Wednesday, 31 December 2014

..remembering when...

...we used to think of ourselves as fair and tolerant and civil … you may now laugh…..or cry. That’s at least one common choice we have left to us…. unprivatised.

G’day Possums.

Well what a year…eh?

Some favourites from shoots and outings, various….
Garden of St Erth
Garden of St Erth

Frogmore,  Trentham
Frogmore,  Trentham.  Prairie Garden
Once when young

Erin, BTA

"Discus Thower" Bendigo Fine Art Gallery
"Discus Thower" Bendigo Fine Art Gallery


                          Wombat Droppings

or The Chronicle of a Country Sliding inexorably into Feudal Fascism.

 Many moon’s ago I commented on the policy paucity of this rabble now in government.
Except for the100 thought-bubbles published by  “The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe,” (aka the IPA) there was nothing you could actually see.
At the time I likened “Coots” wish-list to the rantings in “Mein Kampf” as being a guide to what we could expect if the Liarbrils’ won office.
Sadly this is now true.
Sadder, is the fact that having spent most of their time making up three word slogans and lying through their teeth about the failings of the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd regimes and not making any policy they also lied their way into government.
Thus, with no coherent policy idea that had been put to the public, Prime Miniature Rabid-the-Hun and his rabble immediately began implementing the “Coot’s-With Queer-Ideas…” fascist, free-market agenda.

Demo, melbourne
Unhappy Campers in Melbourne

This has had unintended (for them) consequences.
Having spent three years coaching the public in the incompetence of government with their three word catch phrases and saying how the “…Adult’s Were Back in Charge…” they were mangled in the Senate, attempting to allow everyone “the right to be a bigot,”  excoriated widely when telling us “.. the Age of Entitlement is Over” whilst rorting the perks system to a huge degree and bringing down a budget that whacked the poorer ends of society to the benefit of the wealthy and were then reported throughout the world as the Village-Idiots at Davos in Switzerland.

They have had one achievement though: they’re the first government in Australian political history not to have had a “honey-moon” period. Immediately they gained power they began to go ”On-the-nose” with the public and have continued that downward slide ever since.
When you hear dyed-the-wool conservatives bemoaning the stupidity of the leader, Rabid-the-Hun and the corruption that seems endemic ( bye-bye, Arfur “Da Spiv” Sinodinas) throughout the party ;  when people are beginning to talk of bringing out the tumbrels and finance commentators (hardly ever raging “lefities”) are not only querying the veracity of the figures put up but also the economic consequences of this rabbles’ actions you know things are getting very interesting.
When the lies keep coming and the statements are more stupid and the rorting keeps being uncovered and when the manufacturing sector is being demolished and unemployment is rising and education is being bowdlerised with “Happy-Clappy-Born-Again’s” preaching myth not fact in primary schools and University is only for the wealthy and climate policy has gone the way of the Dodo you know the country is in very deep trouble.

With our Medi-Care system under siege and the one decent public broad-caster and news service eviscerated even the die-hard supporters of this lot are beginning to wonder if it was really meant to be like this and what will Australia end up looking like?

One horrible thing is certain: these Opus Dei and IPA led mongrels will not let up until they have destroyed every social service and reduced the place to a feudal system.
They will not allow discussion.
They will certainly not entertain dissent. They have no use for a civil society.

This is a government solely for big business.
It is not a government for the nation and as it has lied its way into power has no legitimacy.
Opposition to these ideological mongrels has to be as brutal as what they are meting out to what used to be a great nation.  Democracy in Australia is in a real crisis.

Hoo-Roo, petals,
It’s going to be an interesting year

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