Saturday, 22 September 2018

Towards an Antipodean Theocracy

G’day Possums,
The prime miniature du jour called his predecessors parliament a Muppet show and though its been not a month, his is taking on all the gravitas of a Gilbert and Sullivan fundamentalist operetta.

The facsimile PM began the week by lying about his cuts of $1.2 billion to Aged Care which are there in black and white in Budget papers 2016-17, trying to tell reporters that not only are Labor lying in stating the truth but that he wont answer questions that he considers lies as well!
Shades of the Orange POTUS.

Then, in many stage-managed PR attempts to show he really was a caring xtian Scummo, snotting previous statements by the minister, I-Don’t-Ken Wyatt, that such a Royal Commission into aged care was “...a waste of time and elder abuse...” promptly announced it and tried to deflect attention from what was to be part 1 of 2 TV investigative programs detailing the parlous state of aged care in this country.

It is interesting to note that the new prime miniature saw no need for this enquiry when Labor suggested it some 12 months ago, much like he was vehemently opposed to the RC into the banking and Insurance sectors which is presently uncovering a mountain of malpractice, illegality, rampant dishonesty and the consequences of the ruling rabble’s slashing of budgets to the regulating bodies.
But then the ruling rabble is like a sheltered workshop for the chronically untalented but over-ambitious.

Scummo then finished the week by allocating billions of dollars to Catlic and Private schools citing that personal life-style and choice are what matters in education, well, at least as far as the prosperity gospel goes, whilst his predecessor +1, Rabid-the-Hun in opposite view in 2014, took money out of Indigenous townships declaring that the ruling rabble shouldn’t use taxpayer money to fund what he erroneously called “...their lifestyle choices…!”
Quite an inadvertent declaration of the parameters of ruling rabble values… something these mongrels never want discussed openly!
As some 70-75 % of students are not in private education and will have their funding cut and allied to his fatuous claim that this would be of assistance to those in drought affected areas (where nearly 90% of students are state taught), Scummo has, less than adroitly, opened up a public discussion on school funding, welfare cuts and the secular nature of Australian society.

Inherently a bully he blunders into crisis of his own making and further exposes the policy vacuum of the ruling rabble by substituting his own right-wing happy-clapper values in lieu.
Smugly cocooned in his un-reflective, empyrean milieu and letting Royal Commissions and sermon-like homily proxy for policy thinking, Scummo is yet to announce how he is going to enshrine homophobia and anti progressive thinking into his “religious freedom“ legislation.
Reported on last May by the Rancid Ruddock as a sop to the aggrieved far right of the ruling rabble angry at 2/3’s of the country ignoring their repressed thinking in the same-sex marriage plebiscite, Scummo is blithely pushing ahead with his contemporary medieval-ism. Imposing it onto a country beginning to awaken to the fact that the IPA’s market economy is being effectively shown as not serving the public interest and that capitalism is really the problem, as is climate change which he denies and also there is a growing disgust at the refugee concentration camps he proudly and bloodily ran.

It must be interesting listening to the cretins at the IPA discussing their "success" in loosening all the red-tape and how much better society is for it... oh, hang on…...society is a myth …..isn't it?
Perhaps they and he (Scummo) could just imbibe some Warfarin.... that’s used to treat clots!
Hoo-roo Petals,