Tuesday, 31 December 2013

...ranting into the Abyss of the new Dark Age

G’day Possums,

This is me with Jeff (“Boof-Head”, “Foot-in-Mouth”, “Bully-Boy”) Kennett: The Dorian Gray of Tardis State (“Where-All-Goes-Backward”) politics. It was made some years ago as a fund-raiser item when this eminence grise’ was leading the Liarbril pack and selling off the most profitable, publicly owned bits of the Tardis State (“Where-All-Goes-Backward”) to overseas private interests so he could destroy Unionism. 
Ya wanna complain ‘bout your electricity, transport, water, councils, building approval times, hospital waiting lists, emergency ward crisis… see “Boof-Head!”
He has Hob-nail Boots …all the better for kicking you when you’re down. He’s sitting on a coffin with a “V” on it… an explanation shouldn’t be necessary.
He’s also either opening a bottle of Liarbril fund-raiser wine, allegedly, sold illegally from his parliamentary office (shades of “Fiddles” Shaw)…or he’s ..  well let’s just not go there, eh?

And he’s got a bunch of Crown Casino chits in his back pocket;  although now is not the time to depress you with the social costs of 
gambling or back-scratching, is it?
Again…see “Boof-head”… he’s got a sinecure; the Farthest Azure.

I’ve been thinking it might be time to re-constitute the clay and model a Federal series a’la “Rubbery Figures” meets “I am not an Animal” for filmic purposes….. …contributions as to characters, content, chorus, costume, cynicism and scenarios most welcome.

I viewed the Ballarat Photographic National Show t’other day at BFAG. Whilst I can be positive about this show to the extent that all the work exhibited was very worthy, very well made, very solid technically and very well presented, I could only hear conversations about HDR technique and lenses and cameras. Nothing in this exhibition struck me as having a feeling for an idea or concept that was pursued with that brio of aesthetic vigour which allows chance, happenstance, influence and that tenuous personal search for the sublime which informs and creates something that exists independently outside of you.
It was all too formally correct, too overworked and ultimately, repellingly dull.
I’ve no samples to show here, as BFAG in its wisdom, A/; wouldn’t allow photo’s, although B/; I didn’t have a camera with me but would have used it if I had; C/; wasn’t willing to part with $12.50 for an illustrated program and D/; I’m not intending to return. 
It’s a good photo show but it ain’t what art is made from!

Them following are some of my favourites from work this year...an eclectic selection
The sleep of reason.. Lawrence Winder
The sleep of reason..outdoor gallery Ballarat exhibition
 Personal highlights re this blog from 2013: Fairfax journo writing about the bitchy, vituperative election campaign and the 3 years preceeding it …bemoans “Sophie Mirabella  being called “Pit-Bull”…. I think I was the first with that phrase.  And some weeks ago on Late-Night-Live with Phillip Adams, (may he be well),  “…and now let’s go to the Tardis State of Victoria…” Eureka!
Someone is reading.... and the image below featured on ABC's website as an illo for their French 100 Classical music...
Tuilleries; Lawrence Winder

Wombat Droppings or Low-Down Australian Politics

Australia quickly need to take stock of what sort of country they want because the one we are fast getting is not how I think we would generally define ourselves.
We are allowing one of the worlds best health systems be “Americanized”, our environment blasted for multi-national profit, our education system being ripped to privatised shreds,  a welfare system that succours the middle-class, not the needy and a incompetent pretend government too willing to sell off our sovereignty.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

Jack And Alexandra
Some think that “choice” in Education, Health, Services and Transport is essential for the well-being of society when the opposite is true. 
Lake Mungo Dunes
Choice is about selectivity, exclusivity, class and ultimately, selfishness. It is a definition of division within society and a tacit acknowledgement that some are “better”, more worthy and of more value to the society than others primarily because of their wealth.
Olivia and Gus
It is much easier to think this way when wealth is spread disproportionately. Your belonging to, being in and only having to consider a small group is much easier to deal with than having to reasonably consider society as an equitable whole. The exclusiveness of your group defines its simpler parameters, its notions of  “well-being”, like its wealth cannot to be shared, as that would deny it the charm of its exclusivity.
It is therefore a self-referential, selfish system.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

St Kilda
A divided society is neither a happy one nor a safe one. Historically, inequality fosters resentment and ultimately, retribution. All that is not new but what is it’s sad to say is that the arguments for maintaining contemporary inequality that have been raised to near philosophic levels are: “Individual Aspiration” and the “Economy”. It’s now almost a holy virtue for an individual to “Aspire” but unfortunately as the “Economy” can only afford so much Individual Aspiration there is not enough of it to go around. Ergo: most will have to miss out.
There is a sense of mindlessness in this place and when the inevitable backlash occurs our ugliness will be fully revealed.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire
Frogmore, Trentham

Scott “The Drone” Morrison goes to water over high court challenge to his visa changes for refugees and hides from journalists by not having weekly (or should that be weakly?) press briefings. Were the journo’s not laughing at his “stand-up “ any more?
Advance Australia Fair

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

The Dalai Lama’s answer to the question of what surprised him most about humanity was: “Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”    There's a person who has made a real choice.
Mildura, Grand

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

“John Howard and Julia Gillard both had their share of haters.  Alas, I fear many otherwise decent Australians have become angry little haters. It is easy to think that who and what we dislike says something about us. In a small way it does. The narcissistic think it important that the world knows their view. They are in fact talking about themselves.” Amanda “Il Patrone” Vanstone (she of Cornelia Rau and Vivian Solon infamy, amongst other indiscretions as a minister) obfuscating hypocritically and inaccurately again.  Perhaps Mandy was really thinking of Scott Morrison, or Cory Bernardi or even Steve Ciobo. Maybe even Alan “Bondi’ Jones or the Queensland restaurateur and his sexist, misogynist menu? Or perhaps this is a pathetic attempt to tell us subtly that Andrew Bolt is a decent writer and requires more freedom to express himself?
And for Mandy to equate the vileness meted out to Gillard by the Murdoch press and minions with the treatment “Little Johnny” received only indicates her sheer political (liarbril) blindness to actuality.  Which parts of the vile torrents pouring from her conservative side of politics could she  compare and contrast with Labor's actions?
“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

Heather “Leer” Ridout, Peter “Children Overboard-Rottweiler” Reith,  Michael “Thug” Kroger and Peter “I-Had-a-Baton-Once” Costello came to mind t’other day when Coca-Cola-Amatil, owners of the Ardmona  canneries in Shepparton sacked 70 of its full time maintenance staff to replace them with contract workers. CCA did this it seems to curry favour with “Rabbott” in order to get $25,000,000.00 as a bailout package.
It has an eerie resemblance to an interstate plastics manufacturer who, back in 2005 bought a second business in “The Tardis State” (Where-All-Goes-Backward) and was promptly conned by the afore-mentioned to “experiment” with Industrial Relations by “offering” his workers the “choice” to be self-employed. 
This was gleefully abetted by “The-Coots-with-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel-Universe,” the IPA.

Needless to say the “experiment” failed. The business folded and 80 workers lost their jobs. Sadder to note, the original interstate business, a family one, of 60 years productive service folded the next year, with its 80 workers losing their jobs, too.
I’m sure the ideological mongrels from the IPA were well satisfied with their “experiment” as were Ridout, Kroger, Costello and Reith!  Pity they've never had to run a business or feel responsible for 160 losing their livelihoods.
Let’s keep an eye on Shepparton and the tenor of the town.
“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

Cheers Petals,


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

with a Xmas of Spirit

G’day Possums,
Shane and Shai
Red Sails Poster

The new ballet from Ballet Theatre Australia, “The Red Sails” was a sort of “Red Shoes” meets Fellini tripping over “The Red Poppy” in its eclectic musical and choreographic mix. 

 ...and congratulations to Shai.. on her way to dance in Canada

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Olivia G
I have probably said before that the number of shots  taken during a performance often indicates a visceral response to its aesthetic and technical worth. 
BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Shai T
Similarly when doing the post process: you see somewhat more clearly how the performers responded in detail and you gain further insights into the idea of the work.

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Pas de Trois
Perhaps it was the costumes or the groupings but I kept being reminded of Poussin
and, to a certain extent, Caravaggio so have determined to organise a shoot mid January to realise some of the ideas floating about that all this has stimulated.

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Circus Scene

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Stephanie G and Olivia G

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Laura and Emma

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Laura, Jack and Emma

BTA Red Sails: Lawrence Winder, Photography
Three Delicious Divas

Wombat Droppings or Low, Down-Under Politics

Very, very interesting is the almost total lack of Liarbril objection/refutation to any number of severely critical articles in blogs various on this incompetent rabble of a government.... are their nostrils finally filling with the stench of a rotting body which was once a social entity or are they just shielding themselves from the searing glare of their own choice?

In an appointment (without interview) Tim “Twat” Wilson has been made a Commissioner for Human Rights by alleged Attorney General, George “Library Rorts” Brandis. What this “Coot-With-Queer-Ideas-from–a-Parallel –Universe (aka the IPA) knows about humans is yet to be ascertained, as do his qualifications but he was consoled by his friend for giving up not only his Liarbril Party but his IPA membership too.  
 It would look odd taking $300,000.00 a year in a job you vehemently argued should be abolished!
The free speech thingy matters little in the context of these Bolt "Dolt" types; there is no point in having them removed by a tsunami of reaction. Better to keep their ilk in place as a poignant reminder of how stupidly fallible paid apparatchiks can be.

We are now to have Codes of Conduct for priests and asylum seekers… the first category indicates, how morally bereft Australians society has become and the latter, how intensely cruel and uncaring we are.

The Spirit of Xmas was evoked when Prime Miniature “Rabbott” heart-warmingly congratulated Holden workers on being “liberated from working” but declined to say when, economically, the country will be fully devastated and there will be liberation for all. 
What they are doing is  “Bully-Boy” Kennett (The Dorian Grey of the Tardis State “Where-all-Goes-Backward”) writ on a larger scale: obliterate the workforce to fragment the Unions, privatise everything within reach, allow the new bosses to introduce low wages and strip back penalty rates, introduce more draconian anti-demonstration legislation …as their hero Menzies once said “A stable economy is one where there are two workers outside the factory for every one inside.”

“I am absolutely determined to change... and we will change within 12 months." A statement ostensibly made regarding the adoption of overseas children but sounding more like one of “Rabbott’s” Freudian slips concerning his rabble’s plummeting poll ratings. A smiling photo op with a celeb or two and attempting a kindness for once that costs nothing whilst slashing and burning everything else:  pardon me for my cynicism.
It all comes down to what is "vision" and "Rabbott's" character is the controlling factor in that.   
Take that, as you will….
Then, if we look at the Corman's, Bernardi's, Ciobo's, Brough's, Pynes' Cash's, Brandis' and Abetz's et al, of this rabble, the vision "thing" is decidedly bleak and it will make no difference if "Rabbott" gets rolled in six months and "von Ribbentrop"Turnbull is voted office boy for the BCA & IPA, as the aforementioned rabble still sit there festering within the remnants of democracy.
One thing they do well though is to clear the "grey" areas... one is seeing with a simpler clarity.

“Rabbott” is prepared to spend $25,000,000.00 of taxpayers’ money in a vicious little political witch-hunt over the “Pink Batts” issue. Called a “Debacle” by Murdoch’s minions, this economic stimulation scheme saw 4 young male employees die from either eletrocution or Heat-Stroke when installing the Batts in ceilings. Blaming the Federal Government of the time for the failings of the employers or the State Occupational Health and Safety Authorities is an interesting move.
Apart from ignoring the 128 other workplace deaths in the past 12 months it also ignores the stimulus to the economy, the ongoing benefits of lower power usage and more energy efficient homes.
Perhaps we could have a Royal Commission into the 2 military deaths caused by “Little Johnnie” Howard’s foray into Iraq to look for what he said were “weapons of mass destruction” or perhaps one into politicians rorting their travel and electoral allowances or better, one into the role Alex “Fish-Nets-That-Batter” Downer played in the Timor Sea Oil and Gas negotiations with Woodside?
I have a feeling that this tactic by “Rabbott” might be over-reach. Ashby-Gate and Thommo-Gate are being found more and more spurious and having brought  Government ministers into the firing line, “Rabbott’ is lining his own side up for the inevitable and bloody pay-back.The Spirit of Xmas.
Keating in suit Abbott in Lycra
Pick the Prime Minister
Scott “The Drone” Morrison in deciding that Orwellian language alone is not sufficient for his “stand-up comedy act” has incorporated “Catch-22” into his repertoire. Refugees in the country (all Labor’s fault, of course) who co-habit to stretch their munificent $250.00 a week benefit whilst not being allowed to work; and who make too much noise, look different, speak a language other the Liarbril-ese or cook anything other than chops and three veg will be deported to Manus Island for re-education and more appropriate summer co-habitation in tents.
The Spirit of Xmas.

 It has not been announced if the rules of the The Augustine Cup cricket match at Lords of Anglican clergy vs Catholic priests from the Vatican are to be amended re: the Vatican side bowling a maiden over!

Cheers Petals and Seasons’ Greetings,


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Manufacturing a Festive Season

G’day Possums…
Shane Wombat with Santa
Shane Wombat with Santa, not G.S's.

More ballet rehearsal stuff, again; performance is on Thursday and it’s looking good, hope you enjoy.
BTA Lawrence Winder

BTA Lawrence Winder
BTA Olivia G.

BTA Lawrence Winder
BTA Laura G.

BTA Lawrence Winder
BTA Laura and Alex

BTA Emma S.

BTA Lawrence Winder
BTA Olivia G.

BTA Lawrence Winder
BTA Shai and Jack

BTA Karalyn and Shai

BTA Lawrence Winder
BTA Gus U.

BTA Lawrence Winder
BTA Alex, Jack, Gus.

BTA Lawrence Winder
BTA Emma S.

Wombat Droppings or Low Down Politics in Oz

What I’m finding interesting is the genuine tenor of criticism that this woeful Liarbril rabble is getting and of their almost complete lack of vision for this country.
It’s not coming from the Murdoch controlled outlets, as you would expect, but by many of the more sober and thoughtful blogs. It is exposing deep division in this country that does not auger well for the future. I’m not at all happy to say that things I surmised about 12 and 18 months ago have come to pass and were not just silly rants.
Manufacturing is being gutted and the sycophantic msm are looking sillier by the minute attempting to prop up these incompetent IPA spruikers as the gap between their copy and reality becomes wider.
This recent excoriation of Piers “Toad-Hall” Akerman from Annabel Crabbe,  where  he has joined the chorus line of Let’s-Create-a-Diversion-and-Bash-The-ABC, is a case in point.
“The broader narrative here may well be an ecological tale different from but no less tragic than Nemo's; the politically seasonal loss of food supply for the mature right-wing cheerleader columnist. When Labor is in power, there is red meat aplenty, but when the Coalition rules, these mighty carnivores are obliged to scrape by on a meagre diet of public broadcasters and animated woodland creatures. You've got to make a living, don't you?
And when you think about it, perhaps it's not so silly after all that a writer in the Akerman genre would feel adequately qualified to take on a cartoon pig, whose chief failing - feminism aside - is that she is shouty, argumentative, one-dimensional and just that little bit too loud.”
"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again, but already it was impossible to say which was which." Annabel Crabb
Then there was a Ms Parnell McGuiness opining that there should be an enquiry into Unions although she doesn’t know or had much to do with Unions but I-Was-Told- to –Agree-With-This-So-I-Will. Ms McGuinness allegedly runs a company called “Thought Broker” that gives advice. One hopes that their advice is from a better knowledge base than this one evidenced on “The Drum!”

Well, it is the “Silly-Season!”

Cory “Bestiality” Bernardi obviously doesn't want to sit next to Malcolm “von Ribbentrop” Turnbull in parliament for fear of catching something…. possibly fleas and also feels, as a backbencher and  sacked parliamentary secretary, justified in telling a minister how to act. This is not to be taken as evidence of a dysfunctional government, no, no it’s just the hurley-burley of a vibrant democracy; it’s only dysfunctional when Labor argue with each other.
Labor were never actually dysfunctional; it was a projection of the sociopaths who are now exhibiting their true worth and last week would have lost an election if it had been held. There is a petition to the GG doing the rounds to sack “Rabbott” and his nefarious bludgers
And, well, it is the “Silly-Season!”
More proof of that sociopathic dysfunction came a couple of days ago when “Rabbott” announced his analysis of his first “100 Days.” Mrs Wombat and I were driving at the time and on hearing that “….. we have shown ourselves to be a competent and trustworthy government….” nearly ran off the road with laughter.
The whole thing is beginning to look like a tableau painted by Hieronymus Bosch.
Does “Rabbott” really believe when he says, “We are a competent, trustworthy government?” After the backflips, lies, stuff-ups and diplomatic gaffes that would have the press apoplectic if it was Labor being as incompetent. Or is it just another Neo-Fascist Orwellianism to batter the minds of the public into submission by repeating lies?
"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again, but already it was impossible to say which was which."
More worrying are the Pacific Trade Talks where Andrew “La-La” Robb looks as if he is about to (in secret) let the Americans rip into the PBS and convert Australia’s Health System into the disaster that is America’s and Greg “Ozone-Hole” Hunt thinks that dumping 3,000,000 tonnes of dredging material onto the Barrier Reef will not diminish it; and that letting cattle back into the High Country will stop bushfires. He must have got that last one from Wicki. 
Joe “Cereal-Killer”Hockey is about to announce “…that we’ll all be rooned” as, “It’s-All Labor’s-Fault” that we gave $10Billion to the Reserve bank and not our $24 Billion parental leave scheme for the “Upper-Middle-Class-Needy” or the extra $1.2 Billion going to the States who wouldn’t sign up for the Gonski that we’re not going to implement is all Labour’s fault, too. As is the $20 Million we’re now not going to buy Indonesian fishing boats with but convert into an ad campaign to advertise things we wont be able to tell you…. and it’s all such a mess we’ll have to wait till next May to tackle this “Economy-in-Crisis.”  Take the batteries out of you Bull-Shit Meters Petals, they just might explode!
When you have a satirist (John Birmingham) calling this the “Golden-Age” of  Satire and saying that he should forward his pay to Scott “The-Drone” Morisson as he is the one really writing his satirical material you have to believe that this lot are as bad as being portrayed. It would be funny if not tragic for the country.

Well, it is the “Silly-Season!”

There’s to be a Royal Commission into the “Pink Batts” deaths to sling mud at Labor. Not a Royal Commission into The Attorney General “Loose-Lips” Brandis’ use of ASIO to “Nobble” witnesses into Little Johnny Howard’s lot spying on Timor-Leste or the then Foreign Minister, Alex “Fish-Net’s-that-Batter” Downer’s involvement in assisting Woodside Petroleum (whom he now works for) in talks with Timor-Leste ?
Loose-Lips has also turned logic on its head and appointed Coot-With-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel-Universe, Tim "Twat" Wilson from the IPA as a Human Rights Commissioner. The IPA think that the Human Rights Commission should be abolished. Brandis said that "Twat"Wilson will add "balance." Sort of like the balance you have with one person on a see-saw!
  Well, it is the “Silly-Season!”

Police here in the “Tardis” State (Where-All-Goes-Backward) are falling over themselves to assist residents in understanding why they really do need the East-West Link for $8 billion. If the residents query why such understanding has to found in a Rugby tackle they are asked for an $8,000.00 fee! This fee also apply to “The Knitting Nannas” who sit in Toolangi trees knitting, attempting to thwart Vic Forests renovation of the homes of the endangered Leadbeater’s Possum.
Geoff “Fiddles” Shaw has warned Santa about staying too long at Pretend Premier Dennis “Inutilis-Rusticus” Napthine’s place or he’ll have another word with “The Speaker”  and call any journalist who asks him a question, a Vulture. So there! 
Well, it is the “Silly-Season!”  

Cheers Possums,

Monday, 9 December 2013

Gonski Trolls and Talentless Lickspittles

 G'day Possums,

Shane the Socialist Wombat
Shane the Socialist Wombat
You'll notice that the "implements" above are a trifle old and rusty so the metaphor should be clear.

We went to  a little party, party and watched the Balloons go up...

Labor Party
Labor Floating by...
 and had some good conversations....
Labor Party
Party, Party
The Fish and Chippery
The Fish and Chippery, Sturt St. Ballarat
 ..and attended what looked like  the Women's Collective at the Fish and Chippery in Sturt St Ballarat, who do a fine job. So if you're going through from Melbourne and feel the need for a Flake, Scallops and chips... look out to your left....just before the city proper.
La Carillon, Paris.
La Carillon, Paris.
A different sort of party....Canadian Bob Eames on Sax which segue's to...

Tuilleries, Paris
Tuilleries, Paris
...a pic I'm pleased to say appears on The ABC's website, a feature about the 100 most popular pieces of French Classical Music... Ta.. Daaaaaa.

Wombat Droppings or  lowdown Oz politics

Many of us were postulating more than 18 months before these 100 days that the Policy-Free-Zone the Liarbrils inhabited whilst hurling their putrid invective at all and sundry could not possibly be reversed once in power. 
And so it goes.. or should that be Gone-ski?
Freud could only have seen their actions as “Projections” where the worst of themselves are cast onto others…incoherent, sloppy, shambolic, lying, dis-organised, biased, poor economic managers etc.
Once, I used to think of the Liarbrils as managers only, but they have given over so much to the likes of the business council and the IPA that they've reduced themselves to little more than posturing office boys…. and don’t the Chinese and Indonesians know it! 
Actual leadership, vision and sense of Nation is not in their political lexicon.
..and the proof of the pudding is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJTGX-k7LC4
also check the spelling at top of page  "A message form our ......"
Listening to Eva Cox debating with Ian Hanke and Chris Berg on RN's Sunday Extra's "Outsiders" when travelling back to the burrow; (a ménage-a-trois of two right-wingers and one lefty...) which should keep the Trolls who are constantly complaining of ABC’s “left” bias, happy, the debate being mainly, you guessed it, the “rights” thought-bubble-of-the-moment: the dismemberment of the ABC.
I don't like offal in cooking and Berg’s recipes (one of "The Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel-Universe" aka IPA)with the narrow, myopic economic views he concocts were particularly not to my taste. Views which fail miserably to account for that variable in humans that Trolls can't quite equate for: talent and creativity.
Annabel Crabbe’s “Kitchen Cabinet” gives clue and insight to this species social limitations.
Responses are guarded, wary; as if they are way out of their comfort zone and can only feel “at-home” Ya-yaaing and Haw-hawing with their own ilk.  Note too, that apart from painter Bill Leake, comedian Barry Humphries and the cartoonist Larry Pickering, I can’t think of another artist who is avowedly of “the right.” It’s as if most of the conservatives seem to have had a personality short circuit with the creative modality turned off.

Senator Cory “Bestiality” Bernardi who is at the forefront of ABC bashing is a good example….

Cory Bernardi
he wrote an opinion piece in 2010 calling for a ban on wearing the burqa in public and in 2007 published an essay questioning whether global warming was caused by human activities. “Von Ribbentropp” Turnbull removed him from the Shadow Ministry after he reportedly made unsubstantiated claims regarding a fellow Liarbril (allegedly Pyne “The Whyne”) in his blog. Recalling an encounter about 14 years before:  In response to my question of why he joined the Liberal Party, he blithely responded "I live in a Liberal seat so I had to be a member of the Liberal Party to get into Parliament. If I lived in a Labor seat I would have joined the Labor Party". Frankly I was aghast at this response. Where was the conviction, the beliefs, the values that I believe should motivate our political leaders? Several follow up questions disclosed that the only motivation for his own political involvement was for him to become Prime Minister. Pyne “The Whyne”, denied the allegations as "preposterous." 
Christopher Pyne

Although other evidence suggest that “Whyne” and truth seem rarely to correspond.
Bernardi has been associated with Dutch politician Geert Wilders and in 2012 “Bestiality” resigned from his position as parliamentary secretary as a result of  arguing that permitting same-sex marriages will lead to legalised polygamy and bestiality. Bernardi said that the campaign for same-sex marriage was "another tear in the fabric of our social mores." "Time and time again the same characters seek to tear down our institutions that have been built and have sustained our civilization for thousands of years. The time has come to ask: when will it end? "The next step, quite frankly, is having three people or four people that love each other being able to enter into a permanent union endorsed by society or any other type of relationship." And then went on to say accepting gay marriage could lead to accepting bestiality. "There are even some creepy people out there and I say 'creepy' deliberately who are unfortunately afforded a great deal more respect than I believe they deserve," he said. "These creepy people say it is okay to have consensual sexual relations between humans and animals. Will that be a future step? "In the future will we say, 'These two creatures love each other and maybe they should be able to be joined in a union'."
THIS bloke seriously thinks that limiting free speech by selling the ABC is a good thing?

Tardis State (Where-All-Goes-Backward) Fellow Traveller and conceptual equal, Geoff “Fiddles” Shaw has had the 24 charges against him dropped because:                
A/ he’s a good bloke and God loves him?                                                                                                      
B/ The Tardis State “Where-All-Goes-Backward” Liarbrils, were “Packin’-their-Daks” over a by-election?
C/ To provide upward mobility within the Department of Justice?
D/ Abortion Law needs to be “re-formed”?
E/ It was the Vultures of the press, the magistrate, the privileges committee, the speaker, and his wife who were all guilty?

Also in the “Tardis State”…..It’s been decided that that there’s no need to re-regulate pollies perks….Or that the proposed waste of money on the East-West Link is really a waste of money but, Shhhhhhhh…..and fining Knitting Nana’s for protesting the extinction of a species $8,000.00 is a good thing and that our wonderful privatised transport systems guardians are gentle souls…
Thanks, “Bully Boy” Kennett for stuffing that up, too.

Cheers, Petals,


The Australian Index

Monday, 2 December 2013

..fossils with their pants on fire

 G'day Petals,
some pics from around our fair land before its all sold off to private interests and then some fossils with their pants on fire...so it's all....

Wombat Droppings or the Low-down on Oz Politics

Shane making comparisons
Shane making comparisons

Here in the Tardis State, “Where-all-goes Backward”, John Faine (ABC, 774 Mornings), mischievously announced the appalling news that Tim “Twat” Wilson (Coot-With-Queer-Ideas-from-A-Parallel-Universe, aka the IPA) might get to host a program on the ABC. 

St.Kilda Beach
St.Kilda Beach

If he does I’m asking the Corporation for compensation for having to purchase a new Bass Tuner for the radio to modify “Twat’s” high-pitched, pre-pubescent whine.
(A voice characteristic that seems de-rigueur for many of the rancid-right males).
Although it would give him a real job for once; that the Corporation could seriously consider putting this biased, mono-concept, partisan right-winger to air to host anything is beyond comprehension, particularly as he has an IPA policy position of flogging the ABC and SBS to private interests. It would be as bad as inviting another Cuckoo into your nest!

Tasmania, East Coast
Tasmania, East Coast

We would also have to know who funds the IPA in order to separate the comment from the advertising and with the overload of right-wing drivel we have currently from 99% of the media we really don’t need more amateurs akin to the limited talk-back talent of Amanda “Il Patrone” Vanstone clogging the air-waves with their bilious thought-bubbles. Maybe if ABC programmed them all together at Sunday, 2:00am as “The Macca, Mandy and Timmy Troll Show?”  It would be a sort of nouveau “Goon-Show”.  Sans  humour.
It is a case in point that is only when skilled practitioners go on leave that you realise just how skilled, balanced and talented they are. How well they are able to maintain, over a number of hours audience interest, consistent thought and theme and are able engage with empathy a variety of guests and talk-back callers where, often under provocation, they have to maintain their manners; and none of this is amounts to much if the basics of radio technique, voice, is inappropriate and the enunciation is not in sync with that voice.
Perhaps the talented Annabel Crabbe?  … her replacement of Leigh“Hissy-Fit”Sales as news anchor was a demo on how-to-do-it in an informative, empathetic and more importantly, BALANCED manner!
Sales’ latest interview with The “Lying-Whyning-Perfect-Prefect” Pyne had none of the rude, rapid-fire interruption and value-ridden, assumed-answer questions that Shorten had to contend with a couple of nights earlier. The “Lying-Whyning-Perfect-Prefect” Pyne grinned and smirked his way through a cake-walk that not once indicated that lying about your policy’s before an election was not only contemptuous of the electorate but a bad thing for notions of democracy nor was he probed over his his silly grinning  I-don’t –care-what-you-say, performance.
Not balanced, ABC!  And again, tonight... (2/12) Sales' let this apology for a education minister lie his way around the truth of the now most recent Liarbril double-back-flip on Gonski. The only thing she had to ask him was, "Who wrote the script, Monty Python?"

"the review was the most comprehensive in 30 years. It took 20 months to complete. It spans 300 pages. It attracted an extraordinary 7000 individual written submissions. Five of the six panel members held the Order of Australia. The government even gave the inquiry and the report their own website: www.schoolfunding.gov.au
But they are not there any more. Visits to www.schoolfunding.gov.au are redirected to the departmental website of minister Christopher Pyne, where there's no mention of the word "Gonski" at all, let alone a copy of the report or its 7000 submissions."

So now we have an Education Minister who literally "Burns-The-Books!"

One of Crabbe’s recent pearlers: “Joe Hockey: a Cereal Killer!” I’m henceforth going to appropriate it as Hockey’s Nick-Name as it deserves all the spreading that all good shit must!
Joe “Cereal-Killer” Hockey: The man who won’t be pushed around…Ta..Daaaaaaaaa.

Adding to our world standing, it’s been reported that Oz received 4 Fossil of the Day Awards at the Warsaw Climate Change talks and caused a walkout by other delegates frustrated with our obstruction.
We were then awarded the overall, Colossal Fossil.
Ozzie, Ozzie Ozzie, Oi,Oi,Oi!
most from Kaye Lee. The aimn

And then this :  
 “I was an opposition leader myself for four years; I know that that position has some exhilarations and some frustrations.”  To Aung San Suu Kyi, (visiting Oz for the first time) a patriot who has endured 15 years imprisonment and a life in constant fear of assassination
Perhaps the deplorable crassness of “Rabbott” Abbott’s mind demonstrated once more by this utterance, was a line was provided by Mark “Slagger”Textor?

 Was "Rabbott’s" Mein(er) Kampf called “Battlelines” because he's a conflicted Catholic and understands naught but conflict?

But this little ammo replenisher from http://theaimn.com/2013/11/30/political-lies-and-who-tells-them/ might be worth stocking for those run-ins with those you can’t seem to find any more: Liarbril voters.
Lies, about-faces and broken promises are as follows:
(for the American reader, Labor: Red, Liarbril: Blue)
Gough Whitlam: 7
Malcolm Fraser: 52
Bob Hawke: 4
Paul Keating: 3
John Howard: 41
Tony Abbott (as minister): 17
Kevin Rudd: 4
Julia Gillard: 6
Tony Abbott (as Opposition Leader): 15 …and counting. As PM ?
But don’t expect them to accept facts, their visceral hatreds have to be indulged first.


The “Right” are now more comfortable in saying they wish only to support "aspirationals".
The big debate then is really another re-invention of the wheel.
What does this nation want to be?
A social-democracy or a selfish and greedy "Tea-Party" feudal system as espoused by the IPA?
I think the last election pointed in a direction for the worse.
Australians’ have shown reluctance since Whitlam for having any lasting yearning for social justice, equity, or understanding of the issues and ideas of nation building.
Labor has been bereft in this area; the Greens the only “left” remaining are too narrowly focused and the "the bogans" are having a field day. 

Near Coonabaraban

I fear we are becoming a cartoon of a nation and unfortunately having made the story-board from left-over American bits (and it’s getting worse) we only have a “sit-com” character and identity where we wrap a flag around our obese selves, daub its colours on our cheeks and practice plastic patriotism at the cricket.

See ya, Possums,