Sunday, 30 September 2018

The Shambles Further Unravels

Shane, Bound like the ABC

G'day Possums,
The Saturday Paper headlined its latest edition with "Guthrie dismissal causes chaos at the ABC",  I beg to differ. ... and replace it with "Guthrie and Milne dismissals cause further chaos in the IPA's ruling rabble quest to privatize the public broadcaster."

The week began with the ABC chairman, Gormless Milne announcing that he and the board had sacked the MD, Michelle Guthrie. 

Now for someone who has had a lifetime in the media and was a principal (where his mate ex-prime miniature Truffles made many millions) at Ozemail:  to leave a paper trail pointing at your lack of impartiality and dropping your appointee in it ....and for an ex film editor / film company owner not to able to give a cogent interview to very soft questions in which your answers expose your lies, rather begs the question..... particularly as he and his plotters demonstrated such inept handling with this coup and excised a plethora of entrails for the press to divine... just how suitable was he for the job ? 
A job where he is to support and defend the organization, not kow-tow to political pressure.

...after the cream...
So the mayhem begins... Fifi Fifield is apparently informed Sunday night.  Milne apparently tells Scummo Monday morning.....and the Oz, The Ugly American's  Herpes of the press was tipped off, what ....Sunday night, too?
Good grief, these mongrels can't even lie about managing to do a coup properly!
"The chairman of the ABC reportedly told sacked managing director Michelle Guthrie to fire presenter Emma Alberici after former prime minister Malcolm Truffles Turnbull complained about her reporting.
The instruction came in an email from Chairman Milne to Guthrie in May, Fairfax Media reported on Wednesday.

"They [the government] hate her," Mr Milne wrote.
"We are tarred with her brush. I think it's simple. Get rid of her. We need to save the ABC - not Emma. There is no guarantee they [the coalition] will lose the next election."
The comments were reportedly circulated to members of the ABC board a week before Ms Guthrie was sacked on Monday.   Who are now complicit in this political assassination
Scummo: "The ABC Board is independent!"
In May Truffles sent a list of concerns to ABC news director Gaven Morris about Ms Alberici's coverage of the government."
Probyn (ABC chief political reporter) and Faine (774) have apparently been "discussed" by this politically tainted board as well!   Tom Ballard has his program removed ostensibly for language but really for its anti government satire and JJJ is directed to be "monstered" for showing sensitivity to Indigenous people's feelings....Well, well, well... who'da thought that the ruling rabble and IPA  would censor free speech?
Portrait of editorial independence as defined by the IPA

"Some of the ABC board members appointed by the communications minister, Fifi Fifield, were chosen despite being rejected by the merit-based panel, according to documents obtained by Guardian Australia. All five of the appointments since 2015 were direct recommendations by Fifi. In a week that has seen the national broadcaster sack its managing director, and lose its chairman, in the fallout, scrutiny is now shifting to the ABC board and the calibre of its eight directors. Of these, two did not go through the nomination panel; two were considered but not recommended by the panel and were still appointed by the minister; and one was deemed by the panel to be “very suitable” but withdrew before the final recommendations, only to be then urged directly by the minister to accept a place." Source: ABC News
contemporary viewing

"A very talented woman"....wrote one ruling rabble shill on FB, extolling the virtues of Scummo's appointment for an interim chair. “Dr Ferguson began her career by joining the military at 17 years old.... became the dux of her Royal Australian Air Force graduating class at ADF, going on to study law at the Queensland University of Technology. After leaving the RAAF, she began working in a management role at a large corporate law firm while she completed her degree.  She completed a PhD in corporate culture, leadership and governance, and has previously been awarded a Sir Winston Churchill Fellowship and has been named the Australian Institute of Management's Brisbane Young Manager of the Year.
In 2014, the Australian Financial Review named her as one of Australia's 100 Women of Influence.”
"....and knows F**k all about television, radio, entertainment, reportage, programming, presentation and audience.  Eminently unqualified!" I replied. 
A Phd in corporate culture? 
".....the new acting chair of the ABC, Kirstin Ferguson, was the head of the ethics committee at Leighton Holdings when a whistleblower disclosed to her serious allegations of foreign bribery.  She buried the report and the whistleblower was sacked.  This case will return to court on October 22 when former senior executive Peter Gregg faces criminal charges of falsifying books and records." Kaye Lee: The AIM Network 
Haven’t we seen enough of that from the RC into Banking and Finance and will undoubtedly see similar from the RC into aged care?
I suppose Petals what this messy week has exposed in just one organization is just how pervasive, destructive, venal, dishonest and damaging this ruling rabble is to anything of value to the nation as a whole which doesn't promote its neo-liberal agenda:  and it comes at no surprise to me although I am probably drawing a long bow here, that suicide figures for Australia released this week show that nationally it is up around by 10% yet here in what was The Tardis State (Where-Everything-Went-Backwards) the suicide rate has dropped by 10%. Could it be that a State government creating a positive mood with long overdue infrastructure programs, creating jobs, building schools, a progressive medical approach and looking after regional areas has, by pointing out a future and actively providing hope for the community, is creating a healthier society?
900mm of Pasties for Grand Final

Nahh, that's not what the IPA 's  Coot's-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe envision. That was best exemplified by their vacuous fascist princess, the preening Daisy Cousens who at a recent wank-fest for libertarian "thinkers" (an oxymoron, I  know) put forward intellectually, as far a she could for a failed tap-dancer and probably looking into a mirror at a visage already showing signs of her hard right utterances, the "research" that Right-Wing-Nut-Jobs are prettier than "Lefties!"    Now, how that observation will serve the National interest Princess Daisy only knows. This gem was more than equalled by the news from The Notional's Deputy Leader, Annie-Oakley McKenzie that Captain Cook arrived here to discover Oz  a full 8 years after he had been given "the chop" by the Hawaiins. This was greeted with huge disappointment from PM du jour, Scummo, who firmly believes HE is the second coming or at least the christ almighty for Cronulla! He in turn, announced that having two days to celebrate The Nation's Birthday, Australia Day and an Indigenous Day was just the happy-clapper gospel to unify a divided country. Annie Oakly could be excused for her historical ineptitude though, as she was likely too busy organizing thousands of dollars of RAAF flight timetables to ferry her around the country to sporting events..... a practice obviously well taught by her ex boss the philandering Tomato-Faced, Barnyard Joyce!
Unravelling it is Petals, you just can't make this stuff up.
PS the Magpies lost in the last minutes.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Towards an Antipodean Theocracy

G’day Possums,
The prime miniature du jour called his predecessors parliament a Muppet show and though its been not a month, his is taking on all the gravitas of a Gilbert and Sullivan fundamentalist operetta.

The facsimile PM began the week by lying about his cuts of $1.2 billion to Aged Care which are there in black and white in Budget papers 2016-17, trying to tell reporters that not only are Labor lying in stating the truth but that he wont answer questions that he considers lies as well!
Shades of the Orange POTUS.

Then, in many stage-managed PR attempts to show he really was a caring xtian Scummo, snotting previous statements by the minister, I-Don’t-Ken Wyatt, that such a Royal Commission into aged care was “...a waste of time and elder abuse...” promptly announced it and tried to deflect attention from what was to be part 1 of 2 TV investigative programs detailing the parlous state of aged care in this country.

It is interesting to note that the new prime miniature saw no need for this enquiry when Labor suggested it some 12 months ago, much like he was vehemently opposed to the RC into the banking and Insurance sectors which is presently uncovering a mountain of malpractice, illegality, rampant dishonesty and the consequences of the ruling rabble’s slashing of budgets to the regulating bodies.
But then the ruling rabble is like a sheltered workshop for the chronically untalented but over-ambitious.

Scummo then finished the week by allocating billions of dollars to Catlic and Private schools citing that personal life-style and choice are what matters in education, well, at least as far as the prosperity gospel goes, whilst his predecessor +1, Rabid-the-Hun in opposite view in 2014, took money out of Indigenous townships declaring that the ruling rabble shouldn’t use taxpayer money to fund what he erroneously called “...their lifestyle choices…!”
Quite an inadvertent declaration of the parameters of ruling rabble values… something these mongrels never want discussed openly!
As some 70-75 % of students are not in private education and will have their funding cut and allied to his fatuous claim that this would be of assistance to those in drought affected areas (where nearly 90% of students are state taught), Scummo has, less than adroitly, opened up a public discussion on school funding, welfare cuts and the secular nature of Australian society.

Inherently a bully he blunders into crisis of his own making and further exposes the policy vacuum of the ruling rabble by substituting his own right-wing happy-clapper values in lieu.
Smugly cocooned in his un-reflective, empyrean milieu and letting Royal Commissions and sermon-like homily proxy for policy thinking, Scummo is yet to announce how he is going to enshrine homophobia and anti progressive thinking into his “religious freedom“ legislation.
Reported on last May by the Rancid Ruddock as a sop to the aggrieved far right of the ruling rabble angry at 2/3’s of the country ignoring their repressed thinking in the same-sex marriage plebiscite, Scummo is blithely pushing ahead with his contemporary medieval-ism. Imposing it onto a country beginning to awaken to the fact that the IPA’s market economy is being effectively shown as not serving the public interest and that capitalism is really the problem, as is climate change which he denies and also there is a growing disgust at the refugee concentration camps he proudly and bloodily ran.

It must be interesting listening to the cretins at the IPA discussing their "success" in loosening all the red-tape and how much better society is for it... oh, hang on…...society is a myth …..isn't it?
Perhaps they and he (Scummo) could just imbibe some Warfarin.... that’s used to treat clots!
Hoo-roo Petals,

Friday, 14 September 2018

Spring is Sprung and the Nation is Bung

G'day Possums,
Many are, like me, expressing surprise that the implosion of The Ruling Rabble has taken 5 years.
Policy and ethically bereft, the only thing they have excelled at  is hate and vilification and finding that a unified and cohesive Labor Party seems immune from their sheer nastiness, to survive in the only way they know, they have turned on themselves..... with a vengeance.

And this week in the Parliament Circus:

Roaming Quisling dumps on Potato-head, who dumps back on him suggesting he's a paedophile followed by Horseshite Corman dumping on Quisling who then dumps on Potato-head ...again...deuce:  and  then Scummo dumps on them all and sermonizes that, hallelujah,  it's a new generation, hallelujah,  and dumps on Truffles who, from NY dumps on Potatohead, who is maybe dumped on by Asbestos Bishop!  Meanwhile all the women in the Ruling Rabble who claimed they were bullied by their "colleagues," blame Labor and accept bribes for their silence over the antics of Senator and possible Hitler Youth fantasist, Pasty Paterson which is music to the ears of The Ugly American, Murdoch shill, C.Overington who reports that Labor is as bad, notwithstanding having nearly 50% female representation compared to the Ruling Rabbles15% all of which causes The Greens, firebrand Sarah Hansen-Young fresh from snotting LoopyLibertarian  Leyonhjelm for slut-shaming her, to flummox Scummo mid homily at the mid-winter ball by interjecting "Bring Back Truffles!"

Feeling upstaged by this, Scummo  (and telling all those asking for a reason for Truffles assassination to "get over it") has a video clip made of "Put-Your-Right-Hand- In, Put your-Right-Hand -Out"  to Fatman Scoop's "Be Faithful," forgetting parliamentary rules and that the song has naughty lyrics and is possibly copyright so pulls it.... but not before it is copied by the masses and adulterated. It was not stated whether the choice of song was a homage to back-handers or developer contributions to Ruling Rabble coffers.

Earlier in the week as this shambles was unfolding "Insiders" was fascinating.
Farr and Murphy were having a delightful time and The Sydney Geriatric Institute's Henderson  seemed hunched over in mortal pain as the panel surveyed the utter wreck with bits still falling off  the Ruling Rabble....although his attempt to blame Truffles' demand to see the 43 mutineers names being the cause of the bullying of female members was vintage straw-man comedy stuff straight out of the IPA handbook.

In comparison Petals, was this piece of info from our cousins across the way:
"Political momentum is usually driven by ministers, but in New Zealand it came from the backbench.
In 2016, a cross-party group of 35 representatives came together to form Globe-NZ.
These representatives spanned all major parties, including the Nationals, Labour, Greens and the populist New Zealand First.
Globe-NZ's mandate was to build a shared evidence base, and they commissioned us to evaluate the feasibility of transitioning to a low-emissions economy.
This research was buttressed by a country-wide series of workshops, presentations and meetings to collect evidence, test assumptions and socialise findings amongst a growing network of supporters."
It seems that the "Adults are in Charge" over there.... but here ? 

Well, another example of how this country has been "done-over" by the rabble ... Malcolm Gunning eschewing his role as Prez of the REIA  auditioned as a new comedian for the IPA by denying there was any crisis with rental affordability and that those finding it hard to make ends meet should just vacate major cities, find a second job and negotiate their rent.
He didn't say where he had left his heart or whether he really needed it.

May this rabble soon be an historical blip..... a bad dream that has taught the electorate a severe lesson.
Hooroo  Possums,

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The Black Hole of the Ruling Rabble

G'day Possums,
As an entity from which no light escapes, calling the current Ruling Rabble (also erroneously labelled the Liberal / National Party Government) a Black Hole is a more suitable description of the most corrupt, incompetent and farcically venal accretion to ever soil the parliamentary benches in this country's history.

Having been sold-a-pup by Scummo Morrison and Rabid-the-Hun, Dodo Potato-Head Dutton engineers a coup to be played out against prime miniature Truffles with Quisling broadcasters in Sydney, Toilet-Boy Jones and Gutter-Mouthed Hadley in concert with Blot-on-the-Landscape Bolt in Melbourne providing a rancid chorus only to see deviousness win the day and Scummo grasping the tattered prize.

Along the way to this "new generation",  ruling rabble women are cajoled, intimidated and browbeaten to vote for Dodo-Potato-Head leaving one, $40.00 -a-day, Banks to spit the dummy and not re-contest a seat she would have probably lost any way, another, African-Gang-of-One Lucy Gichuhi threatening to name names, probably as an inducement to be upgraded in the senate ticket and the miffed Asbesto Bishop playing Will-I-Wont-I as to her vapid future in international shopping.
Sensitively defending the boy's club atmosphere of the ruling rabble, Crackers Kelly told the women that, "....they needed to learn to roll with the punches..." and Toilet-Boy Jones opined nationally that they imbibe "... a teaspoon of cement and toughen up!"  Hypocritically, Slit-her-(Gillard's)Throat Ciobo told us that "...there was no room in the ruling rabble for bullying!"

Then adding to the ruling rabble's deserved woes someone started leaking info as to Dodo-Potato-Head's mates-rates for Au Pair's  visas on humanitarian grounds while denying that same humanity to refugee children self-harming in the concentration camps of Nauru and Manus Island.  Dodo-Potato Head  returned fire claiming that Labor's Tony Burke had requested a visa for an Islamic preacher who, much like the now ascendant "right" of the ruling rabble, thinks homosexuals should be exterminated, only to have Burke say that this information was withheld from him by Dodo-Potato-Head. Now, given that Dodo-Potato-Head  is an ex-Deep North Copper I suspect he'd know a fair bit about writing witness statements and confessions a-priori.

Truffles meanwhile has left the building, resigned and tripped off to NY leaving his seat of Wentworth to its own devices in coping with its bye-election and taking a huge swag of his popular vote with him. So much so that polls are having Labor 50-50 with the ruling rabble and historically within reach of taking a seat they have never ever won. Truffle's son has said that Truffles ".. fought the stupid but stupid won", and has gone into bat for Labor saying they would be a much better investment than the ruling rabble. When asked to appear on The Ugly American Murdoch's Fox in Oz, Sky News he responded that "... he would rather spend time with his children than with old white men off their meds!"

Down in The Tardis State, Premier Dan-The-Man, Andrews like the ruling rabble's state cabal, has thrown convention to the winds and released thousands of documents relating to Matty Thug Guy's expensive frolic in Ventnor early in his reign as un-planning minister. Seems that Matty, who had a reputation for ignoring advice, did so regarding this matter, and cost the taxpayer nearly $3,000,000.00 instead of $250,000.00 as advised by 3 senior council in order to save his own skin and job. I've mentioned this many times before in posts and it is good to see evidence of just how tawdry and nasty this little Thug, Guy is: apart from Lobster lunches with alleged Mafia types and other dubious land re-zoning deals as well!

Ahh, Petals, The Ruling Rabble now being federally "managed" by a Happy-Clapper adherent to "prosperity xtianity" a philosophy which I doubt  even Jesus would recognize, a ruling rabble being infiltrated by oddball types of Joseph Smith loopiness, a ruling rabble still being misguided by the idiocy of the IPA's selfish anti social agendas, a ruling rabble completely out of touch with the realities of not just the country but the world...... what else can you call where we are at but a black hole?
Hoo-roo Petals