Sunday, 25 January 2015

To Advance Australia Where?

G'day possums,

Shane being Patriotic.

It's Straya Day  and for the first time we are being exhorted to sing the National Anthem at midday tomorrow.

That this rather Americanised concept of plastic patriotism/jingoism is gaining a foothold in this country at present is a definite indication that there's actually little to celebrate.

But as a loyal, patriotic and involved member of "Toim Striaya" I have penned an alternate version for tomorrow's festivities....

... To the tune of  Advance Australia Fair

Advance Australia Where?

Bogans all let us lament
That we are full of fear
We've privatised all in making wealth
For investors not from here
Our abundant natures gifts are raped
For compensation poor
Oft wrapped in flags of Chinese make
For ranting mindless slogans of hate
In words fully three and sometimes more
Advance Australia Where?

Below our smoggy Southern Cross
All things made wrecked by Rabid whim
And 457’s on the rise
Our future does look grim
We say to those fleeing shock and awe
“We’re bloody full so fuck right off
Illegal Queue jumpers welcomed here
Only if your Burqa’s doffed”
Still Oz Flagged wrapped in sentiment fake
Advance Australia Where?

Chained Indigineous People
Chained Indigineous People
It's interesting to note that until the 60's the Aborigine was classified under Flora and Fauna.

Australia Day, Greendale 2015

Australia Day, Greendale 2015

Australia Day, Greendale 2015

Australia Day, Greendale 2015

Australia Day, Greendale 2015

Australia Day, Greendale 2015
We popped down the The Greendale Pub to have a gander at their Striaya Day celebrations....My anthem would probably not have been appreciated by many...wrong audience. Hey-Ho.

Wombat Droppings 
or the chronicle of the inexorable slide of a country into Fascism

Rabid-the-Hun has been (allegedly) catching up on his reading because Campbell "Il Duce" Newman, Dictator of the Deep North will not invite him to participate in his election games.  Rabid's behaviour is rather suspect at the moment as "Il Duce" looks like losing his own seat and his Fascist rabble are perilously close to being made the opposition after only one term like "DoDo" Naptime was recently in The Tardis State of Victoria (Where-All-Goes-Backward) election. 
Newman has amused many of us with his defence of his regime by accusing Labor of receiving funds through the CFMEU Union  with funds allegedly  donated by Outlaw MC Clubs.
When pressed publicly as to where the evidence was for this, "Il Duce" said, ".... we should look it up on Wikki!"
Most of us were unaware that "Ozone-Hole" Hunt, Federal Pretend Environment Minister was advising the Deep Northerners on research method or that these "donations" were any different from receiving  cash "assistance" from mining companies or property developers in brown paper bags and envelopes.
 Making legislation retrospective to avoid friends' illegal practices embarrassing the government though, is quite another matter.

Rabid-the-Hun has, I understand, been been reading  Julius Ceasar By Will Shakespeare, particularly the "Ides of March" bit and  reportedly has been seeking alternative interpretations of the text from his lowly back-benchers.

It is also apparent that the pirate vessel, he Captains, the S.S. Liarbril is not steering too well as it keeps steaming  in circles, which is not quite what the driving instructions supplied by "The-Coot's-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe" (aka the IPA) intended.

 First Mate "Bloody Idiot" Credlin is thought to be at blame for this although the Navigator, Joe "Cereal/Toyota-Killer" Hockey is obviously in difficulty reading charts and calculating Latitude and Longitude but does have some excuse as his assistant, "Horse-Shite" Coormann only issues direction instruction in either broken English or Belgian: only one of which does Joe "Cereal/Toyota-Killer" partially understand.

 Captain  Rabid said he has tried scraping some barnacles off the hull but S.S. Liarbril's plate is so thin that its hull is now in danger of collapsing and she is settling lower and lower in the muck it has churned up.
It is unfortunate that the IPA's original instructions were very limited in concept and sophistication and were not related to how to build things but only to disassemble.

Many passengers have left the cruise early and it would seem that the toy-maker, "The Ugly American" Murdoch and his minions at CWQIFaPU, (IPA) have not done their respective reputations much good.
 The stench coming from the boiler room at this time is not at all like the Coal these pirates so like, it's more akin to the funk of a wounded animal waiting for the Ides of March.

Breaking news: In the Australia Day Honours lists Captain Rabid has given Phil-the-Greek (Betty Windsor's other half) a gong, a knighthood! Now Australia's Prime Miniature bestowing a knighthood on a British Monarch's hubby might seem a little bit cart before horse  but that's the way things are being done around here. That it is an entirely ludicrous idea and likely to have more people crying out not just for 1/ a Double Dissolution of Parliament, 2/ a Republic, 3/ Revolution or 4/ Rabid-the-Hun's committal isnot too fanciful.
That his own crew might be brought that much closer to mutiny with this insane display arse-licking fawning is also not out of the question.

Hoo-roo Petals,

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 the Sharks circle

The Sharks are circling
G’day Possums,
And… just when you thought it safe to go back in the water this IPA led loopy rabble are having another attempt at destroying one of the most effective and affordable health systems in the world.
That this obscene, mongrel lot are determined to make Australia a fully “Free-Market” Gulag is now beyond all doubt. 
Their first 500 Days has seemed like 500 years....
Troubling times ahead, Petals.

But first some more Ballet stuff...

Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance
Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance
Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance

Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance

Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance

Ballet Theatre Australia, 2014 Performance

Wombat Droppings
....or the chronicle of Australia's inexorable slide into Fascism.
A new report finds exploration by coal and energy companies is subsidised by Australian taxpayers by as much as $US3.5 billion ($4 billion) every year in the form of direct spending and tax breaks…..
…..but we have to pay more to see the Doctor
$45 billion a year just on superannuation tax breaks. Who gets the bulk of that? The wealthy. (And it certainly makes the $7.5 billion spent on Newstart look paltry in comparison)….
But we can’t afford Medicare.
Medicare, will this year cost us $20 billion

$18 billion in lost revenue over the next four years from the abolition of the ‘mining tax’,        $1.6 billion of that was “purely a gift from Mr Abbott to the miners”.                                Scrapping the mining tax cost us $5.3 billion and who gets that? It will go mainly to the biggest mining companies:
Then there’s the $2.4 billion a year the government gives back to property investors
But we can’t afford a Public Health system  ….….because Joe “Cereal-Toyota-Killer” Hockey thinks that we will soon all live to be 150 and how can we pay for that?
That Hockey is the country’s Treasurer is more than a little perturbing.

Free Speech Is Brandised  again with Mandy ”Il Patrone” Vanstone lauding the efforts of “Blot-on-the-Landscape” Bolt and “Bookshelves-for-Bogon-Bigots” Brandis to repeal 18C and lower everyone’s public speaking standards to the levels of that of the Liarbril Party.

Apropos this; John Lord (AIM) asked,
“Why is it then that the likes of Abbott, Bolt, Jones, Brandis,  Bernardi and others need to go beyond common decency, and defend others who cannot express themselves without degenerating into hate speech?”

The answer is simple really. 

Because hate is all they have.

They are cruel because they lack courage.

They are not progressive as that implies creative thinking.

They are not builders as that implies constructive thought.

And they are not Democrats as that implies an acceptance of others.

They hate, destroy and wreck because they are limited in real intelligence and talent and jealously despise those with that humanity.
They do not understand the complexity of humanity, hence their world is reduced to slogans and pre-pubescent “Libertarianism.”

Timmy “Twat-$7,500.00-Freedom-Man” Wilson says he is going to “….advance the Government’s freedom agenda…”
I wonder where he found it?
Ohh, that right, it was in the “How to Govern” handbook written by the “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” (aka IPA), Timmy's old employer.

Then there was this nice essay on Class….


And then this on how this shambolic Government has made Oz at 44th in the world rankings for internet speeds. The mess they have made with the NBN is not only going to cost Australia intellectually and productively but also financially when it has to be upgraded at huge cost in 10 years time. That these mongrels did this to satisfy The Ugly American, “Phone-Hacker” Murdoch’s interests rather than further the capacity of the nation speaks worlds of their real but small-minded agenda.

Not a pretty picture is it?

I'll leave the last word to Samuel Clemens

Hoo-roo, Possums,

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Nous sommes des hypocrites…

Shane in solidarity...
World-wise, probably a worse week than usual...
…but more of that later in Wombat Droppings…

Here we have some more images from the last performance from BTA.
 “Espirit de la Danse”
Ballet Theatre Australia
They’re all rehearsal shots and it made an interesting variation of approach to a performance shoot to think about the movement sequence and not just the “key” moment or jump.
Ballet Theatre Australia
I think they are very expressive of the choreography 
other than being just visually interesting.
Ballet Theatre Australia
A book of the images from this performance will be available in early February.
Ballet Theatre Australia
Ballet Theatre Australia

Wombat Droppings 
or the chronicle of Australia’s inexorable slide into Fascism.

Millions march in Paris and in other countries around the world in a demonstration of solidarity with those from the satirical paper Charlie Hebdo.
World leaders turned up too and had a PR photoshoot ….and if you care to look at this link  

The amount of “press” the Boko Haram  massacre of 2000 in Nigeria received in comparison to the Charlie Hebdo killings was a perfect example our hypocrisy.

It is likely that the Charlie Hebdo “Free-Speech” banner will be taken up with renewed gusto by the likes of Andrew ”Blot-On-The-Landscape” Bolt and Timmy “Twat-Freedom-Man” Wilson, (ex-Liarbril and “Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” apparatchik) in their eagerness to have 18C repealed.
And not two hours after this was posted, right on cue, up popped Timmy"Twat" saying that 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. He must be back from hols and someone was silly enough to wind him up. There's an intellect that is definitely not worth $390,000.00 P.A.of taxpayers money. 
Prime Miniature, Rabid–The-Hun then prattled his hypocritical rhetoric about freedom of the press and being free to criticize… except of course if you’re the ABC and you don’t tow the “IPA Party-Line” and join “Toim Ozstraya,” you’ll have your funding cut, get closed down…silenced.
Mercifully for all, he’s been quiet of late; his own side are relieved he’s not making more of a fool of himself and the majority of the country are relieved too, not to be constantly throwing up at his appearances and mindless speech.

But his minions have been flying around prattling about increasing the GST and for food, education and health to be included in its inequitable mix.
Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
 That this country is fast becoming the shambles that it was repeatedly told it was by Rabid-the-Hun and his rabble when in opposition is because of the “Free-Market” ideology that they are implementing for their immediate bosses, the IPA.

Some like Joseph Stieglitz disagree:

but it is hard to see how the country as we know it can survive their ideological madness.

They are destroying everything that has made Australia a civil society.
They are not a Government for the people. They are the lackey-lickspittles for Multi-nationals and other big business interests.
We have a crisis? I have a feeling that this is a large part of the problem…

Lifters or Leaners?

 … when you are paying off a $100,000.00 University Degree, cant find a job because it’s been given to a foreign 457 visa workers, can’t get unemployment benefits for six months, can’t afford medical care, and when you finally find Part-Time work and find that the wage (without penalties) is not enough to live on…then we’ve become un-Australian.

This Petals, because of hypocrites, is becoming an un-civil society.
There will be trouble ahead.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Flying kites...

“It is good to be born in very depraved times; for, compared with others, you gain a reputation for virtue at a small cost.”

Shane Flying
Shane Flying
G'day Possums... 
it's all ...

Wombat Droppings
…..or the chronicle of Oz’s inexorable slide into Fascism

Julie “Death Stare” Bishop or as someone has dubbed her, “Princess Mesothelioma” is being risibly touted as the anointed to replace rancid Rabid-the Hun as Prime Miniature when he’s assassinated, which brought to mind this quote from French philosopher Michel de Montaigne:
 “It is good to be born in very depraved times; for, compared with others, you gain a reputation for virtue at a small cost.”

A. Jarquemqart The Hunter
Forest Glade, Macedon.

Rabid–the-Hun in a vain attempt to get a lift in the polls has been on a secret tour to Iraq. There is little truth in the rumour that he was either hoping to “shirtfront” some “ISIS-Death-Cult-Baddies”, steal their flag and with thumbs in ears whilst flapping his hands up and down, pronounce ”Nayaa-Nayaa-Nayaaa-Nyaaaaaaaaa,” or get himself martyred.
So secret was his mission that the Iraqi press announced it a week before he arrived.
Unable “for security reasons” to take Australian press with him, (possibly fearing the Ides of March) Action-Man Rabid, wearing a fetching leather “Bomber-Jacket” (a’ la George Bush) still managed to stuff up, calling The Iraqi Prime Minister, “President” and making statements that meant nothing. Not impressing anyone by returning $5,000,000.00 from the 14 Million cut from foreign aid and certainly not the soldiers whose pay and conditions he’s cutting as well. I’m not sure what the pilot he accosted on landing after a mission would have thought… perhaps regret from not having any armaments left?

Still Life, Carlton
Carlton, Still-Life

Whilst the man of many faeces was avoiding the bushfires in Victoria and South Australia, which many are saying, will only become worse as climate change really kicks in, a number of his minor rabble have been fanning other flames by ventilating that the GST should include food and education.
Timing in politics is as important as it is in comedy…. my congratulations to the Member for Wannon for exhibiting a lack of talent for both.
Whether this was meant as a distraction, a feint, or typical Liarbril dissimulation in just testing the water, it further demonstrates just how nastily anti-social these mongrels are and how their hubris knows no bounds, particularly when GP’s are about to demonstrate very clearly that Medi-bank is being dismantled.
Carlton Chic
Carlton Chic
Another demonstration, not as hubristic, possibly humble, is taking place with “LeJongleur” Roskam, who heads up the “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” (IPA). He is taking part of a right-wing team who will analyse why the Baillieu / Napthine rabble thankfully became the “Tardis” State’s first one-term government since 1955.
I can tell them for free.
1/ They were not competent.
2/ They were corrupt (See Matty “What’s-a-Green-Wedge” Guy’s, Ventnor Frolic or the “business” case for East-West-Link for starters)
3/ The IPA’s influence pushing the Liarbrils into Fascism.

Liarbril Party / IPA
Liarbril Party Led by a Think-Tank

The demonstration of Federal incompetence in using the IPA’s wish-list as a policy base has more and more people concerned that fairness, equity and a balanced society is not what the Liarbrils understand any more as they are over-run by the far rights big business lackeys.
What is so pathetic about the "Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe" is that they are like a conceptual totality in search of a theory, an answer in search of a question and apparatchiks in search of their loot!
Such a repulsive accretion of dross.

Dog with bone
Dog with bone

"Le Jongleur" Roskam has (two years ago on his Friday advocacy on 774) said that they should be like Whitlam in a "...crash through or crash..." style. I think we are seeing the evidence of that. These malicious bumpkins need restraining.

Hoo-roo Petals,