Thursday, 29 December 2016

Reviewing the Wreck of 2016

Shane... in the rubbish.

G'day Possums,
some pics of visitors and a small selection of favourites from the year.

Well the Ides of March are getting another workout as the media speculate whether Truffles will be rolled in either April or March of 2017 after presiding over a self- induced calamitous 2016.

The political ineptness and venality Truffles displayed back when he thought Godwin Grech a good bet was again showing on the night of his near-death election  "victory." He not only railed against the people who had supported Labor, whom he said, "had lied" about the Liarbrils dismantling Medicare  ( they are, incrementally) but he also failed to mention his own members who had lost their seats due to his ill advised electoral shake-up. 
All the areas where previously Truffles has been seen publicly as a centrist, Climate Change action, Marriage Equality, Taxation Reform, patronage of the Arts, the tolerance of genuine Liberalism, have all been subsumed to his kow-towing to the Neanderthal right wing of his party.
Bestiality Bernardi, Fat-Boy Christensen, Cap'n Catlic Andrews, Rabid-the-Hun, Vichy Abetz, Handy-Andy Hastie and the fabulously Boorish MacDonald have all stamped their collective foot at one time or another to have some legislation dropped, ignored, overturned, perverted, sidelined because it would upset their thuggish fascist sensibilities. 
Bestiality after what was for him, an epiphany seeing Trump dis-unite America, now Messianically sees himself as the saviour of the conservative side of down-under politics and is incoherently mumbling about setting up his own soviet. The Red-Terror, Hanson thinks he would be an asset to her shrinking One Notion kindergarten group.... which it probably would be by keeping all the fruit-cakes in the same box.

Faux Attorney General, Bookshelves Brandis has been no help in slowing Truffles' slide into oblivion, making a complete corrupt mess of "advice" to the W.A. ruling rabble and losing a Solicitor General into the bargain;  and then  appointing unqualified party apparatchiks to senior legal positions has not gone unnoticed.
It's temping to detail the rest of the players in the disaster that is this federal ruling rabble but this link  will be more than worth the read:

The economy which under Labor was said to be in "Emergency" is now 8 times worse but not in emergency!  And negative Gearing is not a problem: lack of houses is.

Pensioners are about to find out that they and people requiring medical attention are about to fund tax cuts to business's who actually pay no tax.

We are about to build submarines that when constructed will have nothing secret (their details have been compromised) and will be out of date, too. 
But we will still buy the F-35 Lemon which even Trump thinks a dog!

Falling behind in literacy and numeracy will be solved by cutting public education and making university more expensive.

Advertising will not solve the NBN shambles of dropping to 60th in the world for speeds to keep The Ugly American Murdoch happy but replacing the failing copper wire with fibre optic in twenty years time will ....but at horrendously unnecessary expense.

Climate Change and the destruction of The Great Barrier Reef will be stopped by producing more coal... but we wont be here to see it.

Wind energy is dangerous to the electricity grid and solar power is not useful....

Unemployment will be assisted by allowing more 457 workers into the country  and the economy will thrive when wages and penalties are cut to third world standards.

As you can see, cognitive dissonance is about the only thing the ruling rabble is really competent at .. and ...oh... making sure their entitlements are fully utilised.

Hoo-roo Petals,
see you all next year....

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