Thursday, 27 April 2017

Aussie Values as a Dog-Whistle

G'day Petals,
Mrs Wombat and I had a little waddle around Melbourne t'other day through the delightful  arcades and also to see the photography shows at the NGV, particularly the William
Shane Flagging Aussie Values
Egglestone and the Bill Henson ones.
I had the feeling there was too much in the WE show which weakened its overall appeal but they certainly expressed the peculiarities of "The South" and its personality. The Henson nudes though not as in-your-face as usual, were lovely but ultimately, I felt, pointless. The landscapes on the other hand were riveting.
The NGV in contexualizing  its collections is a much more interesting place to wander around.
The Causeway Arcade
The Causeway
 I'm not so sure if it's all an Augustinian method of defining Australian values by demonstrating what they are not ....or if Truffles is suffering from early onset dementia but he has decided that "Australian Values" are just what immigrants to this country need to aspire to. Traits like, not beating your wife senseless, speaking only good English, joining the CWA or CFA, polishing the backs of your shoes  and probably, only voting for the ruling rabble; otherwise you'll get deported. Which, given the rates of domestic violence perpetrated by "Dinky-di's  who are barely literate;  we should see the place emptied in no time.
Block Arcade
Block Arcade

Trying on the Mc Carthy-ist, "I know something you don't," line on "Insiders", Anti-Immigration Minster, Dodo Dutton obfuscated around the truth of the latest riot on the refugee concentration camp at Manus Island, conflating events in an attempt to muddy the waters and rejecting any suggestion that his version of events was the gospel one even as it was being pooh-poohed by the Manus Island police and a PNG minister.  
Later, Dodo in a Kafkaesque  performance of Australian Values demanded an apology from ABC for letting himself be exposed again, as a liar.
This ruling rabble Mk2 are the most corrupt, lying, incompetent cabal ever to set foot in a parliament having no integrity or ethics (other than a lack of them), and no credibility whatsoever. These mongrels have trashed any semblance of truth and transparency in this country and have, by their actions and Un-Australian Values lost all authority and need to be sacked en masse!
Centre Place
Centre Place

"From our perspective we see the scheme as punitive, as demonising the unemployed and as being an expensive failure." intoned the St Vincent de Paul Society in commenting about the Work for the Dole scheme, a favourite idea of Rabid-the-Hun  which has been, like his tenure as Prime Miniature, an expensive "demonstrable failure" that does nothing to lessen the nation's unemployment burden and which P's also says, is at risk of creating "a class of working poor" whilst doing nothing to create sustained employment and furthering Australian Values.
Photography NGV
Photography NGV
The Harpy and Minister for un-employment, Michaelia Cash was no-where to be seen again, no doubt off inspecting more million+ investment properties whilst the list of businesses being exposed for ripping-off their staff  by underpayment and poor work conditions grows each week.
NGV, Egglestone
Jobson Growth seems to have disappeared with Australian Values, too.
Isn't it funny seeing the RWNJ's getting their knickers in a knot when freedom of speech is  exercised?
Yassmin Abdel-Magied posted a FB opinion which suggested that as well as not forgetting the ANZAC's we might do well to remember the refugees on Manus and Christmas Islands and the tragedies being enacted in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Yemen that brought them there. This was so against Australian Values  that it  ignited a torrent of abuse from those who are right, like Blot-on-the-Landscape, Bolt and Toilet-Boy, Jones and others who see  humanitarian expressions as a direct assault on their unalloyed patriotism and narrow-minded nationalism. A petition was started demanding her removal from any work on the ABC and so far has around 30,000 signatures.
NGV Henson
NGV Henson
Timmy The-Twat, ex-Freedom-Man, Wilson the IPA apparatchik now part of the ruling rabble, joined in the fray conveniently forgetting that only two weeks before he was arguing that 18C be repealed  in order that we have more Australian Values like "free-speech!"
Ahhhh... "Australian Values!"  Now, here was a real display of them.
NGV Henson
NGV Henson

It seems that the only true values to be enunciated are right-wing ones, the only way to view Anzac Day is as "The Birth of the Nation", as the defining moment of our country's adulthood and egalitarianism.  Not as a small unsuccessful event within a much bigger one, an invasion of another country that cost 60,000 young lives in attempting the perpetuate the economics of an empire that was about to disintegrate paving the way for the totalitarian regimes now so admired by "the right" and who caused so much destruction twenty years further on.

Australian Values... bullshit, it's just blinkered jingoism and a nasty simplistic nationalism fed to dull minds.
Hoo-roo Possums,


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Delphic Ruminations

Shane in his Budgie Snugglers
Shane in his Budgie Snugglers

G'day petals,

John Clarke, satirist par excellence has died.

Many, were the heartfelt eulogies for this very talented and funny man, with the notable exception of from those of the Ruling Rabble who were too busy farnarkling about in their usual dither to offer just a whimper.

One of my best remembered of his Clarke and Dawe 2 minute dialogues was the one which was not written by them but just a repetition of what Abbott and colleagues had said during the week... outrageously funny and dispiriting at the same time and a true indication the low level of ruling rabble politics.

News Corp Australia sacks most of its photographers and subeditors to cut costs.....

Keer- rist... does that mean the bogans who buy these rags willnow have to learn how to read?

Dunolly Cemetary
Dunolly Cemetary
Noe Notion senator Mal-Addled Roberts is the latest to weigh in after a planned parliamentary to Afghanistan delegation including the Red Terror was scrapped after the trip was flagged on the ABC.
"Their ABC put our digger's lives at risk so as to execute a political hit on Senator Hanson. The ABC have declared Jihad on Aussie diggers. They have a fatwa on Pauline Hanson," Senator Roberts ranted to Facebook on Wednesday.
"The ABC's actions in revealing the ANZAC day visit to diggers shows their willingness to collude with ISIS and other terrorists in identifying Australian targets, including troops.
"The ABC has for a long time been harbingers of terror apologists. This proves their Jihad sympathy."
So the 77 vote One Nation nutter wants the government to cut $600m from the ABC budget because of their 'leftwing bias', and accused SBS of having too much gay and multicultural content.

Which makes so much sense to their limited minds that the only political parties to be criticized are the centre and left ones.  Make sense...particularly if you're a fascist and are not really gay-bashing their newly elevated secretary, Jiggles Ashby !
So apart from banning contact with the ABC and SBS, Mal-Addled has now included Ch 9 ...why, I don't really know or care  but Mal-Addled's decided that Kochie on Ch7 at Sunrise is the place for them.... talk about the Bogan's finding their true level!
Engine room, HMAS Castlemaine
Engine room, HMAS Castlemaine

As it is Easter and being a Catlic,  Rabid-the-Hun tilts at windmills once more re-enacting his own resurrection.... says he has a plan, a five point plan to finish the country off.. only to be told by colleagues to, "...piss-off Tony !"
Some speculate that Rabid-the-Hun wants Truffles to lose the next election so that he can say "I-told-ya-so" and regain the leadership of the ruling rabble.
I don't think it will work this time around.... what was painfully obvious and is now more generally understood, is that the Ruling Rabble under Rabid-the-Hun, both as opposition chief scout and more particularly as prime miniature were a disastrous policy free zone, with the exception of the poorly implemented IPA "free-market" thought bubbles.
They have corrupted everything they have touched and can be widely seen as incredibly and wilfully corrupt and incompetent.  He was on his bike.... he should have stayed there.....and which only stimulated Pyne the Whyne, the Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect, to publicly lament his colleagues inability to hold-their-water on the temporary thought bubbles which pass for policy by pissing on them all in his inimitable half-cocked, whining, mincing manner.

So Truffles, attempting to divert attention from Rabid's Delphic utterances of Labor winning the next election, announces that jobs are to be for Australians, reversing a decision cutting red-tape on 457 work visas made only two years ago by the Harpy, Cash.
Like all of his announcements it sank within 24 hours, being seen not only as a xenophobic Trump-like "dog-whistle" to placate the far right voters drifting to Noe Notion but also an admission and of just how incompetent the Ruling Rabble are and providing another demonstration of what a mess they have made of apprenticeships, education and training, migration and employment in just four years.
And the jobs? Well, there's one for every 17 unemployed and soon 250,000 vehicle makers and ancillary workers will be flooding the "Centre-link" Offices as a direct result of the Ruling Rabble's  "free-market" ideology.
This lot are more than "on-the-nose".... they are putrid!
Hoo-roo Possums,

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Do I hear a Tumbril Rolling?

G'day Possums,
Truffles in a suit, pretends to  clean down a section of muddy flood damaged wall with  a nail brush.... next he'll be wiping Rabid-the-Hun's feet at some bloody Catlic Easter ceremony!  
Then, with his "Tin" political ear finely attuned he refused a snag sandwich on a street it's perfectly understandable why the  China / Australian extradition treaty was backflipped 10 minutes after saying they had approved it but forgot to tell their trade minister who was at the time extolling its virtues on national TV.... How much more incompetent can they get?  

The pics Petals, are suitably revolutionary, from that rather grim place in Paris called the Conciergerie, where from memory, some 1600 aristocrats and others were incarcerated and eventually went to the guillotine during the Terror, feeling the anger of the oppressed of an unequal society.

 Dane, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and ex-prime minister of that nation eviscerated Frydenberg on QandA.  Asking where, the bloody hell Australia was in world affairs now, she exposed the narrow minded, mealy mouthed and unimaginative rabble that rule us!
Fictions Frydenberg and his back-up The Righteous, Kelly seemed rather quiet on that episode... almost as if they understood, at last, that their trickle-down neanderthal-isms and reverse energy myopia were economically and socially useless and their ravings had also been blighted by the positive humanitarian works of Yunus and Thorning-Schmidt.
Fictions playing at being a "leader" of Alt energy was such a farce...and the audience far too polite!
The Conciergerie
The Conciergerie
The excuse of a federal treasurer, whose loathe to publish any economic modelling to justify how his  one solitary policy, "Trickle-Down" will work, suggested that journalists should go and ask people at the pub about the benefits of the government's company tax cuts.
As one wit observed, it makes sense to ask drunk people for an endorsement of your policy.
Australia under this ruling rabble is drifting to disaster.....
That case perhaps best exemplified by three of the current "darlings' of right-wing talk back and commentary, the Preening Princess, Daisy Cousens, The Gorgon Downer and the malicious Septic Tank, Helen Andrews. All three were given promo's in  a "puff-piece' in a Fairfax weekend mag which although it was at length, said little about these harridans of the right precisely because they actually have nothing to offer other than their own inflated, and over-entitled egos.
The Conciergerie
The Conciergerie
As symptoms of a failing society these women are exemplars.
Gorgon Downer thinks the minimum wage should be abolished along with penalty rates for the low paid (this current insanity being pushed by her playskool sandpit club for the intellectually and imaginatively bereft, the IPA) and that Brexit was Britain's finest hour since the Battle of. She is interesting to listen to as she becomes completely flummoxed when presented with the economic disaster the implementation of the IPA wish-list is making of this country and apart from repeating the rote cant of Thatcherism, has little of substance to convey. Which is probably why Timmy the Twat ex-Freedom Man Wilson got pre-selection in a safe seat ahead of her.
The Septic Tank, Andrew's, (whose sole qualification is apparently a degree in religious studies, which tells you much) avows a liking for disputation and conflict and public speaking. The pity being she lives in the past and wants to replicate the feudal system. But then, as Oscar Wilde pointed out, America passed from barbarism to decadence with no civilisation in between; so with her cultural baggage and fascination with make-believe friends, her lack of humanity should come as no surprise.
The Preening Princess is, well... just that!  Terming herself a controversialist she's happy to  blather-on  in what she thinks prettily about anything that upsets people..... a sort of delusional child libertarian who really should just "Shuffle Off To Buffalo" and set her "new conservative rebellion" to suitably shrill noises.
These destructive women offer nothing except pain, poverty and the maintenance of their own privileged positions. They present nothing except the return to a class system that millions have lost their lives fighting to overcome and represent all that is regressive, cruel, outdated and just plain wrong.
The Conciergerie
The Conciergerie
Comedian Tom Ballard got it right, ".....there's one thing we get wrong in Australian politics.... we don't assassinate them often enough!"
The Conciergerie
The Conciergerie

"Ohhh the Pikes, The Pike's are co-oming......remember the Conciergerie...
Hoo-roo Petals


Saturday, 25 March 2017

Taking the Piss

Shane with some crops
G'day Possums,

What a fortnight it's been ...from boys having a beer and taking the piss to realizing there's nothing much left to sell which make governance a bit tricky and way beyond the limited talents of the ruling rabble.... 
although the burrow's tomato crop has been a you-beaut-bonzer one.

After having a Piss-up with Timmy the Twat and ex crusader Handie Andie Hastie about marriage equality, the Bible Society and SA brewer, Coopers came to a sudden enlightened decision that bible quotes on beer bottles and two right-wing Muppets replaying  a stilted script from the 50's was bad for business.
Frankly, any business that has anything to do with the insanity that emanates from the IPA circus is probably on a course to bankruptcy anyway.

A Federal Court judge has whacked the ABCC in court after they attempted to prosecute two CFMEU officials for having a cup of tea! "A terrible waste of everybody's time."
Bloody unionists, always wanting cups of tea and then always taking the piss!

The South Australian Government has announced it will spend more than $500 million to build a new gas-fired power plant and Australia's largest battery as it moves to secure the state's energy supplies.
Minister for Coal and Besmirching the environment, Fiction's Frydenberg spluttered, then steamed into action chugging words to the effect of, "What a silly idea Jay, when we have all this clean coal with which to burn a hole in the Barrier Reef ."
What Fictions said in code was ,"We are shitting ourselves because this unilateral action by Weatherill only makes clear to the public the extent of the policy vacuum we ruling rabble exist in."
Later that week both Weatherill and Fictions were at the same party allegedly  to celebrate a small battery storage and solar plant and  where the SA premier took the opportunity and "called-out" Fictions for the hypocrite he is and how pissed-off he is with  the ruling rabble for being the lying incompetents they are.

Truth in politics... a rare moment.

The other side of the coin was being well demonstrated by a real RWNJ in the form of Daisy Cousens. The ruling rabble  princess was writing in truly tasteless fashion (not once but twice, apparently her home-work essay had to be re-worked) gushing about herself trembling and oozing over a dead cartoonist she had  met but once and managing to confuse eulogy with mawkish, egotistical preening.
Post truth ? Nahh ....Post taste!

Labor gave George Brandis another deadline to hand over his diary, again threatening him with new legal action.
The Pretend Attorney general says there has been ‘no non-compliance’ and Administrative Appeals Tribunal did not order him to release diary..(so, there, Piss off!) but at the very last moment eventually  does hand them over, only they reveal precisely nothing except Brandis' overweening arrogance and stupidity. And probably, that he is very lazy?
Minister-turned-lobbyist, the double-dipping Ian Chainsaw Macfarlane, taking the piss, says mines need protection from native title and urges MPs to pass legislation to protect land use agreements as Indigenous leaders call for consultation.... poor miners, always being attacked as a minority.

 "What is it that they want to say, that they cannot say now?" 
Well Truffles, why do you want to on piss on the International day for the elimination of racial discrimination, Harmony Day and change18C?
 In Victorian Law there was a case which revolved around the definition of harassment and it came down to its use for only one instance and not repeatedly. Which seems to me, by weakening 18C as they are doing, it will make it easier for people to bring frivolous cases to such an extent that the ruling rabble will then say that 18C is a mess and we should dump it completely.
Standard Ruling Rabble tactics.
The Ugly American's propaganda sheet The Australian, ran Murdoch's deliriously Orwellian line that Truffles in this fascist endeavour to gut 18C had nailed his colours to the mast and was more of a hero than Jeanne d'Arc at Orleans or Baden Powell at Mafeking.
Which only proves that the vote barometer must be indicating a tendency toward electoral annihilation.
Further to this cause of "The Right to be a Bogan," An Indigenous group has been barred from giving evidence to a Senate inquiry into the government's changes to race-hate laws.
Labor and Greens wanted the Aboriginal Legal Service to give evidence into changes to the Racial Discrimination Act and the way in which the Australian Human Rights Commission handles complaints.
But committee chairman, Ruling Rabble senator Ian Macdonald, (remember him? He's the misogynist who gives rude comment to Gillian Triggs and has 40 houses negatively geared?) refused to allow the service to offer its thoughts on the legislation, which was only released this week.
Macca said he would not allow it because "once you start having one group of any type, in this case an Indigenous group, who have a particular view, do you call other members of that same group that might have a different view?"
"I think it was for that reason we decided to restrict it to the ones we have (on the witness list)"
Ahh, Democracy, Ahhh.... Free Speech!   Ahh, senator Macdonald Neanderthal!

“The government’s refusal to accept the advice of its own Climate Change Authority, despite wide support for that advice from business, environmental groups and the community as a whole, reflects the comprehensive failure of its policies on energy and the environment,” Quiggin said, accusing the government of being beholden to rightwing, anti-science “extremists” in its own party and in the media. “These failures can be traced, in large measure, to the fact that the government is beholden to rightwing anti-science activists in its own ranks and in the media. Rather than resist these extremists, the Turnbull government has chosen to treat the vital issues of climate change and energy security as an opportunity for political point-scoring and culture war rhetoric. ”Quiggen  also said his immediate reason for resigning was the government’s failure to respond to the authority’s third report of the special review into potential climate policies, which the government had requested and which it was legally required to respond to. “The government has already indicated that it will reject the key recommendations of the review, particularly the introduction of an emissions intensity scheme for the electricity industry. ”Quiggin said he didn’t believe there was anything to be gained “by giving objective advice based on science and economic analysis to a government dominated by elements hostile to both science and economics”.

Greendale Mist
Greendale Mist

To add further to the "piss-take" that are this ruling rabble's achievements, Truffles has announced with Henry Lawson-like nationalist rhetoric that we really will go back to the 50's.... and re-develop the Snowy Mountain scheme to create electricity. Well.... we'll have a study done he said, and it might take up the 10 years and it will only cost $2,000,000,000,000.00 for the study.
 All said whilst hiding the results of studies done on the same idea over the past twenty years and the fact that the energy crisis they have created is now, not in 10 years time.

If it's as good as his NBN we'd be better off buying candles!

We're almost there.... at the bottom, that is,
Hoo-roo petals,


Thursday, 16 March 2017

March in March

March in March, Melbourne, 25-3-17

G'day petals,

please feel free to download and print out any of the logos below for use in the march....

Hoo-roo Possums see you at the March

Sunday, 12 March 2017

18C and Tides Turn in the West

Shane at the Ballot Box
Shane at the Ballot Box

G'day Possums,

The court decision on Section 18C a couple of weeks ago to not amend the racial discrimination act was a humiliation for The Ugly American's The Australian, his IPA apparatchiks and other right wing extremists in his Liarbril Party.

It was such a shock to one overtly racist contraversialist-toonist  from the OZ that it seems he had a coronary and died... the more thoughtful praised his genuine artistic talent and wondered where his head was at and why it had ever got into that negative space for the past few years... the more tainted of the other side he cartooned for blamed Gillian Triggs, Human Rights Commissioner for the stress she allegedly caused; probably stress for not accepting, twice, an "out" offered by her to refer his cartoon to 19D as "fair true comment, well meant" with the matter being resolved.
Isn't it interesting how these right-winger's blood-lust will make them eventually eat their own in lieu of their intended victims!
Liberal Feast
Liberal Feast
Any chance they will now stop their malicious lies about the racial discrimination act now  the MPs have tossed the issue aside?
Nahhh...... but as the community becomes aware of the reality, perhaps their evil influence may diminish.
Liarbril Policy Unit
Liarbril Policy Unit
After Barrie Cassidy asked her bluntly about these things on "Insiders" a week ago and allowing the stupid woman full reign of her hubris, Hanson, The Red Terror in backing penalty rate cuts, describing governments’ vaccination policies as blackmail and opining that Australians want Vladimir Putin's style of leadership also allowed her to completely decimate her One Notion rabble's vote in the WA election.
From mis-spelled posters: "Kagoorlie" instead of Kalgoorlie from the print shop of the sleazy puppet-master, Ashby of Slippergate to banning ABC media from entering her HQ on election night by saying it was a private function, the ever parochial Sand-Gropers also might have looked a little askance at the Red Terror from Queensland saying that she wouldn't mind WA taking some tax revenue from her Deep North home being  traitorous?  Not a good look in a parochial state.
And what will the Deep Northerners think? 
It may well be that they will now understand that The Empress Has no Clothes... I mean, How Can You Trust Poorline?

The Ruling Rabble’s WA counterparts have well and truly hung themselves out to dry on a few issues and been trounced because of it with a 15% swing against them in the WA election.

It is amazing just how similar the federal ruling rabble are...
1/ They were incompetent economic managers even with a booming mining sector (shades of Little Johnny and “I’ve-got-a-Baton” Costello),
2/ They’re a policy vacuum, and
3/ They’ve shown themselves publicly and with the utmost clarity, to be ethically and morally bereft.
Nothing to see here…says Truffles...?. Hmmm.. the federal Ruling rabble speak the same IPA cant and, after all, it was Horse-Shite Coorman who was one of the feds who approved the deal and seems happy to associate preferences with the same thugs and who is increasingly  showing himself to be similarly fiscally innumerate .....and so incompetent with energy policy are our Ruling Rabble, that the Business Council and the electricity owners/rorters are now asking for the policy lie that Rabid-the-Hun won his election on ...repealing the Carbon Tax, to be reversed ! !  !
The right-wing looking for evidence of global warning.
The right-wing looking for evidence of global warning.

Let the implosion roll on like gathering thunder till these irrelevant mongrels are swept away in the coming storm!
Hoo-roo, Petals,


Friday, 24 February 2017

This Youthful Parcel...

Shane Selfie
Shane Selfie

G'day Petals, 
today's pic theme is selfies ...and the political equivalent that we seem to be having inflicted upon us at present.

Truffle's ruling Rabble Mk#2 is preparing to introduce new criminal penalties including jail time for anyone convicted of impersonating a Commonwealth entity. 
Isn't that a dangerous move? Surely Truffles could be arrested for impersonating a leader and Prime Minister?
Selfie D'Orsay
Selfie D'Orsay
 Watching "The Drum" t' other night I wanted desperately for someone to drag those children, especially the preening, vacuously self absorbed Princess, Daisy Cousens  back to her IPA sandpit and not allow them a return till they have grown up?

Proudly wearing their self proclaimed titles, (filched, un-originally from the Un-united State's Alt Right) as "controversialists," these smug elitists congratulate each other on their entertainment value in creating as much static on every issue as they can. Wearing chaos as their armour they make muddying the waters rather than dealing with it in a cool rational, analytic manner, their game. Their whole modus-operandi is to sow dissent and confusion and therefore an inability to fully understand and then respond/oppose the social and economic depredations that unbridled capitalism is inflicting on us.
But Princess Daisy is something really else. Lacking real stature she pretends potential but only advertises her flesh. Probably a real "hit" at her Young Liarbril  annual covens and now an IPA apparatchik, she is to intellectualism what Heinz baby food is to haute-cuisine.
And like Gorgon Downer and another 25 YO Catlic proto-fascist, Stephanie Ross plus her husband, egotist, Marcus Bastiaan, the current Liarbril party is far closer to a traditional fascist party and the Ding-Bat ridden Noe Notion asylum than it is to a genuine Liberal party.
Ross rails against the Safe Schools program "that is teaching radical gender theory and warped graphic sex education centred around promiscuity" and as a pro-lifer says that that Australia was "seeing the destruction of religious freedom, free speech, a push towards gay marriage (which won't stop there!) and euthanasia".
Selfie Paris
Selfie Paris
It's interesting that as Catlics, these young inexperienced, pursed-mouth, closed-minded and limited people are more akin to the old time Presbyterians of the 40's and 50's of the last century..... Ironic too, that Catholicism has infiltrated and destroyed the Liberal party so soon after destroying itself with it's dishonest duplicitous handling of it's paedophile priests.
Selfie Louvre
Selfie Louvre
The play, “The Persecution and Assassination of Jean Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade” makes more sense than this ruling rabble’s “policy.”
Selfie London
Selfie London
Fictions Frydenberg , Truffles, Horse-Shite Coorman, Scummo and Dodo Dutton are all stumbling around in a policy vacuum created by the far right ideological insanity of the IPA and are desperately hoping that they look like they are really achieving something tangible.
Fictions Frydenberg was all over the shop in an interview on "Insiders". He slid away from every answer as to what the ruling rabble's policy is because he can't / dare not, tell the truth that A/ they have no agenda to tackle climate change, B/ are being bossed by the Mining Council and C/ are only office boys to the IPA
Selfie Natural History Museum
Selfie Natural History Museum
But it has its hilarious side... The Ugly American, Murdoch's hack's are getting upset being told their news isn't fake enough... and having created this havoc are having it returned to them in such a way as they can no longer function effectively.
Selfie Versailles
Selfie Versailles
A Fractured Fairy Tale... I think all those alt-right, fascists, Tea-Party, IPA, Noe Notion, Liarbril fellow travellers and The Ugly American, Murdoch are about to experience the biggest universal backlash ever seen;  too many see through their inane sophistry, too many are being hurt by them ... the storm is coming.

Poor fella, my country
Hoo-Roo possums,

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Penny-wise and Pound Foolish

Shane on a Zucchini plant
G'day Possums,
today's pics are of some produce from our garden and from the Community Garden, Ceres, Mrs Wombat and I visited in Brunswick.

I've never been really keen on eating Zucchini, finding it somewhere between bland and completely tasteless but these are very different; sweet, flavoursome and a nice texture even when baked.

The tomato was grown from seed which originally arrived here from Northern Italy around 70 years ago.  Flavoursome? You bet... and beautifully complimented by the most fragrant Basil and Parsley crop! 

And the Strawberries this year have been outstanding in their delicate sweetness.

All of which is more productive than what now follows.
The hilarity caused by Bestiality Bernardi jumping the sinking Liarbril pontoon so soon after being re-elected on the Liarbril ticket could perhaps only be equalled by Pyne-the-Whyne announcing he was joining a convent but his pathetic mumbling justification for his act of fraud on his electorate should have him watching very carefully for rogue buses.
First of Home Grown
Coming as it did after Sussan The Suss Ley got dumped from the ministry for being too publicly loose with the taxpayers purse and another round of poor poll results, Truffles in response to some needling from Willy Shortstuff decided to have a hissy-fit in parliament.
It was a spray quite within the tolerable range of Liarbril "ethical" standards, pathetic... and what was more pathetic was the rancid cheer squad behind him. What else have they got? No policy , no idea... just schoolyard invective!
The question is long can Truffles maintain being such a bitch?  I mean, won't Chwissie-the-Whyning Pyne get his knickers in a knot at being superseded... or is it just a ploy by Truffles to gain public sympathy at having Barnyard Joyce suffer a stroke on the front bench during one of his ruddy-faced sycophantic manifestations of support and why on earth did the ABC persist in calling this "a blistering attack?"  It was a pathetically bullying rant aimed solely at and for  the benefit of the ruling rabble's recalcitrant right-wingers and performed as a distraction from their daily exposure as the most incompetent and corrupt cabal to ever pretend to be a government.
It was their born-to-rule anger on show, directed at anyone daring to call them for what they really are; would-be emperors with no clothes.
The Ruling Rabble masquerading as Isa Browns
The next day, pushing their ideological idiocy of  stalling the growth of re-newables,  pretend Treasurer Scummo Morrison did a kindergarten-like show-and-tell by waving around a lump of coal. This was intended to embarrass as "Coal-a-phobes" the Labor members opposite. On a day when weather conditions in NSW were extreme (next day bush and grass fires destroyed 36 homes) there were torrential rains in WA and Tassie was having snow, all this little charade pointed out was that our climate-change denying cretins in parliament have really lost the plot.
Ceres Community Garden
Ceres Community Garden
There was Fictions Frydenberg, still peddling the ruling rabble's energy myths to an unconscious  Sabra Lane on 774....bashing the South Australian premier by pretending that another power blackout was caused by wind farms and solar panels rather than the energy regulator suspiciously not turning on a back-up gas plant because  there wasn't enough profit in it's a wonder he didn't say that children were being thrown overboard as well. This was followed at night by a David Lipson "interview"  on Lateline... the program that could be more aptly named "The Dorothy Dixer Hour!" 
ABC no longer reports news... it's now almost un-watchable in its passive tabloid regurgitation of ruling rabble propaganda; and the bias of not showing much of any opposition material indicates just how far The Ugly American's mole, Guthrie, has gone in nobbling what was once the best independent news service around. 
Ceres Community Garden
Expecting "the-Adults-in-Charge" of this ruling rabble to offer the nation anything but the tired cant of free-market, trickle down economics proselytised by the cancerous IPA is a hope too far.
Never before has this country been subjected to such an thorough onslaught of regressive stupidity and financial corruption as we have had for the past four years; never has a country been so degraded of its moral and ethical base so quickly and assisted by an electorate too boorish and mean spirited to meaningfully respond.
The brand is being well and truly trashed and the penny-wise, pound-foolish economics being imposed will take, if ever allowed, years to recover from.
Hoo-roo Petals,