Thursday, 30 July 2015

Further unravelling the Nation…

Shane in defensive fence
Shane in defensive fence

G’day Petals

I’m  preparing for another Ballarat International Foto Biennale, August 22 –19 September.

Title of show: “Dancer.”  And some of what I’m showing.

Dancer: Lawrence Winder
Dancer: Lawrence Winder

Dancer: Lawrence Winder
Dancer: Lawrence Winder

Dancer: Lawrence Winder

More detail, closer to the event.

Wombat Droppings

The chronicle of Australia’s descent from Egalitarianism to Fascism.

What has become known as “Chopper-gate” is still maintaining a focus on the dishonesty and fiddling the public purse, which looks to have become endemic amongst the ruling rabble.

Speaker Bronny Kero-Pompadour Bishop attended another wedding under the cover of a “secret meeting” with an “undisclosed academic” in the Deep North.

If this sounds a bit like Two Weddings and a Funeral you would not be mistaken as the publicity surrounding Bronny’s and other pollies rortings have wiped another 3 points from the ruling rabble’s poll figures in a week and many of them are becoming nervous that the prospect of being a “oncer” is looking ominously possible and their snouts will be removed from the trough.

Deputy Prime Miniature Warren Ploughman Truss it turns out, spent $21,000.00 on chartered aircraft to fly to a meeting (again in the Deep North) to tell pensioners to tighten their belts… or “…we’ll all be rooned.” His explanations as to the unavailability of commercial or RAAF craft sounding somewhat thin and self-serving. 

Then his boss Rabid the Hun, kitted out in his best “Top-Gun” Cos-play gear probably spent another $12,000.00 for a flight from Brisbane to Darwin in a RAAF chopper.
Apparently for “a number of official briefings with our armed forces.” 
This unpublicised event also included visiting a Party Fundraiser for 30-40 attendees.

The deliberate blurring of the lines between official and unofficial business where the taxpayer is footing the bill for Party-Political purposes is plainly dishonest. It shows that a disdain for ethical behaviour can be the only outcome from the pursuit of power and a lack of real leadership.

When pretend Treasurer, Joe Eleventy Hockey visits his farm (in the Far North, again) 13 times and claims it as “official business” on top of paying $270.00 per night living-away-allowance “rent” to his wife for her home in Canberra you know clearly, things are rotten.

These people are incapable of leadership: they are compromised, mired in a morass, a deceitful swill of their own making and their only defence is, “Look over there…it could be quota for more women in Parliament…” or “How dare Labor steal back a policy we stole from them …”

Labor, playing the game of Lowest-Common-Denominator looks as if they will maintain the Refugee Concentration Camps that are disgracing our nation and have also decided not to have a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption, a move that many in the community see as absolutely necessary and well overdue.

The further breakdown of this country is evident in the racist treatment of Adam Goodes an Indigenous football player who is now routinely booed by racist opposition crowds. This behaviour has been aided and abetted by, guess who?  All the shock jocks and right-wing journo’s like Blot-on-the-Landscape, Bolt the Dolt!
One, Toilet-boy Jones even went so far as to ludicrously claim that Goodes was “playing the victim!”
It’s interesting that amongst these unctuous ravings about Goodes being a “sook” for shaming a girl in the crowd who called him a black Ape during a game some 12 months ago nothing is said of those sport “stars” who have bashed their wives or G/F’s, had adulterous liaisons with team mates wives, raped, taken drugs, were thugs on the field and generally just been Bogans.
Let’s bash the minorities, the disadvantaged, the poor and needy… targets that can’t answer back against the power of the Ugly American’s press.

I said years ago, this is the Age of the Aspirational Bogan where the Free-Market values of the right wing IPA rule.

Poor fellah, my Country.

Hooroo Possums,


Tuesday, 21 July 2015 the nation unravels..

G’day Petals,

There’s some more stuff from the travels and a lot of “Droppings” this week.

Some bright spark, in the light of Bronwyn “Kero-Pompadour” Bishop’s ongoing profligacy from exploiting the public purse which was widely “outed” this week, decided to have a closer look at the “Pollie-Perks” of claimed entitlements from the Dept of Finance’s website.

In 2014 it was over $90,000,000.00 for 150 parliamentarians!

In some matters Labor used ½ of what the Liarbrils did but in times in which “Eleventy” Hockey says are economically dire and that “the age of entitlement is over…” his fine weasel- worded phrase has come back through the corruption of historically, the most malignant Speaker of the House to bite him on the bum!


For all who railed against Labor for what was supposed to be its "dysfunction" during Rudd-Gillard-Rudd tenures, nothing has ever compared to the utter wreck of the parliament, and the shambles our country is now with this mongrel Liarbril ruling rabble.

The hypocrisy, dishonesty and rorting all coupled with what can only be seen as the rise of fascism as demonstrated on the streets this weekend can only get worse the longer they are in control.
There is no future for this country as long as they remain in power.

Lacock Abbey
Lacock Abbey

Everything they touch is compromised.
The AFP asked to investigate the matter turned it over to the Dept of Finance, and by not investigating "Bishop-Gate" are compromised.
Jane Halton (Dept of Fin) is again, as nominated "white-washer", as with "Children Overboard," cover-up, compromising the Public Service.
 The GG by inaction is compromised…. and all is fed by the Ugly American, Murdoch's propaganda sheets.
And truth and the nation are sullied by his minion's partisan storytelling.

Poor fellah, my country.


The totality of the lack of standards of any sort with this ruling rabble must make it the most corrupt of any in Australia's history.

From their misogynistic denigrations of Gillard to their outright lies on policy and the extensiveness of their personal rorting of entitlements, to the cruelty's ordered onto refugees and the "monstering" of Triggs and the ABC, these mongrels through their slavish implementation of the Right-Wing, IPA agenda, have shown that they are not ruling for the nation but small sections of large corporations. 
Therefore they have no authority, and no credibility.

Le Bec Hellouin
Le Bec Hellouin

 Apart from their incompetence, the ruling rabble are showing  by their gutless inaction over Bishop's corruption that they have no morals or ethics at all. Their arrogant contempt for the electorate at large and for ministerial standards of conduct probably signals the lowest ebb ever seen in Australian political history. 
Who will be the next speaker, Arfur "Da Spiv" Sinodinas with his brown paper bags?


The arrogant posturing of Kero-Pompadour in parliament may have had some impact before but now her credibility is shot to pieces as she's exposed as just a petty thief, pure and simple.
How delicious that her own ego and hubris were probably the main factors in her complete loss of face.
And then we had the farce of Police protecting by pepper spray the fascist thugs of “Declaim Oz… Oi, Oi, Oi,” whose confused right wing thoughts brought them to be embarrassed in Melbourne!
I love the vacant faces on these proto-fascist fools.

A visage, blank and stupid marking them as tools.

Their incoherent hate

 is what the Liarbrils love

 in it's distracting  from the wrecking

the ruling rabble shoves.
Hmmmm.... Little Johnny's legacy from not shutting up Pauline- Please-Explain's nasty rants years ago and Timmy Twat-Freedom-Man's IPA inspired attempted defence of Bolt-the-Dolt's drivel?

Cheers Possums,


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Bad Grace

G'day Possums,
Shane with Voodoo Doll
Shane with doll... of sorts

Well, that's been a week to end all weeks....
it seems bad grace, ignorance, lack of regard and plain bad manners are the contemporary social currency.
But Hey-Ho... it's in another direction we go.

One of the least expected but pleasant re-awakenings of the recent trip was to re-discover sculpture again. From walking out of Port Royal and heading to our accommodation and recognising Francois Rude's "Marechal Ney" exhorting his troops, to the delightfully acid caricatures of Honore Daumier (illustrating a couple of posts back) in the Musee d'Orsay as well as the manic vibrancy of Carpeaux's "The Dance" which graces the facade of the Opera Garnier.

Carpeaux, The Dance, M. d'Orsay
Getting up close to this piece in its plaster form at the d'Orsay was quite revelatory of Carpeaux's brilliance of his deft handling and compositional ability.

It showed too, his primary influence on Rodin who we came across in the Montparnasse Cemetery.
Rodin, Cesar Franck
Rodin, Cesar Franck, Montparnasse
It was a portrait of the composer Cesar Frank and like the cemetery of Pere Lachaise, Montparnasse has a wealth of sculpture to study and "finds" to discover.

Carpeaux, Fountain
Carpeaux, Observatory Fountain
Just across the road from our apartment was the Luxembourg Gardens where Carpeaux's "Observatory Fountain, The Four Quarters of the Globe" had its energetic horses wildly splashing  about....

Bourdelle, Pomona
Bourdelle's "Pomona"
....and when Visiting the Art Gallery in Rouen I finally understood Bourdelle's "Pomona" in its sinuous sensuousness.
But the real hit was visiting the Marmottan and there purchasing a reproduction of one of Degas' dancers.

Resin cast from the original wax you can feel where Degas' hands and fingers worked the material.. almost a lesson in itself.....

Degas, Spanish Dancer
Degas, Spanish Dancer

...all of which means there will be sculpture being made.

And finally some pics of Erin S that were asked for..

Wombat Droppings 
or the demise of Egalitarianism and the rise of fascism in Australia.

Malcolm Farr got it right on "Insiders"calling the costumes of Oz's new "Border Farce" as like something that came from a provincial amateur Light-Opera wardrobe... and I was interested in the re-run of "Roaming Quisling" chief scout of the new Borders Protection Farce in just how much his speech delivery is so similar to the fascist nationalist buffoons wanting to "fight-party" on July 18 ... same mentality?
Prime Miniature, Rabid-the-Hun, sounding increasingly shrill, has switched what mind still functions to permitting his rabble to attend ABC interview programs again. That no-one really cares any more for his asinine attempts to control or destroy everything in his path he just makes it all the more difficuilt to take any of this ruling rabble seriously. And when it comes to interview, particularly on the ABC, one gets the feeling that now, with little to lose, no quarter will be given.  
Leigh "Hissy-Fit" Sales, one of the worst, most consistently "right" biased interviewers on ABC managed to make another mess of another interview. This time Labor's Brendan O Connor who, unfazed by her constant interruptions and obvious seething that he wouldn't answer in the manner she wanted, blithely said, "Leigh, I don't think you can see the woods for the trees!" 
Leigh was not a happy troll!
Similarly, it seems Justice Heydon wanted Bill Shortstuff  to answer questions in a particular way at the latest $80,000,000.00 ShowTrial Circus. Refusing to do so, Shortstuff was deemed an "unreliable witness" in what was not meant to be a pre-emtive verdict before this show trial circus is finished. Latching onto this as solid proof that Shortsuff is in fact "not-quite-nice" Liarbril non-entity Bruce "Blah-Blah" Bilson frothed at the mouth a lot, completely forgetting that his attendance at a number of fund-raisers hosted by alleged Mafia figures is somewhat more important and really needs his clarification.... or at least how many brown paper bags changed hands.

As my part in his eventual downfall I have made this little Rabid-the-Hun doll that you can stick pins in. I guarantee that it will make him as sick as someone sitting near a Wind Turbine

Hoo-roo Petals,

Wednesday, 1 July 2015 the Fourth Reich

G’day  Possums,  its all Wombat Droppings this week.

Isn't it brilliant just how quiet Mandy "Il Patrone" Vanstone has become all of a sudden? The old revelations of her granting a visa to a suspected Mafia identity have surfaced again and other Liarbrils are implicated in this sordid political donation stuff, too but don’t expect a Royal commission into this any time soon.
This on top of her cruelty to Cornelia Rau and Vivian Salon .... you'd think people really would think twice before having anything to do with a product called Liarbril.
It is yet to be confirmed but it has been rumoured that the Mafia are highly embarrassed by being linked to such an amateur group of thugs as the Liarbril party.
They cite the fact that in only two years the ruling rabble have increased the national debt by $100Billion, some 35% more than where it was when they took office and with no new infrastructure to show for it.   “If we acted like that in our drug smuggling, extortion, protection rackets, prostitution and money laundering we would be out of business in a week”, said Mafia Accountant, Antonio Portafoglio-Sollevatore. “ ...and the way they are goading Islamists to “have-a-go”  is too high profile and ultimately, will be counter-productive.”

In another attempt to distract that public’s attention from the social fabric unravelling through their economic ineptness, Prime Miniature Rabid-the-Hun has led a media pack including Bolt-the-Dolt and Toilet-Boy Jones in attacking the ABC for having freedom of speech.

Paraphrasing his boss Le Jongleur Roskam, Rabid has assured us that in his Fourth Reich all speech is free to agree with whatever he says and that being a bigot is a necessary quality for the New Australia and that no-one should appear on Qand A except those who understand what he means and have read the script.

One who thought he had and did was Timmy Twat-Freedom-Man Wilson who stepped in to be a panellist when two other Liarbrils had a hissy-fit and refused to appear on such a lefty-biased show.  

Unfortunately for the Fourth Reich's Team Australia, Timmy made a right twat of himself when along with P. Kelly ( Murdoch apparatchik) from the Un-Australian he delivered his ABC bashing script in a very poor fashion and got himself laughed at by the audience and very effectively snotted by the other two panellists, the intelligent cosmologist, Krause and Counter Terrorism expert Ann Ally.
Timmy the Twat-Freedom-Man Wilson is like the Magic Pudding... the gift that keeps on giving, pity it's like pus from an acne pimple, though!
Can he help it that he was succoured by the Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe (IPA) and is now sucking on the public teat to the tune of $390,000.00 p.a.?
He has some value though, you know when you see and hear him how bereft of talent and intellectual rigour the Liarbril Party really is.

I would also like to wish Sophie "Pit-Bull" Mirabella, a continuation of her success in lessening the Liarbril vote in Indi that she achieved in three successive terms. In attempting to re-take her old seat may the numbers this time, make it a safe seat for McGowan.

Hoo-roo Petals,