Saturday, 23 March 2019

Legacy’s..... and How the Cat got Belled.

G’day Possums,

It’s been a week of legacy’s, from those acknowledging Dame Margaret Scott’s enormous contribution to Australian dance at her funeral service, the ballet school’s memorial and yesterday’s state government’s memorial. All celebrating a woman who had such a positive impact on so many lives and ultimately for the nation and which has given me much pause for thought.

The pictures on this weeks blog are some of my photographs recently done for Heather Anthony’s delightful children’s book, “Mouse Sprouts” (link at bottom of blog)

A less positive legacy and one that the Ruling Rabble and their fellow travellers, propagandists, trolls, spruikers and other ne'er-do-wells are now running miles from are the consequences of their racist hate: the murderous shooting sat the Christchurch mosques.
Promulgated over the last 20 years, initially by war criminal, Little Johnny Howard and in large part by the IPA and The Ugly American, Murdoch’s low-rent journals: their so-called libertarian efforts to repeal section 18C so that racial vilification was be seen as “free speech” but  really was for partisan political gain and the politics of divisiveness.

Suddenly race-baiting, “dog-whistling”, Rabid-the-Hun’s catch-cry, “Islamophobia never killed anyone...” The Deep North’s Red Terror’s, ”Islam is an infection, a contagion that needs elimination..” the porcine, Bookshelves Brandis’ “Everyone has the right to be a bigot” and Arsehole Anning’s “….final solution...” speech (widely applauded by ruling rabble parliamentarians btw) was suddenly seen for what it really is, not “free-speech” but hate speech, fear mongering, cruelty and outright overt racism.
The NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Adern has shown us what leadership looks like and although we already knew that our emperor had no clothes, Scummo, now totally naked, is nationally, extremely unedifying.
Trying to salvage something from the hole his Ruling Rabble had dug, Scummo ventured onto “The Project” and an interview with Waleed Aly who a couple of nights before had, with controlled emotion in discussing the mosque shootings, “belled the cat” and implicated Scummo directly as a racist.
What transpired was what was expected, spin, bluster, smug arrogance, disdain, obfuscation, dissembling and, naturally, little content
After 35 minutes, the hole was a lot bigger.

Counterattacking from the foetid swamps of The Oz, Janus Albrechtson irrationally opined that the “Left” are as bad as race-haters like Arsehole Anning who literally blamed the shootings on the Muslims for being at the mosque and like Potato-Head Dutton, calling the left out for seeking political advantage….only indicating that this Murdoch shill has nowhere to hide either and by trying on an argument of false equivalency and ignoring reality, further damns herself.
Also doing “her bit” for the Ruling Rabble cause was the hapless Linda Reynolds who on National TV said when the bill was passed to allow very sick refugees in our concentration camps to be transferred to Australia for medical treatment she was, “….almost physically ill.” Such humanitarian sentiment had her mind then wander off on a frolic of its own to do a bit of Mussie-bashing about the Bali bombings… but she wasn’t going to politicise the issues….
I’m not making this up, Petals.

Some are saying the this is now a turning point but I’m more Cassandra-like in that the effort to turn this nation around is almost impossible as long as our media is in the hands of so few who control so much of it and are so right wing........ or just plain fascist.

Hoo-roo Petals,