Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The Rot’s Setting In.

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  Shane and Oz Burning
Shane and Oz Burning

Way back in 2011-12 when I wrote the headline banner for this blog I was, to a certain extent, a little “tongue-in-cheek” about the “….. inexorable descent into fascism.” but it now seems that that the statement was quite prescient.

More pics from Lambie-Land and an update: it seems that Henry’s Ginger Beer HAS an outlet in Melbourne... check their website.

Just when you thought the nations state couldn't become more dire, fractured and perilously close to collapse, up pops Angus, no, not the bull,  but Taylor (the only similarity being that both are full of shit) of "Grass-gate", "Water-gate" and now "Clover-gate," who has again blithely perverted parliamentary truth and legal codes of conduct in attempting to secure his wife (more on her later) the position of Lord Mayor of Sydney. It seems that Taylor “The Anus” thought that a bit of “black ops”,  document altering and forgery, about travel expenditure might be a good way to embarrass the present Lord Mayor, Clover Moore at her forthcoming council elections.
Ducks in a Row?

Now, Taylor “The Anus” was a Rhodes Scholar which suggests he should be quite bright but anyone who thinks disseminating forged travel costs, revised from $14K to $15 millions is going to scour really has a Kangaroo loose in the top paddock particularly when council staff are assiduous in putting finance facts online before the public.
An odd but poignant Street

Coming on top of his involvement in $80 millions of shonky water buy-backs going to “a mate”, his illegal Native Grass destruction queries, (also “for-a-mate” read, family company) and his deleterious and far less than competent ministerial work as Energy Minister he has again with this episode, exposed not only himself as a person of very dubious ability and probity but probably had his wife’s ambitions scuttled and also drawn The Happy-Clapping, Prime Miniature of Smirk and Liar from the Shire, Scummo and his faux Attorney General The UnChristian, Porter into the mire in their defence of him by having them ignore “Separation of Powers” by “having a chat” to the police commissioner “mate” (who’s not a mate...really) who is investigating whether Anus will be charged whilst, against convention Anus will not step down from parliament.
A Veritable Cornucopia
A Veritable Cornucopia

Hmmm… leaning on the police, forging documents, a nothing-to-see-here attitude, withholding documents from investigation (shades of The Harpy, Cash), attacking any critic, using the AFP as their attack-dogs, stress-killing thousands of people with the illegal “Robo-Debt”, closing down the only semblance of what used to be independent media in the ABC… and this is democracy?
Sheffield Tasmania

Oh and Anus’ wife? A Barrister, (yes really,) has said that,“Recession, rolling blackouts, youth unemployment all necessary for people to realise left populism/culture, unrestrained spending, outlawing offensive speech, etc. not the answer,”
As well as being on the board for The Sydney Geriatric Institute of the Geriatric Right-Winger, Henderson and a mate of the interesting SC, Cuneen and also the putrid right-wing babbler, Parnell McGuiness, Ms Clegg also has directorship of the same pastoral company illegally destroying protected native grasses….Nuffin-t-see-’ere… eh?
A Georgian Way of Foiling Rats.

And as a footnote, legislation has been passed that oldies going overseas for more than six weeks will lose their pension…. But this doesn’t apply to the porcine member for Dawson Georgey Let’s-Shoot-a-Greenie, Christensen who spent 42 weeks allegedly “researching” the flesh-pot spots of the Phillipines on full parliamentary salary! 
Just as sanctions against compliance only applies to Unions it seems and not to criminal bankers.
The Rot has to Stop!

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  Bandido's Guard-Dog.
Bandido's Guard-Dog.