Tuesday, 27 November 2018

The First Wave…

  Shane with election results
Shane with election results

G’day Petals,

“Tsunamis generally consist of a series of waves, with periods ranging from minutes to hours, arriving in a so-called "internal wave train".”… (Wicki)

I believe Victorians have this past weekend, just experienced “the first wave.” and unless an unlikely turnaround occurs very quickly in the culture of The Ruling Rabble a Tsunami on a scale rarely seen is likely to swamp the entire nation next May.

Has a Ruling Rabble campaign ever been so sloppy, so full of gaffes, faux pas, misstatements, dirty pool and outright lies and dodgy robo-calls?
Shadow ministers failing to “front” media opportunities, candidates not understanding their supposed policy's, unseemly point-scoring, inappropriate politicisation of tragedy, dog-whistling and race-baiting and the now standard right-wing religious assaults on gender issues it was apparent that things were not well in the ruling rabble cabal.
It has been alleged that The Ruling rabble were so desperate for people to hand out “how-to-vote” cards at pre-poll stations that students were being offered $20.00 p.h. “brown-envelope-cash-in-hand” to cover what volunteers normally assist with and that students in Indonesia were employed to produce “attack-ad” videos, all of which which gives a flavour of a 1945 Fuhrer-Bunker mentality prevailing.
Party President Mick, Bruiser Kroger managed to set off brush fires whenever his pugnacious presence ventured too far from his native tribal areas of a merchant bank or Toorak and he was the butt of some very entertaining television when Ruling Rabble ex-premier, Bully-Boy , Foot-in-Mouth Kennett publicly told him on election night to resign by midnight over the electoral debacle unfolding.
I might add Petals, that it is Kennett’s disastrous reign and wholesale selling off of the state from1992-99 from which Victorian infrastructure is still recovering and which makes his call on Kroger all the more piquant.
Kroger for his part is unrepentant of his divisive presidency, the fiscal malfunctions and his promotion of ultra right-wing religious nutters to control essential committees at the expense of a more balanced centrist policy. He also arrogantly thinks that Victorian voters “got-it-wrong” on election day and in the company of some of his deluded federal colleagues sees nothing wrong in the direction his party is travelling in.
Federal Ruling Rabble Money-lender, Fictions Frydenberg oddly, and perversely persisted that there was nothing in the federal Ruling Rabble civil war that had an effect on the Victorian result and that Potato-Head Dutton’s race-baiting wasn’t a factor, that neither was the loss of Truffles to the factional assassin’s knives or that his replacement turning into a Trump-Lite fake in the incompetent Scummo Morrison was not a problem either.
And of course, a Ruling Rabble branch in NSW wanting Truffles ritually de-frocked is an indication of sanity prevailing, isn’t it?
Sarah Henderson (federal, Corangamite) opining on the fact that only five women remain in the state parliamentary branch said that if people wanted more women in the Ruling Rabble then Labor members should vote for her!
This quaintly bizarre political notion was possibly induced by her utter distraction at her parlous electoral margin of 0.3% ....meaning she is “gone” as soon as the polling booths open!

Tommy Silly-Boy, Switzer (Centre for Independent Studies, right-wing echo chamber) and Danny Pussy, Wild (IPA propagandist) both ranted their penny worth on the shellacking and of course deliberately missed the whole point. A point being, that implemetation of their theories have caused this  reversal.
People rejected trickle down economics. People rejected race-baiting. People rejected Matty Thug Guy’s appropriation of their right wing cant of rampant individualism and “market forces” which have  in the energy market as in education and services, shown not to be in the community interest but against it. That cutting wages, penalty rates and medical services creates dissension not stability.

This is perhaps a seminal moment when people realised that acting in building a positive future for the majority, developing broad based inclusive programs and providing essential infrastructure across the state is preferable to carping criticism, jobs for the boys and wholesale rorting by a select few bankers. That building is better than tearing down, that owning is better than renting, that looking forward is better than seeking the past, acceptance  better than rejection and collegiality is more productive than divisive fear-mongering.

Some zoologists think that some animal species have an ability to sense subsonic Rayleigh waves from an earthquake or a tsunami heralding its arrival. …. it is fairly apparent that the Federal Ruling Rabble lack this capacity and talent, too!

Hoo-roo, Possums,