Monday, 30 May 2016

gagged in a fog

In a Fog

Now week four and the DD (Delusional Duo) are spending gazillions of other people's money zipping about the country gagging journalists (mostly from the ABC) and obfuscating with foggy half truths and often in the Liarbrils case, outright lies, which will not be picked up by the "fact-check" 'cause it's been cut from the budget (all $100,000:00 worth)  and will not be re-instated by the new Murdoch appointee Michele Guthrie as it would not help the Liarbril cause if people actually knew what was really planned..... if they did they really might start to riot.

Hmmm... "Horse-Shite" Cormann praising Willie Shortstuff, Chwissie "The Whyning" Pyne telling us we don't really need fast broadband and "Barnyard" Joyce conflating the surge in boat arrivals under Labor with their decision to halt live beef exports to Indonesia...and another of their candidates bailing out, citing no help from a "divided party on a knife edge."
Barely three weeks into the election campaign and it seems the ruling rabble are a trifle rattled and are showing a lack of capacity for the hard work of disciplined and focused campaigning.
Perhaps because their right-wing IPA driven agenda that offers the majority of the electorate nothing except social divisiveness and disadvantage is becoming more apparent that they are confused as to what to say.

One of the Liarbril candidates "crashed" one of "Willie Shortstuff's" meet and greet sessions and made a complete "dick" of himself by rounding on the journo's when he couldn't answer to his party's policy on health. Not willing to "fess-up" that it's "Stay Healthy and Wealthy, 'Cause We Don't Care," candidate Chwissie "Vermin" Jermyn, stuffed himself into his vehicle and drove off to escape the publicity that his poor minder then had to contend with. His car was later photographed parked on a "nature strip" next to a sign saying "No Parking," so you can see he seems the perfect Liarbril candidate. Rude, stupid, self centered and un-electable!  Eat your heart out, Jamie Diaz, you're no longer a solo act! 

Where do these people come from and how in dog's name do they get pre-selected?

Labor's "Big Red's captain's pick," Nova Peris has bailed out of the Senate, too...only to cop a barrage of racist criticism, particularly from those intellectual minnows Greg "Toady" Sheridan and "Blot-on-The-Landscape" Bolt who opined that she had "....gone walkabout...!" 

All class, those two!

Oh, my goodness... haven't this ruling rabble done us proud on the world stage.... onion eating prime miniatures, in-bred tomato deputy's, innumerate treasures, sick health ministers, immigration ministers who incarcerate refugees in concentration camps where they self harm and suicide, finance ministers who think "back-handers," (if they ever remember), are only found on the tennis court and "innovative technologies" which sack world renowned scientists and waste billions on an internet that's useless.....what a f*****g shambles this untalented cabal of Liarbril mediocrity have made of a great nation in just three years...

"But the IPA’s article today merely repeats the same old tired misconceptions about the NBN that we’ve seen a billion times already, with a handful of outright inaccuracies thrown in for good measure. It’s almost as if the IPA merely reprinted an article on this topic from the 2013 Federal Election … or even the 2010 poll."
Standard, "Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe" "research" quality!

Well, when Clive Palmer tips a bucket, it's a good one. Loathe him or love him you have to admit he knows where a lot of the skeletons are buried in the fetid financial swamps of the Liarbril Party and it seems he's quite prepared to disinter them....but why does it gets no airplay after ?

"All mentions of Australia were removed from the final version of a Unesco report on climate change and world heritage sites after the Australian government objected on the grounds it could impact on tourism."  "Guardian"
 Will Steffen, one of the scientific reviewers of the axed section on the reef, said Australia’s move was reminiscent of “the old Soviet Union”.

"Truffles Turdball " who not only thinks that Dodo Dutton is an "outstanding" Minister for Concentration Camps and that "Ozone-Hole" Hunt is perfectly suited for bleaching what remains of the "Great Barrier Reef" was slightly bested again by "Willie Shortstuff" in the second of the so-called "leaders debate."
They didn't.
Truffles verged on the histrionic with his patrician set-pieces that generally went nowhere near answering the questions put whilst Willie sounded somewhat more convincing after he left the script and became more animated. Moderator (Interrogator?), Chris Uhlmann couldn't help his bias emerging by questioning Willie himself ( I don't recall Truffles being subjected to this) and interrupting Willies' answers.... and the little synopsis scripts at bottom of screen were often quite misleading or biased..... it seems that "The Ugly American's" woman now running what's left of the National broadcaster was on the job and that "balance" like privacy, honesty, ethical behaviour and humanity is soooo last century!
I think the Liarbrils are almost in tatters.... their policy vacuum is becoming more apparent day by day and even their "chosen one" "Horse-shite" Cormann is failing in his robotic deliverance's. Labor's Feeney's mess is a pinprick compared to the "own goals" this ruling rabble have kicked....particularly as it has now come to light that "Eleventy" Hockey, failed Treasurer and now Ambassador of Embarrassment to Washington,  looks as though back in 2012 he was fiddling his "cab-charges" whilst telling us the "Age of Entitlement is over" and calling for the sacking of "Slippery Pete" on a similar, though smaller matter. I'll bet the AFP wont be investigating Eleventy's alleged rorts! .....  the next two weeks will be very interesting... probably with Mandy "Il Patrone"  Vanstone with Little Johnny-Who-Lost-His-Seat again trotted out as "the nearly believable" Liarbrils as the press don't have to ask them about where the money came from...and who sent it and was it Chinese this time, not that Italian mafioso from Brunswick and doesn't Cory B still equate marriage equality with bestiality and does Stevie "Slit-Her-Throat" Ciobo really stand up for Women's Rights?
Oh, dear!

And lest you think I'm making this all up here's a little serve from someone on FB: 

Peter Visser Biggest,longest commodity boom in our nation's history and our coffers are empty, our young people left unskilled and unemployed, students face a lifetime debt, pensions, healthcare and education funding cut , and still they try and tell us trickle down economics works?

Replicating the street stoushes between the Nazi's and the Communists of late 20's early 30's Germany, the misnamed United Patriot Front brazenly attended a rally in Coburg that was supposed to celebrate multi-culturalism and tolerance in the hope of harassing and disrupting the march. Confronted with opposition by anti-fascist activists, a brawl broke out and it seems the fascist got the worst of it.  Although claiming "victory,"( i.e. "...we started a fight") the over-steroided front man for the UPF only succeeded looked like the dim-witted school-boy bully he is. "Blah," as some call him, would have been naively happy though, that one of his hysterically inept video's made after the fracas, was given 15 seconds worth of  fame on TV news and where this sad creature was further exposed to justified ridicule.
Not wishing to confront the fact that Australia is becoming a xenophobic, racist, ugly and insular country, commentators are concentrating on saying how naughty it is for the "antifa" boys and girls to wear face masks and belt the fascists with flag poles while the police pepper spray photographers as the fighting goes on around them. Missing the point or blind to reality?

Hoo-roo fellow mushrooms,


Monday, 23 May 2016

..about a tangled web...

Shane at NBN
Shane at NBN

G'day Possums'
So with week three of the election campaign about to kick off in what might be a more nasty mode, if week two's fiery end was anything to go by.... Malcon "Truffles" Turdball is losing ground as preferred PM and the polls are slightly favouring Labor.. (except in the Deep North where everything is odd) which is something most people thought impossible just 6 months ago.

And some more pics of the east coast to lighten the load...

"Truffles" has made himself as morally and ethically bankrupt as the "Reclaim Australia" and "Patriot Front" turds by supporting "Dodo" Dutton's appalling "dog-whistle" about the costs of attending to the needs of the refugees incarcerated in the concentration camps of Nauru and Manus Island. What was intended for diverting public attention from the deepening economic crisis the ruling rabble are creating was a deplorably sad and inhumane rant about their levels  of literacy and numeracy and how they will be taking all our jobs AND relying on welfare to boot!  Just another rung down in the pantheon of Liarbril racism, xenophobia and tasteless mongrelism that has afflicted this party since Little Johnnie dis-endorsed Pauline "Please Explain."  Rather than shut her down the Liarbrils eventually took on her attitude and fanned the flames of racist bigotry.

It is being said that this little piece of "theatre-of-cruelty" was a concoction of their election strategist Mark Textor;  a "dead-cat" distraction, perhaps like "ute-gate" in 2010?
Although apparently going down well with the "great-unwashed" and bogan's who listen to the shock jocks, there were many more that found this now normal behaviour from the right, utterly disgusting and repulsive.
May Mr.Textor have all the success his business had in the recent Canadian elections. 

Pambula river
Pambula river
Congratulations must go to Richard Marles (even though his stance on refugees is not much better than the Liarbrils) for "keeping-his-cool" under the waspish rantings and interruptions of the shrewish Leigh Sales. In that particular session the ABC's apology for an interviewer, was certainly wearing her tinny IPA/LNP heart on her sleeve for all to see.
Then, the following night, as he is being "interviewed" on 7:30 Report (being ranted at too,  having his answers cut off and at times, interrupted, by both Sales and the robotic "Horse-Shite" Cormann), Sales announces to Tony Burke that the AFP are raiding a Labor staffers home and the offices of Senator Conroy, (Opposition Communication Minister). Apparently looking for NBN documents which had been leaked in February and which Conroy was not allowed to tender in parliament. This was around 7:40pm whilst the "Ferals" were still sitting in their cars waiting for the staffers to return home... film crews were in attendance at this "secret" raid, too.  Hmmmm.... political street theatre?
Truffles maintained he and the ruling rabble knew nothing about the raid. "Bookshelves" Brandis, Plastic Attorney General was keeping a low profile as he genuinely knows nothing but Comms. minister Fifield admitted next day that he knew about it but didn't tell anyone...yeah Possums, right!
AFP also had a "special constable" a staff member from the NBN there to photograph documents from the Labor Party's NBN policy.
It is being said that NBN have secretly re-trialled the Labor original fibre to the home again (which was being deployed before this incompetent mongrel cabal were elected) and have apparently found its implementation far easier and cheaper than Truffles' third rate fibre to the node and copper to the home, mish-mash of slow technologies.
Gypsy Point
Gypsy Point
"We wouldn't want the public knowing how badly we've stuffed up this infrastructure, blown the costs out by triple and delivered it late by four years", Communication Minister Fifield wasn't heard to say,  "We've opted instead for Orwellian State sponsored terrorism and see nothing at all inappropriate in playing this card during an election!" "After all" he didn't continue, "Mark T's a genius and Jane will nobble any future enquiry into the truth!"

AFP didn't think that "Kero" Bronnie's  $5000.00 helicopter flight was worth investigating after the public servant, Jane Halton who ("managed" the calumnies of "Rottweiller" Reith's "Children Overboard") told them there was "nothing-to-see-here"....and they didn't worry after The Defence White Paper was leaked to Liarbril favoured news sources either....and we are still waiting for them to investigate Kathy Jackson's alleged misappropriation of millions in union funds with her squeeze Michael Lawler, as well as Mal "Chicken Legs" Brough who admitted on TV, asking Ashby to copy Slippery Pete's diary (a criminal offence) as well as Chwissie "the Whyne" Pyne's involvement is the Slipper affair.
Strange, that for a "hands-off", "independent" and "non-political"  force  The Australian Feral Police (aka "the  plastics") seems only to see wrong on the left of politics!

We await, with interest, the announcement of Kristallnacht in the next few days.

Meanwhile, jokes like, "NBN leaks will at least bring a copper to your door"  and "I node nuffink guv", etc, abound.

But it's becoming alarmingly like a police state to laugh too much.

Agriculture Minister, "Barnyard" Joyce has urged dairy farmers to go to the competition watchdog ACCC with concerns over recent milk price cuts. He can't do anything as he's only the agriculture minister and believes in the free-market system....which is why when he came back from China and the "Free-Trade-Deals" told them to ramp up production and make gazillions. Pity that the Chinese have pulled the pin on that!

Don't those who vote "National" realize they are supporting the system that is cruelling their futures?
Are they as thick as their cattle?

I said more than three years ago before these mongrels were elected that A/ they had no policy framework, except the IPA wish list, B/ they were liars and were, C/ incompetent.. all of which, sadly, has been shown, time and again, to be accurate.
The deficit has doubled (but there's no "budget emergency" now), unemployment has increased for full-time work and our trade figures are appalling. Manufacturing and the Arts have been gutted, Medicare is under the most severe threat, wages are down, conditions are actually being eroded and education from primary to tertiary is being bowdlerised back to the C19th. Egalitarianism has been submerged under the deadliness of selfish "Aspiration" with the subsequent corruption of political life. Donations from foreign countries, particularly China;  from dodgy lawyers and developers are growing each year and placing our democracy in a parlous state.

White trash of Asia... we've nearly arrived.
It now remains to be seen during week three what Textor concocted "confection of a disaster" will befall Labour on Wednesday or Thursday of the week and reach full crescendo in the rancid week-end rags of the "Ugly American" Murdoch.  Which of the seeds already planted will be further harvested and embellished?  

Although petals, I have a sneaking suspicion that the stench of funk and the fear of oblivion is permeating the Liarbril's tatty ranks. They may well become more extreme and socially divisive but as they alienate increasing numbers of the moderate electorate they will Saturn-like in their panic, turn on and devour each other....after all, destruction is really what they're best at!

All is not quite lost, just yet.

Hoo-roo petals,


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Bega Beauties

Shane  at Bega
Shane  at Bega
G'day Petals,

Mrs Wombat and I  took a little trip North to the East coast of NSW t' other day.

To say that it is very beautiful country understates its quality and to ignore eating its Oysters, a sin of omission.

Beginning week two of the election campaign saw the TV "Logies" awarded. On winning the "Gold" Logie, Waleed Ali an Egyptian born Muslim and commentator of acute sensibility began his acceptance speech with, "Do not adjust your sets....." and finished with  "....I'm sure you have an app which will return your colour to its normal tone."
Having been subjected to quite severe and nastily stupid criticism with another contender, newsreader Lee Lin Chin for even being promoted as worthy of a "gong," Ali's later comments as to the importance of the award demonstrated with his balanced and thoughtful approach the reason for his success.
Proving just how worthy of the award Ali was a couple of evenings later, Timmy "Twat -ex Freedom Boy- IPA Clone- and presumptive Member for Goldstein" Wilson was asked on "The Drum" for his opinion on the win.  Unable to entangle his small mind from the "Free-Market" rote he spouts automatically, Timmy's mouth pursed into a sphincter-like dot as he gracelessly avoided Waleed Ali's success entirely and clumsily spat out a "...congratulations to all the winners". If ever there was a compare and contrast test of intelligence, wit and capacity for humanity, this was it; and the contemptible and miserably untalented Timmy, failed. Again.

That same night on QandA forms of the ruling rabble in the guise of Kelly "Shaduppa-Yo-Face" O' Dwyer and Innes Willox, CEO of The Australian Industry Group scored "own goals" when audience member Duncan Storrar simply asked why is it the wealthy get tax cuts and people like himself who are really struggling get nothing? The loquacious O'Dwyer gave an interestingly arcane example of how a $6,000.00 toaster to a cafe owner she knew would create more jobs and Willox whose tie would have probably cost more than Storrar's weekly wage, said that as he paid no tax on a low wage what was he complaining about! 
Storrar reminded him that he paid GST on everything he bought and that made his circumstance more parlous than someone on $80,000.00 P.A.
The audience cheered and smelled capitalist blood !
The upshot of all this was that another audience member set up a crowd-funding site to buy Duncan a toaster..... which has since raised $60,000.00 which he has said he will use for his two daughter's education.
Not only a sublime exposition of the tawdry fallacies behind the theory of "Trickle-Down" economics and the arrogance of those who would promote it but it also allowed the gutter tactics of "The Ugly American" Murdoch's propaganda sheets to be reprised by going into overdrive to besmirch Storrar's reputation for having the temerity to question the Ruling Rabble's "Right-to-Rule".

If anyone now doesn't see how our Democracy works, they really are blind, stupidly blind.

"The Ugly American" controls around 80% of news services in this country which perhaps explains why the ruling rabble can feel confident that their hubris and lying will not cause them much grief...Dominatrix, Peta "Bloody-Idiot" Credlin now moonlighting as a commentator on commercial TV slapped Prime Miniature "Truffles" Turdball around a bit by calling him "Mr. Harbour-side Mansion" and suggested that his election tactics are poor. She was happily supported in this  by her lap-dog and ex PM, Rabid-the-Hun who found her soliloquy "....absolutely riveting."
It was not known whether Rabid had a mouthful of onion at the time.
Rabid has kicked off his own campaign with a cohort of the remnants of  "Team Australia", (Warringah Chapter) bedecked in uniform "T's" and wildly cheering as their jut-jawed fuehrer strode amongst them instilling steel into them for the final solution... er, push!

Sophie "Pit-Bull" Mirabella is blaming her own side for "leaking" against her... geez, Soph...  why would they bother... you did such a good job of shooting yourself in the foot two or three times last week that do you really think they need to do that?
Eve at Tathra Wharf
Eve at Tathra Wharf
In conversation with locals throughout the trip, when the subject of politics came up, more often than not a sense of resignation and even frustration was expressed as to where the country is heading. Sometimes there was mild anger, but with all an expectation that issues like manufacturing, foreign ownership, social equity, health, education and jobs be addressed.

 That the ruling rabble's grip on power is looking decidedly shaky in their first term and with both Victoria and Queensland having tossed out in their first terms, incompetent "Free-Market" conservative administrations, the future for this less than adroit cabal in Canberra looks terminal.
But if they do manage through the agency of "The Ugly American's"  propaganda sheets to maintain power, there is I think, little leeway for them to repeat the mistakes already perpetrated on the nation.
The simmering frustrations might not as they have in the past, be held in check. The mood is different. 

Hoo-roo Possums,


Saturday, 7 May 2016

It's on

G'day Possums,
It's on .....

So, the Liarbril ruling rabble after two investigations, have admitted that Border-Farce was incorrect in labelling the nine Save-the-Children workers as agents in promoting and assisting self-harm amongst the refugees in our concentration camps at Manus and Nauru. Whilst admitting their guilt by their confidential payment to the nine concerned for the reputational damage done, the Border Farce, it's boss Roaming Quisling, and his boss Pelluzzo and the Minister, Do-Do Dutton, were at pains not to issue an apology.

Isn't this just the penultimate hallmark of this ruling rabble?

Wrong, just deflect. Incompetent, blame someone else. Corrupt, ignore. Rort,'s our due. Lie.. so what?
What a painfully low and sorry level these IPA office-boy ideologues have dragged the nation down to.

It has been revealed that former Prime Minister Tony Abbott spent more than $7000 on alcohol in just his last two months in the top job.  Then, Rabid-the-Hun in a moment of rare candor, opined in "the House" that "Chain-Saw" McFarlane who is retiring should be "...looked after..." by the fossil fuel industry he did so much for as a parliamentarian. Hmmm by following this gem with an anecdote about how he was handed an envelope with $5,000.00 in it after a function by a "...well known millionaire..." soon after he entered parliament, this Jesuit trained ex-priest said he had to seek advice on what to do!   PM material.... NOT!

But remember: Unions are corrupt and Labor governments are wasteful. 

"Kero-Bath-Pompador" Bronnie has also fouled parliament for the last time as did another hypocrite, Phillip "Anti-Amnesty" Ruddock. Bronnie sneered a parting remark that there would be more to come in her pay-back for being dumped both as the worst speaker parliament has ever experienced, her Helicopter rides and as a liability as a candidate. The amount of venom and bile these Liarbrils exude is quite amazing. They are psychically very unwell people.

Michaelia "Harpy" Cash went to ABC 774 to spruik her $4.00 ph wage for the dole-and-rort program, lying to Faine that it had all the safeguards of a normal job... it doesn't!

The harpy squawked her way through the interview... well, it was more of a monologue than interview, sounding in her strident efforts to override any criticism like a gaggle of Sulphur Crested's at sunset, only less mellifluous. Responses immediately after on talk-back were less than positive but that means little to the ruling rabble who only listen to their own ilk.
There are rumors that she might be dumped further down the Senate ticket to 5th or 6th spot where she would get less than the 350 odd votes she got last time... if that's the case then it's bye, bye Harpy.

The next day it was the turn of Prime Miniature, Malcon "Truffles" Turdball-fop to warn us of the grievous sin of making home ownership affordable for all rather than just the wealthy investor. Perhaps channelling the warm inner glow he had when he'd shelled out a couple of Million for his daughter's penthouse apartment with harbour views a few years ago, Truffles blithely advised Faine who had said that his children were priced out of the housing market to do the same. Hmm... remember Eleventy Hockey saying  "Want to buy a house? Get a better job?" Well, now it seems you have to have wealthy parents, too.

Scummo "The Innumerate" Morrison announced that "Hard-working-Families" would have "Jobs-and-Growth" many, many times and that he had a plan and not a budget, which was sort of true. It was a revision to the "Trickle-Down Economics" of the 70's where the majority of us get piddled on from a great height by the wealthy who get wealthier. He also said it was a classless budget as all of that stuff is now old hat. That was sort of correct too, for as someone pointed out, the ruling rabble have no class! Scummo also revised the mathematical definition of "small business." Now, for tax purposes a business that makes a Million is a small business. And black is white, too.

All, except the "Ugly American's" propaganda sheets were diffident in their analysis of this non budget plan, which withheld figures from scrutiny as a ploy to make Labors budget reply look as if it had the proverbial "Black-Hole" in its funding. Horse-Shite Cormann was even criticizing Labor's budget the day before it's release which was rather prescient of him and then he was embarrassed to have Treasury admit they had costed the ruling rabble 's effort which made the assertions of Truffles, Scummo and Horse-Shite that they hadn't, just what they were: Lies!

It is one thing for this ruling rabble to be incompetent economic managers but it seems they are just as incompetent politically. Perhaps it's their overweening sense of entitlement and hubris getting in the way of common sense?

Willie Shortstuff's budget-in-reply was pretty good... at least it seemed to have the country as a whole balanced for a future.... and from the head-down attitude and glum faces of the ruling rabble opposite, was hitting more marks than missing.

The Polls are's a long campaign to July 2nd,  yes Petals, the election is on....and there is a lot of anger about... this country really is at a cross-roads, will Australia begin to grow up or will it blindly follow The Ugly American's bullshit?