Saturday, 7 January 2017

Being hung out to dry.

Shane: Hung out to Dry
Shane: Hung out to Dry

G'day Petals,

We are in 2017 entering the fulfilment of the dystopian ideology of the The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe, the  IPA. 

A new medievalism and  economic replication of the dark ages is happening where serfdom, bondage and even slavery will be the order of the day. 
Governments, military and police forces will just be the control agents of the populace for the various multi-national oligarchs of Energy, Finance, Agriculture, Propaganda/ Entertainment and Health.
Not a new idea  being expressed but I never thought I would see the day when this putrid dystopian future is staring us in the face.
Just like the now late and under-performing  NBN that Truffles has made such a mess of Xtian (?) Porter, Minister for Cruelty,  excitedly babbles that Centrelink's new automated debt recovery methods are working "incredibly well" and lies that it is only attracting a tiny number of complaints (only estimated at 20%), while purportedly recovering about $300,000,000.00 of taxpayer money.      
Low-income Australians have not only received letters of demand for thousands of dollars in recalculated welfare debts in the Christmas and New Year period as the agency's new compliance system data matches income information with other government records, including at the Australian Taxation Office but also advice to seek assistance if they feel suicidal.
Centrelink managers being in the firing line have discretely hung up on the public, hiding their office phone numbers and email addresses after one customer of the welfare agency went public with how he bypassed Centrelink's notorious customer service system and contacted a senior public servant directly.
The Dept. of In-Human Services, says it is "not practical" for senior bureaucrats to take phone calls from members of the public as it probably distresses them and distracts from rooting out evil-doers and finding the funds for the $50 Billions in tax breaks for those who pay no tax.

Criminalizing people is only one of the things that this ruling rabble excels at, the other being its excessive rorting of parliamentary entitlements. 
Recently, Minister for Dismantling Medicare, Sussan "Biggles" Ley and her husband jumped from Sydney to the Gold Coast to "visit some patients" on a RAAF flight that cost the taxpayer $12,000 because "commercial flights (at around $200.00 PP ) are unsuitable."  And notwithstanding the minister's $1,790,000.00 of expenses claimed during the past 24 months she also managed on the same day to "not plan " on buying an $800,000.00 apartment at auction from a Liarbril party donor who also happens to work in the health business.

Attempting to show that "There's-Nothing-To-See-Here," Barnyard Joyce, Deputy Prime Miniature and Land Clearing Assistant came to Biggle's succour by providing the distraction that imported prawns are being banned to assist in stopping the decimating spread of "White-Spot" amongst Prawn farms: that this move was asked for fully two years ago by the industry when the disease was first noted and not such a problem only goes to prove, "There's-Nothing-To-See-Here," also applies to what's-between-the-ears as well! 
 Unfortunately, the very people deserving of criminalization; tax avoiding multi-nationals, time and again go free, as it is  far easier to target the already vulnerable who cannot afford expensive lawyers and who don't fund the LIarbril Party.

And from "The Independent Australia" comes these little gems that we should all recognize and expect more of in the coming months.... 
The quest to restore falling profit rates has seen a certain uniformity of policy responses worldwide, often called neoliberalism.
These policies include:
cutting government spending, especially to the poor and less well off;
doing little or nothing to address existential threats like climate change or immediate threats such as domestic violence;
undermining and hamstringing unions;
cutting workers’ living standards, either directly through reducing real wages or indirectly through cutting back on the social wage (health, education, transport and so on);
extending the working day so that more and more unpaid labour is extracted from workers;
cutting company taxes;
subsidising big business operations to the tune of tens of billions of dollars;
spending billions on infrastructure for big business (but not for the benefit of workers);
cracking down on welfare recipients;
going easy on big business tax avoidance;
winding back the eligibility for various government payments, including the aged pension; and privatising government instrumentalities.

 Unless there is a mass upsurge of demonstrations and strikes, and a consequent revitalisation of the working class and socialist movements, the long slow death agonies of capitalism could throw up "solutions" that hark back to the dark days of the 1930s. 
It is time to organise. It is time to fight back.

Hoo-roo Possums,



  1. They say we get the government we deserve & I think they're right as apathy has delivered us the Abbott/Turnbull government twice, in 2013 & 2016.

    I do remember people getting out & marching after the Hockey Shockey Budget in 2014 & even though I live a couple of hours away from Adelaide in rural SA I attended all 3 marches.

    I was quite inspired by the turn out for the first march with people of all ages & all political persuasions too, but unfortunately the numbers diminished in each subsequent march in 2014 & there hasn't been one organised since even though there has been plenty of issues worth marching for.

    I really wonder just how bad things will have to get before people are enraged enough to make them want to take to the streets again.

  2. How can it be that U.S.A had their voting results in 6 hours? We can't even get this right! Labor was leading by lots....and then LNP got in? Don't trust the voting system....

    1. I think we have less problems with the manual slower counting than the Yanks do with their automated system which can be hacked.. and on election night here I recall it being very tight...

  3. What good did the marches do? We need a full on revolution or Total work stoppages Australia wide. And it needs to continue until we bring the bastards to THEIR KNEES! WE need to march on Canberra and remove the lot of them and start over from scratch!

    1. Agree.. the nonsense has to be stopped.