Sunday, 15 January 2017

Rotten to the Core

being a basket case
being a basket case

G'day Petals,
what times we live in.

With the booting of Sussan Ley from her position as Health Minister because she was an embarrassment to the Ruling Rabble, Prime Miniature Truffles  has appointed an even bigger shonk to the position.

 Arfah Da Spiv Sinodinas.  Arfah, you might recall was severely memory challenged at the corruption investigation in Sydney a couple of years ago when asked about who gave what to whom when  he was fundraising treasurer for the Liarbril party.

That he was also working at the time for outstanding remuneration, vis-s-vis hours worked, for the now jailed Labor Party shonk, Eddie Obeid should ring alarm bells but this is the new Australia where political corruption is just about the only growth area of the economy.
Bronnie, Kero/Chopper Bishop came to Ley's defence arguing that Socialism was to blame and to a certain extent she's correct. The failed and most biased Speaker of the Parliament was certainly assiduous in distributing taxpayer funds for her own entitled benefit before she too was dumped as an embarrassment  and presently shows no sign of being coy in taking $200,000.00 of taxpayer money each year as her parliamentary pension.
Australia : Before and After or Rotten to the Core
Australia : Before and After or Rotten to the Core 

Slit-Her-Throat Ciobo, a very nasty piece of Liarbril work, chimed in too, opining that we taxpayers "expect" that we should pay for these entitled people to attend sporting fixtures and other social events, drink the free booze and to schmooze with the "A" list whilst sorting out future employment opportunity's.

But not so our Foreign minister Jules, Asbestos Bishop.  Mindful of her propensity to make very expensive RAAF travel arrangements with her current B/F Asbestos this year bailed out of attending the Portsea Polo extravaganza, probably assessing it too unseemly that she should pay with her own money to talk matters equine as she did last year. No wonder the Chinese said she was a fool.

Capn Catlic, Andrews hit us for $2,000.00 to attend a prayer session with other right-wingers in the US forgetting that his christ allegedly threw the money lenders out of the temple not invited them in.

Horse-Shite Cormann has spent $23,000.00  taking his family on holidays to Broome at our expense whilst as finance minister he strips back welfare, medicare, education, pensions because we're too expensive to run.

Apparently, 650 big companies pay no tax at all and Truffles is trying to give them all a $50,000,000,000.00 hand-out!

Time for the tumbrils to roll eh, Possums?



  1. Tumbril time indeed. I see heads on pikes up both sides of Northbourne Avenue, and I hear the clatter of knotting needles in glorious unison.

    1. Oh, that we had to panache of the French....

  2. So sorry for Jooles de Party Girl, Most Honourable Defender in Chief of Asbestos faced with having to pay for her own trip says...nah!

    1. ..and what judgment or shall we say lack of....?