Sunday, 15 July 2018

All Aboard...

Shane Railing
G'day Petals,
short snippets from the Tardis State (Vic) where all used to go backwards but pundits, (mostly The Ugly American, Murdoch's shills), are postulating that we may soon return to a monotonous ennui which only the Ruling Rabble can manifest.
Matty, Thug Guy, opposition Don for the Ruling Rabble, fresh from having Lobster lunches with what police allege are Mafia figures and costing the state millions in compensation for his land sales frolics has launched his cabal's election campaign with a two pronged assault on Labor. The first is a lowest common denominator, racist dog-whistle campaign against Africans, promoting fear, xenophobia and hate: negative qualities the Ruling Rabble has in spades as they seem to find positive and progressive thinking far too subtle and arduous.
Under cover of "Laura Norder" these right-wing Free-Speech-For-All hypocrites, when pushed to explain their policy in detail constantly fall back on slogans to define their parody of democracy and really might be better employed by first putting their own house in order as another NSW Ruling Rabble MP has just resigned after revelations in an ICAC inquiry involving a multi-million dollar property deal with Chinese developers.... and then there's this....
The second prong in their attack is public transport: they are going to build an extension to the Cranbourne line. Well, isn't that just fine?
 Considering it was their pin-up boy, Boof-head Kennett who closed it down 28 years ago as unviable, that  piece of history  sort of took the gloss off competing with premier Dan Andrew's achievements in the transport sphere.
Andrews has also announced that education was to be a priority if he's re-elected, recently noting that 128 schools need to be built  to cover population growth. It really was a pity that Boof-head when premier, 28 years ago closed 128 schools in his ideological jihad against teachers and state education.
One thing you can be certain of Possums, is that whenever the Ruling Rabble are elected, future proofing the state comes a very poor second to paying their dues to their supporters and consequently services to the public are degraded to a point where it takes years to redress the balance.

In the federal circus, Barnyard Joyce has been has been found not in breach of his travel entitlements because he was "on-the-job" at the time. But we all knew that anyway.

Serial fashionista and part-time foreign minister Asbestos Bishop, raised eyebrows when virtually implying that her Ruling Rabble was to be credited with organizing the team saving the Thai boys trapped in a watery cave. It is understood that in her flick of the head to moue at the TV cameras, her 15 cm  gorgeous designer drop earring smacked her jaw and she was temporarily stunned which explains another of her cringe-worthy moments.

The AFP vehicle seen outside The Harpy, Cash's office is understood not to be there to finalise their nine month investigation into her leaking media department but to seek advice as whether to have celebrity chef  Calamari Calombaris  pay his staff appropriately. This was fruitless as it seems that the address is, in effect, a retail outlet for white-boards and The Harpy who has shown no interest in wage justice, except for herself could not be found.

Mummy's Boy and foreign citizen from the Deep North, Bruiser Canavan fronted "Insiders" today to spruik his coal qualifications and his concept of The National Energy Agreement  which Truffles and Fiction's are trying to cobble together ...I had an image of him that his brain looked like a little kid running around a very big but almost empty toy store grabbing at whatever took his fancy and mumbling something about it then putting it down anywhere and picking up something else and mumbling on.... goodness it's obvious he knows the jig is up... all he spouts is drivel!

Just like Bookshelves Brandis appointing 72 of his Ruling Rabble cronies and mates to administrative positions just before the last election, Scummo Morrison has seen fit to fiat a Ruling Rabble staffer as Secretary to the Treasury and another staffer to a top position in the Productivity Commission. Contemplating the near disastrous fiscal situation this incompetent Rabble have managed to produce in the past five years and the blatant political stacking of key advisory bodies, if  Labor wins the next election, one might expect that the Night of The Long Knives could well look like the Teddy Bear's Picnic.
Hooroo Petals,