Tuesday, 20 January 2015

..as the Sharks circle

The Sharks are circling
G’day Possums,
And… just when you thought it safe to go back in the water this IPA led loopy rabble are having another attempt at destroying one of the most effective and affordable health systems in the world.
That this obscene, mongrel lot are determined to make Australia a fully “Free-Market” Gulag is now beyond all doubt. 
Their first 500 Days has seemed like 500 years....
Troubling times ahead, Petals.

But first some more Ballet stuff...

Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance
Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance
Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance

Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance

Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance

Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance

Wombat Droppings
....or the chronicle of Australia's inexorable slide into Fascism.
A new report finds exploration by coal and energy companies is subsidised by Australian taxpayers by as much as $US3.5 billion ($4 billion) every year in the form of direct spending and tax breaks…..
…..but we have to pay more to see the Doctor
$45 billion a year just on superannuation tax breaks. Who gets the bulk of that? The wealthy. (And it certainly makes the $7.5 billion spent on Newstart look paltry in comparison)….
But we can’t afford Medicare.
Medicare, will this year cost us $20 billion

$18 billion in lost revenue over the next four years from the abolition of the ‘mining tax’,        $1.6 billion of that was “purely a gift from Mr Abbott to the miners”.                                Scrapping the mining tax cost us $5.3 billion and who gets that? It will go mainly to the biggest mining companies:
Then there’s the $2.4 billion a year the government gives back to property investors
But we can’t afford a Public Health system  ….….because Joe “Cereal-Toyota-Killer” Hockey thinks that we will soon all live to be 150 and how can we pay for that?
That Hockey is the country’s Treasurer is more than a little perturbing.

Free Speech Is Brandised  again with Mandy ”Il Patrone” Vanstone lauding the efforts of “Blot-on-the-Landscape” Bolt and “Bookshelves-for-Bogon-Bigots” Brandis to repeal 18C and lower everyone’s public speaking standards to the levels of that of the Liarbril Party.

Apropos this; John Lord (AIM) asked,
“Why is it then that the likes of Abbott, Bolt, Jones, Brandis,  Bernardi and others need to go beyond common decency, and defend others who cannot express themselves without degenerating into hate speech?”

The answer is simple really. 

Because hate is all they have.

They are cruel because they lack courage.

They are not progressive as that implies creative thinking.

They are not builders as that implies constructive thought.

And they are not Democrats as that implies an acceptance of others.

They hate, destroy and wreck because they are limited in real intelligence and talent and jealously despise those with that humanity.
They do not understand the complexity of humanity, hence their world is reduced to slogans and pre-pubescent “Libertarianism.”

Timmy “Twat-$7,500.00-Freedom-Man” Wilson says he is going to “….advance the Government’s freedom agenda…”
I wonder where he found it?
Ohh, that right, it was in the “How to Govern” handbook written by the “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” (aka IPA), Timmy's old employer.

Then there was this nice essay on Class….


And then this on how this shambolic Government has made Oz at 44th in the world rankings for internet speeds. The mess they have made with the NBN is not only going to cost Australia intellectually and productively but also financially when it has to be upgraded at huge cost in 10 years time. That these mongrels did this to satisfy The Ugly American, “Phone-Hacker” Murdoch’s interests rather than further the capacity of the nation speaks worlds of their real but small-minded agenda.

Not a pretty picture is it?

I'll leave the last word to Samuel Clemens

Hoo-roo, Possums,

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