Thursday, 18 October 2018

The Orrery is Very Awry.

G'day Possums,
after another week where this shambolic ruling rabble demonstrated once again that their worst has no nadir, I was looking for a metaphor to adequately describe them and this I think, will do... well, it's old fashioned, antique really and not awfully reliable for the C21st .

"An orrery is a mechanical model of the solar system that illustrates or predicts the relative positions and motions of the planets and moons, usually according to the heliocentric model. the first orrery that was a planetarium of the modern era was produced in 1704, and one was presented to Charles Boyle, 4th Earl of Orrery.... typically driven by a clockwork mechanism with a globe representing the Sun at the centre, and with a planet at the end of each of the arms."   
"Ephemerides are used in celestial navigation and astronomy. They are also used by some astrologers."   Wikki

The Red Terror of The Deep North, Appalline Hanson indicated some time ago that it was in the stars that she was going to present a white supremacist and neo-fascist "It's OK to be White" motion to the Senate. This rancid woman's motion was put and was only narrowly defeated 31 to 28 when the ruling rabble crawled out from under their rorts  er.. rocks and voted in support.  Queried, across the chamber, "Do you know what you're voting on?" by a Greens senator, Deep North ex cop and serial misogynistic harasser of Gillian Triggs in senate estimates, Big Bazza O'Sullivan replied that he, "... had no idea and didn't care either!" Which in part, explains why he has lost pre-selection and that he'll have more time to devote to his 40+ negatively geared properties and construction business.

Earlier in the week prime miniature du jour, Scummo attempted to advance the sinking prospects of the Wentworth candidate by telling assembled media, At least with The Liberal Party, you know what you’re getting.”  Well, after that ignorant display in the senate which was followed by the most fatuous of excuses, "It was an administrative error" from an  unusually dis-spirited  Horseshite Coormann ....... we certainly do!
As one commentator said, "Too right - you’re getting a bunch of Stale Pale Male Climate Change Skeptic, Homophobic Bullies Beholden to Big Coal, Big Church, Big Gambling, Alan-Jones-Fearing-Policy-Free Pricks who’d rather support Racists like Hanson & Anning and turn the Opera House into a billboard than have an actual plan to combat Global Warming." And from another, "With the Liberal Party, you know what you are going to get,” says the unelected PM who replaced the elected PM causing the surprise by-election."

Back-flipping from his previous support for religious intolerance to be enshrined in law, Happy-Clapper Scummo the Pentecostalist, now says, that's not on but one of his party,  Alex The Abhorrent, Hawke thinks it's perfectly OK to sack gay teachers and student from private religious based schools and slimy Lyle Shelton of Bestiality Bernardi's cabal  says gay students can only be expelled if they have sex!   On QandA,  Labor's Terri Butler skewered a deputy principal espousing these views with a  "Can you tell me how they're teaching e.g. Gay, Maths?"
Putting on his best faux- xtian suit, Scummo then told us he might take up the NZ government's offer of taking some of the refugees in our concentration camps particularly as Medicins Sans Frontieres has been expelled from Manus Island as has the chief Aussie Medical Officer, but only if they make legislation that denies these people ever being allowed into Australia!  As the redoubtable Penny Wong commented "Are we to modify NZ tourist visas?"
And the humanitarian NZ'ers replied, diplomatically: "Fuck off!" 
Ruling rabble back bencher Rust Broadbent told reporters: “This is an embarrassing humanitarian crisis that the government needs to resolve in a manner acceptable to the Australian people.”  A statement showing the weird dark-side-of-the-moon notion of leadership these incompetents have about a policy they rigorously defend and just prior to the Notionals announcing, although hard to hear over the whetstone on metal "sh,sh,sh,sh...",  that there has no leadership crisis over their leader, at all: none, zilch, zip, nente,!  In space no-one can hear you scream!

Desperately seeking The Rapture when all the planets align, Scummo prophesied unilaterally that Australia will move its embassy from Tel Aviv  to Jerusalem thereby creating a small Armageddon with Indonesia who don't really like us anyway and delight when they can find a Aussie tourist to execute for having a non-prescribed Aspirin in their kit .
Though, it does make you think... that wearing baseball caps might be more dangerous than micro-wave radiation in frying your brain! 

Ahh, petals..... what we are seeing is a fine demonstration of the alignment of the planets of ego, ideology, ambition with a complete lack of talent, vision and imagination: all coalescing into the neo- liberal nirvana of the hell they wish to make for us all....
Hoo-roo Petals,