Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Last Gasp of the Cornered Beast!

Shane with Monsters

G'day Possums,

It seems the Rabid Right are becoming more and more strident and aggressive.... losing the argument perhaps? They have finally called for the 5 by-elections... nine weeks off... smack bang on the day of the Labor Party tri-ennial conference. Petty, vindictive, high school politics, unfair….. its all been said and its true; this mongrel lot will do anything to achieve their ends.
Hoping to run Labor dry financially and policy-wise and giving themselves time to fully utilise their links with “Cambridge Analytica” and “i360” to target select marginal electorates, there is also the opportunity, if Labor loses a couple of the seats to then call a general election with more confidence.
But on the other hand this ruling rabble is so incompetent, ham-fisted, and blunderingly stupid it could be nine weeks of shooting themselves in the foot, a minimum nine times, too!
And interestingly it looks as though the IPA’s The Gorgon, "I have returned," Downer is going to get a run for her (or rather daddy’s) money as three independents from other states are going across to campaign with her opposition candidate Sharkie….then there’s the Gorgon’s total vacuousness … how is that ever to fill nine weeks of campaigning?
Music for the Gorgon.

What a litany... and what a shambles...QandA (21/5)...THAT Jane Hume... Oi, such smug cant from a deluded woman...soporifically intoning the usual ruling rabble chapter and verse about merit, democratic process and ability in pre-selecting woman for the rabble or rather, not... and seemingly blissfully unaware of just how shallow their talent pool is…. and then The Altar-Boy, Sheridan set to; reprising the catechism of the 50's whilst ignoring the overwhelming supperuration of catholic hypocrites in the ruling's Theatre of the Absurd written by Kafka.
ruling rabble policy agenda

Oh, dear... then another distraction for the MSM to get their knickers in a knot about rather than concentrating on a policy bereft and incompetent ruling rabble, a rabble whose corruption is overflowing like an overfull septic tank.

After The TURC probed an alleged series of kickbacks from employers to the AWU in exchange for workplace deals that allegedly sold out low-paid workers, allegedly saved employers millions of dollars and allegedly boosted the political power of Mr Melhem and Mr Shorten RC Dyson, Cadaver Heydon had these matters referred it to the police... who dropped any charges.
So the ruling rabble have now, two years after the event, concocted a civil case.
Shades of “Ute-Gate” and AFP raids on union offices….This time it’s Cesar Melum who’s being investigated.  
'Nuff said.

The Archbishop of Adelaide has been convicted of covering up paedophilia within his wolf-pack and eventually stepped aside. But not understanding “the Act of Contrition” refused to resign. He’s waiting to be sentenced but will probably appeal first.

So they want chaplains in schools... they want 150 metre exclusion zones around their churches, they want to be political players?
Then effing-well, pay taxes! 

....all lined up
The Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority is refusing to release information about staff travel relating to Vikki Floozie Campion, the one-time adviser but full-time shag of ex-deputy prime minister Barnyard Joyce, claiming it could “endanger life”.

A Freedom of Information request by The West Australian newspaper sought a breakdown of staff travel for the offices of Senator Matt, Mummy’s-Boy Canavan and Damian Dum-Dum, Drum, where Ms Campion was “employed” after she was shifted ( typo? Shafted?) from Mr Joyce’s office. The I.P.E.A. refused to release any details of staff in those offices.
claiming that the release of the information would have the consequence of “endangering the life or physical safety” of the staff involved, or individuals associated.
The Westie had sought a breakdown of about $165,000 worth of travel by staff in Mummy-Boys office from April to September 2017 and details of the $27,000 of staff travel conducted by staff in Dum-Dum’s office from July to September 2017.
The silence is quite deafening…..and I haven’t yet seen the mob with pitchforks and scythes banging on the new perimeter bulwark against democracy surrounding parliament house so who’s in danger?


"It’s the country’s most sought-after interview, and a likely ratings bonanza: the rights to the exclusive chat with Barnyard Joyce and his current partner Vikki ,Floozie Campion." breathlessly PR’d Channel 7 who is apparently paying this corrupt ex-minister and his floozie some $170,000.00 for them to explain who the father of the child is, why they cheated on their respective spouses and how much they enjoy fleecing the taxpayer.

Hmmm... the Gutter Press rolling in it's own faeces again!!

The Australian Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd has been quizzed on his email communication with IPA executive director John Roskam for the strongly partisan opinions they contain. It has been revealed Petals, that formal complaints have been made against John Lloyd for breaches of the Public Service Code of Conduct although the specifics of the allegations or who made them remain undisclosed. Le Jongleur Roskam has been uncharacteristically quiet on this...
The silence is quite deafening….. again.

As Goya painted: " The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters"
Hoo-roo Petals,

Friday, 18 May 2018

The Days are getting Dark and it’s Not Just Winter.

Shane in a Dark Place
Shane in a Dark Place
G’day Possums,

Bringing Australia into line with Germany 1933, the Ruling Rabble have announced that police at airports can now demand ID's at any time, from anyone, for any reason. When asked ‘”Why?” Truffles tartly replied, “Because they can.” As we don’t have a national ID card this is another fine example of the planning competence from this pathetic rabble: for what do you say to plod when asked? And you say, “I haven’t one” and plod says, “Your driving licence will do” and you reply “I haven’t it on me.” Truffles didn't deny that this announcement was to distract from further unwanted analysis of what is more widely being seen as a “Three-Card-Trick”, budget and that in lieu of a real terrorist “crisis,” a manufactured one would have to suffice.
At the moment, the design and symbol of the requisite armband we shall all be wearing has not been finalised as there are too many variables to take into account.. white, black, brown, yellow, pink, blue etc. (notice… no red) and the arm numbering tattoo system too, is behind schedule. The Zyklon-B based ink being tested is having side effects on the unemployed elderly,  Manus concentration camp refugees and those not yet on the NDIS or New-Start.
Oberst-Gruppen-Fuhrer Potato-Head Dutton has been busy in consultation with Standart-Fuhrer Pezzullo as they seek meetings with the Hugo Boss Company regarding costumes.
Le Jongleur Roskam, Chief Clown of The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe still maintains that “...hard work makes you free...” and is fundraising for Cardinal Pell-Pot’s trial defence of historical sexual abuse accusations
Interesting times eh, Petals.

The Gorgon, Downer, The IPA’s Princess of Banality, High Priestess of Rote Cant and dumped executive member from the Vic Ruling Rabble was heard rapturously whining to the hapless residents of Mayo in a General MacArthur moment, "I have returned!"
There has been no announcement as to whether the electorate enjoy being treated as vassals to this hereditary family who  treat Mayo as a personal sinecure but perhaps the last candidate, Sharkie was a breath of fresh air after the odious Briggs … and maybe The Gorgon has a real fight on her hands....

Australia’s Carbon emissions are up across the board except in the renewable sector... oops...Now, where’s that climate policy?
Hungarian, Fictions Frydenberg, minister for environmental destruction, "discovers" that electricity networks have been rorting customers about the real costs of poles and wires and true to form, blames Labor.
Fictions announced that networks and gas pipeline operators would be investigated by the energy watchdog the Australian Energy Regulator for potentially overcharging consumers by $400 million a year to cover their corporate tax bills. But the Ruling Rabble were warned as far back as February 2015 by S A's energy minister Tom Koutsantonis (Labor) and Vic's energy, environment and climate change minister, Lily D'Ambrosio, (Labor) who wrote to Fictions and also to then treasurer Eleventy Hockey about the issue of “...consumers being ripped off by power companies... but they did nothing about the networks' income tax allowance that permitted the overcharging." she said.
But it is still Labor’s fault.
Bad Labor.

Blackmail charges against CFMEU union officials John Setka and Shaun Reardon have, to the chagrin of The Harpy Cash and her doppelganger, Vichy Abetz, been dropped.
In another embarrassment from this failed political stitch-up of the RC into unions, the ruling rabble needed to wheel out Crackers Laundy to publicly lie in saying it had nothing to do with the Ruling Rabble and it was $80,000,000.00 well spent!
Except that The Bankers are causing more grief than Unionists.
Perhaps the Royal Commissioner, Hayden Dyson could be asked to return the millions he Hoovered up, as he has delivered nothing of real value.
I mean, the Ruling Rabble are always banging on how teachers should be paid on results.

Setka and Reardon are not forgiving types and after having them and their families suffer three years of police and political harassment; and with serious doubts as to the legality of some of the “evidence,” The Harpy Cash, (who is currently being very slowly investigated over another botched Union raid) and Vichy Abetz with his then leader, the Onion-munching, Rabid-the-Hun just might rue the day they jointly embarked on this vindictive folly.

Sophie Pit-Bull Mirabella was awarded $175,000.00 for defamation. Which is a trifle short of the 1/2 mill she wanted in her gnawing assault on the local paper who misreported her "push" but who then later apologised (too late) during her 2016 campaign to regain the seat she lost to an independent.
So, Pit-Bull recovers her "good" name?

IPA shill wants prisoners to be put into paid work instead of community was not reported whether this tax-payer funded piece of quality “research” from The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe’ Abbadon playpen included analysis of pay scales, conditions of employment, OHand S or that if the prisoners absconded they would be sent to the hulks in Port Phillip Bay.
Another shill, Simon The Simple, Breheny thinks that calling a halt to aggressive land clearing in The Deep North is a bad thing.
Over the past 40 years it has been estimated that 50-65% of clearing of Australia’s native forests has occurred in Queensland with detrimental effects of farming to the Great Barrier Reef and greater difficulty in reducing Green-House emissions. Of course, Simon The Simple is a climate change sceptic so that part of the equation doesn’t bother him so economics and profits in a “free” market are of more tangible importance than the GBR.
Which is why I call him Simon, The Simple.
When Le Jongleur‘s away, the mice will play.

Ooh, look over there... a shiny thing……...coin.

Simple Simon Bermingham, (only a relative to the other by avocation) Minister for Non-Education thinks TAFE’s teach only basket weaving and acupuncture....Yes, he did say that.
Which says more about him than he really wishes people to know.

The Australian National Audit Office has serious concerns over the economic value of Australia’s of the $89 billion program’s shipbuilding plans in Adelaide and Perth finding that the government failed to provide sufficient risk assessment of the plans, failed to provide a cost-benefit analysis of projects before approval, warns the projects could result in significant cost over-runs and could inflict major reputational damage on the Defence department and in some cases, despite Defence warnings of “extreme” risk in building some of the ships locally with the broad industrial issues that need to be addressed to achieve productive and cost-effective naval construction programs there has been no government decision on how these reforms might be achieved.”
Paraphrased from: The Business Insider
Now, does that sound like the best of management by The Whyning Pyne or the Smashing Payne, to you, Petals?

Oh, what fun!
The ruling rabble in Vic are having a debt and deficit crisis.
Facing election in 12 months they have managed themselves as well as their federal colleagues have with the aforementioned shipbuilding and the overall Australian budget… now tell me that myth again,…. the one about what excellent fiscal managers they are.

Hoo-roo Possums,

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Budget Blues or The Pea and Thimble Con.

 G'day Possums,

The blatant vindictiveness and almost mind numbing hypocrisy of this current ruling rabble has really come to the fore now that Willy Shortstuff has given his budget reply speech.

Labelling his gazumping of their paltry and deceitful tax cuts to low and middle income earners as "unbelieva-BILL" and revelling in three of his parliamentarians having to vacate the opposition benches to face bye-elections because of dual citizenship woes, their raucously, bitchy sloganeering is just a cover for fear of what in a few weeks will be a series of opinion polls which, in all likely-hood, will accurately indicate the paucity of their future national electoral prospects.

Lashing out by cutting funding to anyone they see as a threat, the national broadcaster the ABC has again been singled out for more punishment with another $84,000,000.00 being slashed from its budget bringing the total cuts to over $300,000,000.00 since 2013 when Rabid-the-Hun publicly lied and promised no cuts at all.

Graeme Innes former Disability and Discrimination Commissioner said, "This is about members of the Government having a view that the ABC is biased to the left....and when you think some-one is against you... you cut their funding."
...and on the same program Ugly American Murdoch shill, The Slug Sloane smirked as she agreed and said simply, "It was payback."

When Petals, I wrote the headline banner on the top of this blog I really hoped  that "...the inexorable slide into Fascism." would not happen. Obviously It was a forlorn hope as we are nearly at the bottom of that abyss as freedom of speech is attacked, unions are demonised and fined out of existence, wages are being cut and fear and anxiety are promoted whilst state surveillance is a growing threat to personal liberty.
I was speaking with an ABC staffer recently who said how much they enjoyed reading this blog  but went on indicate that " was more than their job was worth to comment publicly."
I suggested he complain to his nearest IPA manager over restriction of freedom of speech.
Even Gutless Guthrie the ABC's Murdoch trained MD has for once complained at the cuts and there is talk that morale is low and further, that staff are becoming restive.
Adding insult to injury in their Pea and Thimble chicanery, the ruling rabble have decided to spend some $48.7 millions of the ABC's cut to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Capt. Cook's landing. And with another monument .... making I believe, a total of 36 in the country.

Simon, The Simple Breheny, who has never been fettered by such an inhibiting factor as thinking and  also a shill from the IPA (Coot's-with-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe) has shrilly alerted the world to Willy Shortstuff's budget-in-reply speech as being communist and that,  "... the idea of the State owning what you create, abhorrent."
Obviously unaware of the economic strength of Communist China, Simon The Simple rails against governments owning utilities (like the Malay and Chinese govs own significant electricity supplies here) or providing for Police, Hospitals, Schools, Broadcasting to the Nation and all those other economically wasteful services that actually bind communities together as a civil society.
Better, this hypocritical taxpayer funded think-tanker asserts, we spend our taxes on the 1% who know what's good for us and let the "free" market run wild.

More Coot's-with-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe have popped up recently. One proselytising his cant on QandA,  Timmy, The Twat Wilson unfortunately was completely "owned" by self-described "Sustainability Provocateur, Designer, Sociologist, Experimental Educator and Social Change Maker," Leyla Acaroglu.  Openly laughing at The Twat's comments this bright young woman beautifully exposed the banality of the member for Goldstein's little mind and his utter embarrassing uselessness as a contemporary thinker and mightily discomforting this vain, right-wing lump into the bargain.
The third of this wretched trio is  Georgina, The Gorgon Downer who has gained ruling rabble pre-selection for the Adelaide seat of Mayo, being the third or fourth generation of Downers to bludge off the taxpayer in that seat.
Like her father, Fishnets-that-Batter, she is not noted for any outstanding qualities. The Gorgon has not, I reckon, had one original thought in her life, her rote IPA commentary on radio and TV being the most tediously soporific celebration of right-wing mediocrity that makes even Timmy Twat and Simon The Simple look like intellectuals of the first rank.

But, on the bright side, should the electors of Mayo let their better judgment desert them, at least she will no longer pollute the air waves in Victoria as much.
The pictures today are walls around Melbourne with which to bang your head against in frustration at this corrupted country.
Hoo-roo, Petals,

Saturday, 5 May 2018

The Other Side of The Coin....

G'day Possums,
I decided that this week to illustrate the anecdotes emanating from this floundering excuse for a federal government with what I think are apposite Still Life images; or Nature Morte, as befitting a moribund ruling rabble. 
The other side of the coin, to lift the skirts to be exposed. It's not looking very good for for the ruling rabble.
Well, is the merde hitting the proverbial or what? And as various ruling rabble non-entities run hither and thither to avoid the stinking spattering fallout from the Royal Commission into the banks and financial services they keep tripping themselves up in the most ludicrous ways.
One side of the coin...

There was Kelly, Shadduppa-Yo-Face O' Dwyer sort of recanting on her silliness with Barrie Cassidy and admitting, sort of, that they well, might have got the political timing of the RC possibly wrong. Echoing her leader, Truffles Turnbull's lines she was then eviscerated by actor Peter Capaldi reprising his foul-mouthed bullying political advisor character from "The Thick of It"  on "The Project" calling her all sorts of deliciously nasty things and that, "...she was all over the place, like shit in a paper bag." It's interesting to note that even the conservative media are now finding it impossible not to treat this flailing rabble with the contempt it deserves.
...the other.

Following a complaint from the last failed prime miniature, Rabid-the-Hun at being called by ABC's rhyming political rapper Andrew Probyn, "...the most destructive politician of the generation." Rabid said,  "... he wasn't looking for an apology ...but should get one," Michele, The-Gutless Guthrie, MD of the ABC, promptly slapped Probyn's wrist for telling the truth and issued an apology and correction to Rabid, further genuflecting to the right-wing of the ruling rabble and further diminishing the standing of one of the last credible news sources in Australia.
Many others also amended Probyn's unusual eruption of truth, correcting his statement about Rabid to read: " The most destructive politician in Australia's history." Which is pretty accurate.

Macron of France has been here and told Truffles to find some balls re: climate change and to do more to address Global Warming also saying that Truffle's wife Lucy was "delicious."  I think Macron must be short-sighted and had confused Lucy with Julia Zemiro... who is.
 And deliciously talented to boot.
IPA policy statement

Macron must have been bemused with the news that The Pussy Grabber, Trump is sending climate-denier environment chief  Scott Pruitt to have a two hour "round-table" with "excellent people" from the IPA who, according to the IPA's Roskam, would teach the American's a thing or two.
Le Jongleur Roskam's fantastical parallel universe had him touting the panel's Jennifer Marohasy, as “Australia’s authority on temperature and climate variability”(....a person who has accused the Bureau of Meterology of corrupting the temperature record.... I kid you not, Petals), but revelling in his self-appointed king-making and anointing, Le Jongleur suggested too that Maurice, "Global-Warming-is-a-Delusion" Newman would be a kindred spirit!
It has not been announced whether all attending will be wearing costumes from the Bar scene in Star Wars.
IPA thoughts on Civil Society

Truffles lost one of his Financial Sector Advisory Council members when disgraced departing AMP chief exec Craig Mellor stepped away because he has been less than honest with the federal regulator about charging customers fees for no service.
But we've not done anything wrong, bleat the AMP board as the council assisting calls for criminal charges to be laid....and the public sees clearly that not only are the banks and financial advisers in it for themselves and not their customers but that the gene pool for Board appointees is as shallow as the talent pool for the ruling rabble.
J. Banks foot

That that pool is exceedingly shallow was evidenced by four brain farts erupting late  this week. One by (the currently unfortunately named) Julia Banks who in rejecting calls for the dole to be increased, opined that although her parliamentary salary is around $200,000.00 and owning five properties, she could live on $40.00  per day. 
Now, there's stupid, there's really stupid and there's also the mind-numbing social irrelevance and blinkered greed, common to ruling rabble types. I dare say her Victorian electoral seat has already suffered the 2% margin reversal it needs to return Labor at the next federal election if the Twitter/ Farcebook storm is anything to go by.
clear thinking in Queensland

Petals, I really have never known what's in the water in the Deep North but apart from lately having multiple councillors of the conservative ilk up on criminal and fraud charges, up popped the Lame-Brained Andy Laming to pontificate on education. Saying that teachers should work the same hours as everyone else, should only have four weeks holiday a year, not be doing any prep or marking at home Andy Lame-Brain also intimated that the new Gonski proposals were a sell out to the teacher unions. These idiocies were generally supported by ex ruling rabble senator Suzie Boyce who on "The Drum" said dismissively that people only became teachers as it was a simple job with good holidays...or some such merde.
It should be noted that neither of these has taught in a classroom and one surmises that their contempt for the profession at least in one case, would come from a private education and ability to rort entitlements!
Rather than look to country's like Finland as exemplars these ruling rabble types prefer the divisiveness of a fractured system, as it suits their political agenda.
A construct ( Sanchez Cotain)

Fourth and last fart off the rank was Tony Shepherd, railing against the Business Council of Australia being effectively questioned in Senate Committee; accusing questioners of a "witch-hunt" and that they were driven by political self interest in wanting to know what the BCA members would do with 65 billions of taxpayer money they may be given.
Now, self-interest... I think Tones knows a bit about that.... social responsibility... not as much.
A movable Feast.

The BCA btw, are wanting to put together a "donation" fund of $25,000,000.00 to "educate" the  taxpayer whom they say will be well served by giving them $65,000,000,000.00 and which, they assure us, will trickle down .... eventually... perhaps...sometime.  It's a pity that many of those donating cannot afford to pay tax in the first place and BCA's  Westacott expresses surprise that anyone could possibly question the motives and intentions in such a fulsome propaganda fest.
Hoo-roo Possums,
Darkness we are heading toward.