Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Ho Bloody, Ho, Ho, Ho, Haw, Haw.

Shane Decked.
Shane Decked.

G'day Possums,
this rant is a trifle late as there has been much afoot around the burrow and the insanity's abounding in this land has, I think,  worn me down.

Silly Halal Sam  finally stopped the opportunities of being constantly nailed by the ruling rabble and resigned from the senate for doing much less of what the majority of the ruling rabble do so much more of, all of the time.... and everyone was also studiously avoiding the question of who leaked what to whom.... the Chinese, Russians, MI5 or was it, as some postulate, the CIA whose hands are certainly practiced in national interference ?
The bright spot in all this tawdriness is that Kristina Keneally who made a reasonable 6%  impact in the on the Ball-Boy's rankings in Bennelong will probably substitute for Halal Sam's senate spot and being a feisty, straight talker, Keneally could together with Lisa Singh and Penny Wong, create a formidable triumvirate.

We shouldn't forget the soon-to-leave-parliament Ball-Boy of Bennelong too quickly though: apart from an historical piece of smutty joking he once served up to an audience, the reason his handlers kept him very quiet during his campaign became all too apparent with his "victory speech" where he displayed an exquisite understanding of complete ruling rabble insensitivity and callousness to those with disabilities, allied to a distinctly "Haw, Haw" incomprehension of making a gaffe. 
And oh, how the ruling rabble mangle metaphors as they mangle everything else.... Truffles, according to the Ball-Boy, is having a "Renaissance" !  
Well, as far as I know the renaissance ushered in a positive and creative future: a thing the ruling rabble would find impossible even imagining let alone competently facilitating.
A Bauble for Brandarse
A Bauble for Brandarse
It's a pity the barely adequate Bookshelves Brandarse is being sent to London as "high" Commissioner as I think KK at every turn, would enjoy puncturing his pompous pretensions. Bookshelves though, is a suitable replacement another failed ruling rabble nonentity, Fishnets-that-Batter Downer, whose extremely dull daughter, The Gorgon, regularly issues forth with banalities on ABC media as an IPA troll under the guise of a ruling rabble administrative moll..... which makes you think, that apart from crucifying their cricket team, we are still paying the Pommies back for forcing Australia in to the great Depression in the '30's.
Speaking of which, Scummo Morrison  and Horshite Corman, in the spirit of Xmas Future have told us we're not having a "debt and deficit disaster" like they said Labor had at $153 billion when they assumed office. Net debt since has ballooned to  $500 billion ...... but we're far better off with one at 500 and no higher education, dismantled medicare, lower wages, tax breaks for the 600 companies who pay no tax at all, gutted social services, no manufacturing and more perks for pollies.
Or are we?
A Ball for Barnyard
A Ball for Barnyard
Barnyard Joyce is about to be let, probably drunkenly, loose on the Infrastructure portfolio to see if he can corrupt that as much as he did the Murray/Darling water allocations and it is rumored too, that The Harpy, Cash is to become Attorney General..... an interesting move.... a chief law officer who shriekingly lies to parliament? Or it could be the very Un-Xtian Porter who decided to spend the day at the cricket with war criminal Little Johnny Howard  rather than attend the tabling of the report into institutionalized child abuse which was under his portfolio's purview. It's also interesting to note apropos this Royal Commission, the Governor General  finally emerged from his bunker to sign off on this document in what seemed a very surly and ungracious manner.
All things Bright and Shiny...
All things Bright and Shiny...

Oh dear what delicious irony to finish on..... the ruling rabble's IPA clones and free marketeers are having a hissy-fit after realising that as an alleged government they have no control over their "market" with AGL giving prime miniature Truffles and Fiction's Frydenberg a single finger salute by closing down the Liddel Power Plant and also eschewing Coal in favour of re-newables as their future energy source. 
"Leadership" has been shown to be the myth it is.
Free Market = Chaos!
Hoo-roo Petals,

PS.... Season's Greetings.... worse is to come.
Seasons Greetings