Thursday, 19 January 2012

...with publications and publicity

Geez Petals,
it's been a long time between drinks so just to keep the ball rolling, so to speak, I'll take some advice from "Blurb" and advertise a few of my books ...including the newest, which arrived today.

Blurb was suggesting a link to their site and had provided the html; but being a Wombat of limited technological capability I couldn't get the thing to work so  a "Cut & Paste" approach will have to suffice.

First, I might clarify why two books on different subjects have the same name: 
I knew during the research for the French sojourn that I would be exhibiting the images and making a book on return to Aus for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale. It was during the research that the name "Continuum"  seemed a most appropriate to title the show considering how the plannig for the trip was developing. 
Then, before leaving for France, Leeanne Rutherford and I were in conversation about a possible title for her Ballet Theatre Australia's next performance title and "Continuum" seemed again, to be the most appropriate for the time and dance concepts being performed. 
So my book has appended to the Continuum title ...a French experience. 

If you take the opportunity to review these books please remember when looking at "Continuum", "Counterpointe', and "Counterpointe 2" that these were all shot in a single session: dress rehearsal and then a single performance.
To Blurb... thanks for the production quality and the quick turn around from publishing to pick-up... the best was "Continuum...a French experience": eight days turn-around and as the helpful Blurb reps indicated at the Biennale, if you get the timing right in the production cycle  things happen quickly. 
Also, Fed-Ex's parcel tracking has been excellent ...I've now picked up books from the Post Office (no parcel delivery to troglodyte burrows this far out) on three occasions before the Post Office has noted me as to their arrival. 
Now, to the books:....................................


"Class".. shots taken from various dance classes over a number of years.  I think this book contains the essence of Ballet
A  collection of  candid images from various ballet classes which embody the reality, nuances and dynamic inherent in people whose intense commitment is rare in today's world.
Not a book about ballet per se , a book more to do with people of grace.

"C.V.'s etc." studio shots for dancers promotion, dancewear and performance advertising and audition material.

"Continuum"  a record of a single performance.


"Counterpointe 2"

"Continuum ...a French experience"

and last but not least a lovely little sketch/note book
still available from the Wombat himself and perhaps to be republished by Blurb in hardcover format if there is sufficient interest....

...see my website

I have also been considering a book of Nudes covering some ten years of personal work which I think has produced many memorable images..... with tech details / lighting plans / raison detre etc... I'd really like some feedback on this one, Petals as it's a big one.

Cheers and ta for reading,