Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Walking Queenscliff and going Up the Spout…

Shane with Red Flag
Shane with Red Flag

G'day  Petals,

Mrs Wombat and I had a wander around Queenscliff, a pretty seaside town with quite a history from the beginnings of Victorian settlement. 

It has a variety of architectural styles and much in the way of the expensive new bland in holiday abode, blue gingham building design. 

An then there is Wombat droppings; the chronicle of this Wombat's country's  demise and becoming nothing more than a hole in the ground provider of raw material to the lowest bidder.

Red Fish Queenscliff, Vic.
Red Fish
Queenscliff, Vic.
Queenscliff, Vic.
Queenscliff, Vic.
Queenscliff, Vic.

Wombat Droppings or Low Down Oz Politics

“My . Vellow . Auztralian .”... woodenly intoned Unemployment Minister, Senator Eric “Vichy” Abetz,  “Ve . Haf a Nui . vay . ov .making you voerk. And . you . vill be happier, less . stressed and . var, var . less .costly . to . your . vellow . Auztralian.”

The automata having been fully wound up for his “Lateline” interview with Emma Alberici, “Vichy“, with head well back, to make himself look taller, whirred and rattled through his repertoire of answers with nary a mental glance as to their content being relevant to the question and finished with a mechanical smile so smug in its mirthless stupidity that it could well be the model for all mindless mirthless smiles.
The biggest bang for taxpayer buck was the revelation that 50-60 year old job seekers will only have to volunteer for 15 hours of work a week to qualify for the dole.
It is understood (but not yet officially announced) that the Defence Force work they can volunteer for will include land-mine and roadside bomb clearance. Wheelchair and motorised scooter unemployed will be particularly encouraged to volunteer for this exciting work as they can cover a much wider area than those with sticks, crutches or walking frames.
This cunning plan has obvious side effect benefits for the Murdoch-Mandated Liarbrils.
Like Fighter pilots in WW1 whose lives at “the front” was estimated to be 10-15 hours, life expectancy will be similar for these unemployed thus guaranteeing a high turn-over and 10-15 years later, less economic pressure on pension entitlements and the PBS.
Please note that volunteering is compulsory if you want the dole.... ergo, you work for a minimum wage.

Queenscliff, Vic
Queenscliff, Vic
Joe “Cereal / Toyota-Killer” Hockey has finally admitted that there is no budget emergency and that the Australian economy is actually in good shape. He made the confessional announcement in New Zealand as it would not be believed in Australia given the effectiveness of the Liarbril’s four year misinformation campaign promulgated through the Murdoch media and given the entrenched economic stupidity of both the Business Council and the fantasist IPA  (“Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe”) who effectively run Australia.
It would seem that “Cereal / Toyota-Killer”, feeling the odious wrath of unpopularity wafting about his ego has begun to cast-off from his Titanic like Government by also releasing the longest job application CV in history. His claims that of it being A/, biography, B/ truthful, and C/ not self-serving have been treated with the some of the disdain that most political hagiography’s deserve.

Laughing kookaburra
Laughing Kookaburra
As happened to “Little-Johnny” Howard’s when 9/11 occurred, “Rabbutt-the-Huns” popularity has been boosted by the murders of some 300 people on MH-17 by some Slavs.
The Singaporean “Straits Times,” this Wombat has been led to believe, is claiming it could have been the Ukrainians and not the Russians at fault. 
“Rabbutt-the-Hun’s” “Hairy-Chested” three word, single syllable mumblings have enlivened Bogan minds once again as violence is much more interesting to them than a social compact and in the real vision of dismembered bodies is affirmation of why they enjoy “shoot-em-up” games and “slasher“ films.
We can find little truth in the rumour that “Rabbutt-the-Hun” has hoped his Papal friend Pell would be in an Indulgent mood and recruit the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to work alongside “Slagger”Textor on the next Liarbril campaign titled: Fear and Death Does So Become a Liarbril.

Queenscliff, Vic.
Queenscliff, Vic.
Scott “Drone” Morrison has decided that Curry is not his favourite dish and the High Court not his favourite playpen.
Author and Man Booker contender, Richard Flanagan discussing his book “The Narrow Road to the Deep North” said that we’re on a slippery slope with the cruelties being enacted on Manus and Christmas Islands and until recently, floating Hulks. He said that the evil we are doing cannot be contained only there. It is inevitable that it will permeate out and seep through our society.
Aspirational Bogans, “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe,” and Liarbril and Notional Party members think this is silly and point to their time honoured banner by Heironymous Bosch in refutation of anything like that happening.

IPA led Recovery
IPA led Recovery

In the “Tardis State” Where-All-Goes-Backward, Un-Planning Minister Matty “What’s-a-Green-wedge” Guy has been ventilating vociferously about opposition Leader Daniel Andrews’ suitability to be Premier because of leaks made by the Liarbrils of the Tardis State that they hate each other’s guts. “The Age” also went into a faux rage over the matter to cover the fact that the reporter who mislaid their recording device (picked up and listened to by Labor apparatchiks) had recorded “Off-the-Record” interviews and had been less than forthright in their interview dealings….. a bizarre little episode that might, with further investigation reveal the aging but still malevolent claws of the “Dorian Gray of Tardis State Politics” Jeff “Bully-Boy” Kennett…… but then Victoria under the Liarbrils is a peculiar place where a call centre job is more esteemed than a scientific one and Liarbril fundraising is reaching the art form levels of their NSW counterparts…..clean energy is bad and dirty energy good….unfortunately, no-one thought to ask Matty whether his costing to the Tardis State taxpayer of $3,000,000.00 because of his Ventnor Frolic made him more suitable than Andrews as a future premier

Queenscliff, Vic.
Queenscliff, Vic.
Hoo,Roo Possums,


Monday, 21 July 2014

Mugs and Shots

Shane Mugshot
Shane Mugshot
G’day Petals,
In an online conversation with Canadian photographer John Smith I was surprised with his awareness of what is happening in Australia, particularly with “Rabbutt-the-Hun” and Christopher ”The Whyne-and-Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect” Pyne. He then said he’d come across a series of mug-shots and saw that some looked like our less than esteemed “leaders”. I had a look too, and Voila…. John was correct… I hope you find these amusing and exhort you to have a look at a Canadian’s blog as a thank you for his interest in Oz.

 Wombat Droppings or low down oz politics

The Carbon Pricing Scheme has finally been destroyed by the alliance of PUP Bogans, La-La Far Righters and the Mindless Liarbrils…. whose celebration of its demise was like a pre-pubescent’s end of school flour fight. It made me think that they must live in a very small, very insular bubble; a space not connected to a real world of humanity but something constructed, ordered and devised just for them to feel secure before they are forced to grow up and acknowledge that as real adults, they have responsibilities to a sphere larger than the hip pocket.
Squizzy as Pyne
Squizzy Taylor ..how appropriate!
But suddenly we are having a real climate change debate where the denier-a-saurs can’t be invited. Will “Direct Action” work? Will it achieve anything like the 20% reductions in emissions the Carbon Pricing mechanism did?
In these arguments there is no questioning of whether Climate Change is real but which is the most effective way of ameliorating its real effects.
Climate denier-saurs are finally made extinct by their own machinations.

Julie Bishop

Can "Rabbutt-the-Hun's" mind work in anything other than cliches? Referencing the murders on the Malaysian Airline flight MH17 in interview with Fran Kelly, (ABC “Insiders” 20-7-14) "the Hun” said, "... there were 36 that Called Australia Home...", “…. we will work purposefully, methodically, continuously…” and; “…. Big countries don’t intimidate small countries…that is wrong…”
Is this man is very, very sick?
The use of a Peter Allen song and subsequent theme for Qantas (who btw, is cost cutting and trying to offload its aircraft maintenance to Malaysia) is not just bad taste and appalling judgement but salient to this man’s psychopathology

michaela Cash

It seems to indicates a mind lacking any empathy with the reality of the situation particularly when this mongrel prime miniature again brings his daughters into the equation by relating how they had flown from Europe on flight MH-17 some weeks before….So what! So had hundreds of others. What was this supposed to achieve, identification with the victim’s families or just drawing attention to his own little world?
His body language was noteworthy, too. A flat hand, mostly palm down in rhythmic down beat time to his halting 2-3 word utterances: “Now, Fran…what we um have been doing… we have been um…been doing …is methodical, purposeful and consistent…um er, getting the job done… er, Fran.”  In other words, “Fran, F***K Off, we will do whatever we want!”
His answers indicated that while listening to the question in detail “Rabbutt” processes only those elements he can respond to from the repertory of catch phrases and slogans that suit the IPA agenda. The answers have the rhythm of the learned, the memorised and practised stock phrase: oddly, quite like the rhythm of saying the psalms.

Cory Bernardi

Gerard “Sydney Geriatric Institute” Henderson perched on the couch of “Insiders” like a malevolent Gargoyle opined that “Rabbutt-the-Hun” was leading the world in his criticism of Putin’s lack of humanity. 
Oi… what an inflated juvenile view of their own importance these Liarbrils have… as if Putin would care what mosquito bites Australia had in store for Russia.
When the European Union, Britain, and the USA together start criticising, Putin MIGHT listen to them….but as the Europeans need Russian gas ……….
And why would Putin listen to humanitarian blather from a little country which has a 2/6worth of trade and that has re-introduced C18th type prison hulks to incarcerate refugees or bullied a despoiled Timor-Leste over the Timor gap oil reserves?

Tony Abbott

They talked of being "grown-up", having policy's, being organised, inclusive, collegiate, caring, full of vision.... it didn't take a genius to work out that they had none of the discipline, maturity, imagination, intellect, humanity or just plain "couth” to be any of these things.... they were and remain a rabble, who are quickly sending Australia to a top league laughing stock as the economic "White-Trash" of Asia.

Warren Truss

These barbarians, (what else can you call them?) are deliberately trashing the country and its future. Ruling according to the dictate of the IPA’s (Coot’s -With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe) miserable medieval, right wing “free”-market theories.
I heard their Head Troll, Roskam, “Plonker#1”get well and truly “worked over” on Faine (ABC 774) by wives and members of Vic. Ambulance, when showing to the Ambo’s pay and conditions dispute all the empathy of a Scrooge trained accountant.
He made me wonder if his humanity is delivered in small amounts via an ATM.
Needless to say, even though some of the talk-back on Faine’s program (ABC 774) silenced him and there was a hint of doubt becoming apparent in his voice you know that this right-wing ideologue never conceives or accepts that he can be wrong and he and his Murdoch/Rinehart funded ilk is what is destroying this nation soul.

Bronwyn Bishop

…and a link to the real stink.


They and their Liarbril Office–Boys have to be removed.

Hoo-Roo Possums,


Monday, 14 July 2014

Prado, PUPS and Puerile Government

Shane Wombat with Prado pictures
Shane Wombat with Prado pictures

G'day Petals,

Mrs Wombat and No2 daughter and self all took a jaunt to the National Gallery of Victoria t'other day to have a look at Italian masters from the Prado, Madrid.
An exhibition which contained a variety of surprises and oddly enough, parallels for this week's "Wombat droppings".

Pavi Sculptures and Children
Pavi Sculptures and Children
There were in the Federation Court, sculptures.... well very colourful and big stuffed Polar Bear toys, that children of all ages were engaged by ... which was one of those odd parallels I mentioned...
Photographer with Pavi sculpture
....whimsical, one-liners and as said, the children enjoyed them but reflecting on them after viewing the Prado works a vague relationship to Australia's present social state and the religious iconography in the Prado show became apparent 
Italian Masters from the Prado, NGV
Italian Masters from the Prado, NGV
Although there was a very small sign and graphic meaning "No Photographs" on entering as my camera was in plain sight and no-one said anything .....I assumed it was mainly to deter people using flash.. which occasioned an amusing exchange...  standing next to a woman who was pointing her mobile at a work I said quietly, "I hope you're not going to use flash." "No,"  she replied as quietly, "It's turned off." "You saw the sign on the way in then?" I added,  "Of course." she deadpanned and proceeded to take her pic.
 I took few shots in the exhibition ...who want's a "scene"?
Pieta: Crespi
This work was one of my favourites. Lively paint handling, real weight of the figure of the dead Christ allied to the sense of Mary's supporting or lifting with the very expressive faces; and like others in this show an unusual composition that in this case rests on repeated squares within a subtle pyramid. Perhaps to avoid the liveliness that Baroque diagonals would have produced rather than this almost "Nature Morte."
Prado, Titian, Phillip 2
Prado, Titian, Phillip 2
Titian is well represented and in the earlier works the influences of Bellini and the Florentine criticisms of the Venetian predilection for colour and paint handling rather than drawing as the basis of their art is very apparent.  The armor in this is beautifully handled but the portrait is almost too truthful of this arrogant, distrustful monarch and gives the work a hint of what is to come when Goya represents the Royalty of his times.
Doubting Thomas: Stom,
Matthius Stom (Stomer) presents another wonderful composition of a diamond within a circle and an assured hand.
Prado, Tiepolo
Tiepolo's son Domenico worked closely with his father and this is apparent in the "Crowning of Thorns" where the figure in the shadow on the left probably appears twice in Giambattista's "Banquet of Cleopatra"  at the NGV. Wonderful drawing again but the little work to the right "A New World" was a gem, a slice of Venetian life that perhaps signalled that had Domenico Tiepolo been born the the C20th he may well have been a Photo-Journalist.
Hugo Shaw
Then I was watching the real deal, Hugo Shaw an artist from Adelaide drawing  the people opposite him in fine fashion and a happy, willing conversationalist, too.

The NGV for those who don't know it, has a water wall behind the arch of the main entrance and I took a few shots as we were leaving....

Water Wall, NGV
A show well worth the effort of attending particularly as the works with most gravitas were not the religious pieces but the pieces like the 
Ribera: "Touch", the small Venetian Scenes by Tiepolo, and in the details of the cloth in Titian's Salome's dress and the pure exuberance and deftness of the paint handling in the late Baroque works. In contrast, the formulaic religious pieces became rather a lesson in why Monty Python humour exists...and why the monsters in Dr Who are as they are and have such resonance.... which brings us to 

WOMBAT DROPPINGS  or low-down Oz Politics.

The Palmer United Party or PUPS have been making merry with "Rabbutt-the-Hun's" excuse for a budget by inviting them into the kennel and giving them fleas. Demonstrating what an incompetent rabble these Liarbrils really were and are. 
With Our Second Biggest Miner and PUPS Leader, Clive, hogging so much of the limelight it has caused Nick "What's-my-Next-Stunt" Xenephon (SA, Right-Leaning Independent) and the "The Human Torpedo" to come down suffering Attention Seekers Deficit Syndrome. and doing whatever they can to get their faces in front of a camera and in Thorpe's case for a $400,000 fee. 
Both Mrs Wombat and I announce that we will both "come out" for a lot less... negotiations are now open. 

After years of accusing the Gillard-Rudd regimes of dysfunctional incompetence, stupidity, economic wantonness, arrogance and other sins, it should come as no surprise that was a case of "pot-calling-kettle-black-bum! "
They have turned as I always thought they would, into the very nasty, venal  incompetents they were in opposition and pathologically accused everyone else of being.

Their abject cruelty to the asylum seekers is making Australia a pariah in world affairs.
Their climate denial stance and soon to be legislated removal of Carbon Pricing with no effective Climate policy to replace it has Australia a laughing stock in the world.
Their final destruction of Australian manufacturing must have all those who take our raw materials laughing behind our backs,  particularly the Japanese, who 30 years ago were wanting this as an outcome for Australia.  
We, in their wishes were to be nothing but a hole in the ground and a source of raw food.  Now we have this rabble of a Government handing it to them and then praising their military of WW2.  
Shades of "Pig-Iron" Bob.... this mongrel lot is an embarrassment. 
(The only thing they're consistently good at)
Matthius "The Conman-of-HorseShite" Coormann has deregulated financial services so that the financial advisors DO NOT have to have the best interests of their clients at heart.
And they waste $60,000,000,000.00 on a Royal commission or two when the Commonwealth Bank has fleeced its customers of Hundreds of Millions of Dollars but this doesn't warrant investigation... guess who gets funded by CBA?

There's a FB page titled "The Worst PM Australia's Had".... of which I thought initially, that's a bit strong... but now... it's not strong enough. What is taking place is the destruction of democracy in this country being led by "The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe", The Institute of Public Affairs the thought-bubble tank for this rabble....Minions of Murdoch "The Ugly American" and Gina Rinehart (our Biggest Miner) and Tobacco companies.... we are in interesting times petals...

Night movement
Into the Abyss...Night Movement

Cheers, Petals,

Sunday, 6 July 2014

...kicking own goals.

Shane with Footy Gear
G'day Possums,
we've been to a couple of footy matches...one at one of the Melbourne stadiums, where blotting my family copybook, I cheered on the "Doggies" to a six point win over the "Dees."

The other was on the local oval with the Ballan boys playing  Beaufort in real, old fashioned conditions.
Ballan won but it was a hard fought contest and the day brought back a lot of school memories of playing in similar muck and having a lot of fun.
You actually can't kick an "own-goal" in Aussie Rules but the propensity of our rabble of a Federal Government to do this and shoot itself in the foot at the same time will be mentioned in the later "Wombat Droppings"

Ballan Football
Ballan Going for Goal

Ballan Football
Tackling Beaufort

Ballan Football
A Gentle shower ..again.....Ballan Marks.

Ballan Football
Goal in sight...

Ballan Football
Three Quarter time and the sun appears...

Slippery ball...

I've not done much photography of football but what was interesting was the similarity to dance ... the better the dancers the easier it is to nail good shots.... An interesting and fun day. Good too,  seeing the kids all get onto the oval for a Kick-to-Kick at each quarters break, weather permitting and ignoring the mud.

Weekly Wombat Droppings   at Channel Liarbril, Chunder 000

“Tardis State” (Where-All-Goes-Backward) Specials

(with appropriately medieval illustrations as befits where Australia is heading at a great rate of knots.)

Capital, Confolons, France
Capital, Confolons, France

18.00 “The Office of Living High, Victoria.” Produced at a cost of Millions (allegedly) with a select cast of ex-Liarbril advisors, apparatchiks, hanger’s-on and other Carpet-baggers. Producer Pete “The Drip” Walsh has for electoral reasons, canned this jolly romp. Further script details are not forthcoming as Pete “The Drip” reckons that this would cause “stress or anxiety” to senior script writers who don’t wish anyone to see their work; also it may make further electoral productions and his tenure as a producer very problematical. (M, a,d,h,l)

Mortemart, France
Pew Carving, Mortemart, France

19.00 “The Tunnel.” Fantasy doco starring Matty “What’s-a-Ventnor-Backhander?” Guy. Episode #69 “Let’s Change the Plans.” In this humorous episode Matty ties himself up in knots trying to explain why a change of plans is not a change of plans and why deciding not to concrete over all of the Parkland is better than the original proposal. Guest appearances by new residents disgruntled because of their uncertainty in receiving their houses’ (dis)-appearance fee; and bonus viewing of the ongoing search for the missing business case. *Not recommended viewing for prospective Inner City home-buyers*  ( M, h,v,l )

Corbel, Civray, France
Corbel, Civray, France

19.30 “How Much do I Care?” Poignant Doco-Drama tri-angulating “At-Risk” children, Anglicare workers and Part-Time Manager, Mary “Snarler” Wooldridge.  Tonight’s episode highlights the “At-Risk” factor with “The Snarler” magnanimously eschewing, again, any responsibility for production problems.
In a tense scene, “Snarler” blames the Anglicare provider who quite coolly rebuffs the criticism whilst the children in question are left to their own and their predator’s devices. Some critics have seen in this episode a metaphor of the values expressed in the new hymn of the “Right Xtian,” …. “The Meek Shall be Trodden Down, Trodden Down.”  (Verse: J. Roskam, Music: G.Brandis  ( PG, l, v, )

Federal Follies

20.00 “Bonking in the Rose Garden” Historical National Affaires Doco on the infidelities of the most upstanding and open-le….  err, minded in Canberra. Tonight’s episode celebrates the subtle ploys our present Prime Miniature  “Rabbott-the-Hun” devised to gain a fair lady’s attention. Newly discovered (it is said) footage of his gracious acceptance of his defeat by a woman in SRC elections at SU and what could be (very shaky camera and very backlit) his wrist smacking by what looks to be, prelate G. Pell apparently over a misdemeanour too far, from his early days in the Capital. Interviews with those who weren’t his love children included but not the two girls he claims as Senator Jacqui ”Corporal” Lambie sees them as a security risk, particularly for flat owners and scholarship givers.(AV15+, l, n, s )

Capital, Le Dorat, France
Capital, Le Dorat, France

20.30 “Our Sovereign Border Victory,” A selection of brief but pithy Sea Shanty’s eulogising the derring-do of another pretend Xtian, our esteemed Lord High Border Protector, Scotty “The Drone” Morrison.
Worth noting are the Shanty’s; “You Wont Be Back You Jihadist, You! “ and the old favourite, “Tamils Are A-Going Home” with its verse similarity to the one of the German vessel of 1939, the MS. St. Louis which circumnavigated the world with 937 Jewish asylum seekers. Finding little solace it eventually returned to Germany where it is estimated that 365 of the 620 who returned, survived the war.  For further information on this trip of a lifetime contact Senator Eric “Vichy” Abetz, as he has this sort of stuff in his genes. (AV15+, h, l, b/w)

Musee,Archeologique, Dijon
Musee,Archeologique, Dijon

21.00 “Charm Offensive” Senator “Vichy” Abetz with clenched  jaw and a leer masquerading as a smile leads this Cabaret program as he attempts to cajole recalcitrant Senators with the comedic phrase ,”Vee haf vays ov makkin you Right.” Musical assistance in this Weimar Music-Hall Burlesque provided by David “Gunner”Leyonhjelm and  Bob “Dire-Strait” Day with choreography by Bobbie “Roo-Poo” Muir; Costumes: Chwissie the “Whyne and Perfect–Prat-of-a-Prefect” Pyne. (PG, h, v, a,l)

21.30 “One, Two, Three, Count” Economics for Aspirational Bogans, Panel quiz hosted by Joe “Cereal/Toyota-Killer” Hockey. Tonight’s episode features one Bill Mavropoulos whose contrarian position has Joe sweating profusely and wishing Barrell-Boys like Andrew Laming didn’t exist. http://theaimn.com/open-letter-andrew-laming/#comment-105992 

Corbel Cellefrouin, France
Corbel Cellefrouin, France

22.00 “ The Hill-song Selection.”  Hymns for the Aspirational Bogan and Socially Unaware to enjoy as they stick pins into their favourite unemployed or disabled dolls in time to the music of The “Rabbott-the-Hun-Dog-Whistle” Band, which this week, is jointly conducted by Billie “Poofie-Smacker” Heffernan  and Kevvie “Smiler” Andrews. (M, v, b/w, R.)

Corbels, Vezeley, France
Corbels, Vezeley, France

23.00 “Saving our Future” Panel discussion by representatives of the 4 major banks and hosted by Ian Narev on how best to fleece re-direct the public’s superannuation into more sensible pockets places, and at the same time, assistance from Matthius “Horse-Shite” Coormann, beaming like your friendly Uncle Rolf. (PG, l a, s)

Hoo-roo, Petals,