Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Nous sommes des hypocrites…

Shane in solidarity...
World-wise, probably a worse week than usual...
…but more of that later in Wombat Droppings…

Here we have some more images from the last performance from BTA.
 “Espirit de la Danse”
Ballet Theatre Australia
They’re all rehearsal shots and it made an interesting variation of approach to a performance shoot to think about the movement sequence and not just the “key” moment or jump.
Ballet Theatre Australia
I think they are very expressive of the choreography 
other than being just visually interesting.
Ballet Theatre Australia
A book of the images from this performance will be available in early February.
Ballet Theatre Australia
Ballet Theatre Australia

Wombat Droppings 
or the chronicle of Australia’s inexorable slide into Fascism.

Millions march in Paris and in other countries around the world in a demonstration of solidarity with those from the satirical paper Charlie Hebdo.
World leaders turned up too and had a PR photoshoot ….and if you care to look at this link  

The amount of “press” the Boko Haram  massacre of 2000 in Nigeria received in comparison to the Charlie Hebdo killings was a perfect example our hypocrisy.

It is likely that the Charlie Hebdo “Free-Speech” banner will be taken up with renewed gusto by the likes of Andrew ”Blot-On-The-Landscape” Bolt and Timmy “Twat-Freedom-Man” Wilson, (ex-Liarbril and “Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” apparatchik) in their eagerness to have 18C repealed.
And not two hours after this was posted, right on cue, up popped Timmy"Twat" saying that 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. He must be back from hols and someone was silly enough to wind him up. There's an intellect that is definitely not worth $390,000.00 P.A.of taxpayers money. 
Prime Miniature, Rabid–The-Hun then prattled his hypocritical rhetoric about freedom of the press and being free to criticize… except of course if you’re the ABC and you don’t tow the “IPA Party-Line” and join “Toim Ozstraya,” you’ll have your funding cut, get closed down…silenced.
Mercifully for all, he’s been quiet of late; his own side are relieved he’s not making more of a fool of himself and the majority of the country are relieved too, not to be constantly throwing up at his appearances and mindless speech.

But his minions have been flying around prattling about increasing the GST and for food, education and health to be included in its inequitable mix.
Cory Bernardi
Cory Bernardi
 That this country is fast becoming the shambles that it was repeatedly told it was by Rabid-the-Hun and his rabble when in opposition is because of the “Free-Market” ideology that they are implementing for their immediate bosses, the IPA.

Some like Joseph Stieglitz disagree:

but it is hard to see how the country as we know it can survive their ideological madness.

They are destroying everything that has made Australia a civil society.
They are not a Government for the people. They are the lackey-lickspittles for Multi-nationals and other big business interests.
We have a crisis? I have a feeling that this is a large part of the problem…

Lifters or Leaners?

 … when you are paying off a $100,000.00 University Degree, cant find a job because it’s been given to a foreign 457 visa workers, can’t get unemployment benefits for six months, can’t afford medical care, and when you finally find Part-Time work and find that the wage (without penalties) is not enough to live on…then we’ve become un-Australian.

This Petals, because of hypocrites, is becoming an un-civil society.
There will be trouble ahead.


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