe that six years of relentless “bagging” of Willie Shortstuff and six years of daily lying about Labor’s policy’s from the Ugly American’s comics have had the impact required.
I believe that spending, it is said, $80,000,000.00, just to provide a leeching of votes to the Ruling Rabble by Clive The Obscene, Palmer in return for mining approvals worth billions is corrupt.
I believe that the repeated lying as Fictions Frydenberg did again on “Insiders” that removing a subsidy from 4% of very wealthy people is a tax on all, is corrupt, too.
I believe that 50% of this nation cares more about tawdry concocted television like “The Bachelor” than it does about the impending crisis of climate change becoming more manifest.
I believe that when someone who claims to be a xtian can oversee the deaths of refugees in concentration camps, who lies at almost every direct question about policy, who is a bully and whose social justice mindset is skewed by an imported, self serving “prosperity gospel” mantra, is a hypocrite who is not to be trusted.
Australian Imagination and Future

I believe that 50% of this nation has no idea what they in reality, voted for. They obviously don’t care that the ABC will be further dismantled, that public hospital services are going to become less efficient, that public education will be privatised and that their wages will be further eroded.
I believe that this 50% thinks they know what they were voting against but what they chose were lies, untruths, fabrications, misrepresentations and falsehoods…. but no policy. They are political illiterates who have no concept of consequences.
Corruption at the highest levels has been normalised, lying has been normalised, rorting the parliamentary expenses system has been normalised too, but 50 % of the population didn’t care about these putrid signals preferring instead to agree to the myths propagated that Labor are incompetent economic mangers when the opposite is the case.
The world has become a darker, more malevolent and narrow place as this re-elected Ruling Rabble incrementally choke off any semblance of progressive thought or action in their inexorable pursuit of their corporate nirvana, a fascist state.

Hoo-roo petals,