Thursday, 22 December 2016

Idiots Anonymous Imploding Everywhere

Shane being strangled by Tinsel
Shane being strangled by Tinsel

G'day Petals,

Mal-Addled Roberts, One Notion's chief clown has addressed a cabal of other right-wing nutters and climate change deniers in the Un-united States just before it was announced that under the ruling rabble the country's emissions are rising.
Birds and feathers, getting up with fleas, bent twigs, Kangaroos loose in the top paddock, sandwiches short of a picnic and pots calling kettles black-bum immediately come to mind.

"A leader who personally sees off drug dealers? And the problem is?" said the Obese Far North MP,  Titanic Christensen, demonstrating his moral and ethical base by praising Philippine murderer and President, Duterte's direct action model of drug mitigation.

Yep, the malaise this ruling rabble has fostered and is furthering is eating the heart out of the nation. Troubling times ahead as this feckless country implodes on itself unless a group with an articulate vision can inspire change.
Hay Bales, Myrniong
Hay Bales, Myrniong
Happy-Clapper God Bother-er, hypocrite and incompetent Treasurer  Scummo Morrison delivered the news in childish language that there is good debt and bad debt and that being  8 times more in debt than Labor was in 2013 wasn't a "Budget Emergency"  but sound fiscal policy if you didn't look at the details and the AAA ratings.
 I loved his little rant on Hissy-Fit Sales' propaganda-for-the-right, platform "7.30" when he called Labor's stimulus package which sailed Australia through the GFC undamaged as "burning down houses and erecting unnecessary school halls..." What an ugly, incompetent, bullying piece of work he is... and a clown, to boot.

Right-Winger Lyle The Martyr Shelton, front man for the dubiously named Aussie Xtian Lobby has smirkingly blamed left wing MP's and their "incendiary language" for a cars exploding gas bottles that slightly damaged his Canberra offices. Notwithstanding that ACT police had found that the injured driver  "...was not politically, religiously or ideologically motivated," The Martyr Shelton who was obviously feeling that Christ was getting too much attention for this time of year chose instead to beat-up the story into a hate crime and wasn't heard in interview to express any concern for the vehicle's driver who is in a critical condition; which is pretty funny as this faux Xtian thinks that marriage equality and the Safe Schools Program are comparable to the horrors of the Holocaust!
In a word, a WANKER!
Hay Bales, Myrniong
Hay Bales, Myrniong
Another wanker, Matthew Boofhead Canavan  went on what has been called "a bizarre rant" about the ABC spreading fake news about the proposed Adani Coal mine. Although it's not unusual for this pot-headed Far North Catlic (another one in the ruling rabble) to make silly statements, when the news services are calling it bizarre it must have been a beaut.
Apparently attempting eight times to get Senator Canavan to answer questions on the Indian government's investigation into the company behind the controversial project  Senator  Boofhead instead opined that the view from his North Queensland domicile is one that "makes you thank God that you were born in Queensland".
The only questions not asked of Boofhead were whether it was true his vehement rant defending Adani and his slagging off at the ABC were proportionate to the amount of monies his Far North chapter of the Liarbril Party and the ruling rabble had received from Adani and whether the house is negatively geared?
Notice, that all mentioned above are what are erroneously termed, Xtians?
Upstanding Xtian yep, one more;  "intellectual" Bestiality Bernardi (read: total boring wanker and deluded nincompoop) from the far, far right of the ruling rabble and "leader-in-his-own-mind," is being touted as going to jump ship from the foundering rust-bucket, SS Liarbril to start his own cabal of "Rightness, Uprightness, Goodness, Niceness" all wrapped in the calming quality of a 1950's ultra-Conservative miasma.
The malodorous rise of The Red Terror's One Notion stocks in opinion polls is terrifying the ruling rabble who see their constituency of deplorables ebbing away by finding the solace of being racist, sexist and stupid far easier in the values bereft One Notion.  Which, is to say that the ruling rabble pretending to have values is really not much different, only more confusing.
Faced with a united Labor, a fairly solid Greens movement and being seen by all as mishandling what they historically but mythically believe their core attribute, financial acumen and beset by internal division, the ruling rabble have been for a decade a visionless policy vacuum except for the input of thought bubbles from the pretend Ayn Rand club, the IPA and have now been hoist on their own Petard, sinking into the mess they for years have falsely projected onto others.
Truffles is being seen by some as incompetent as Big-Ears McMahon was in the early 70's and there is not one of his ministers who seem to have a handle on what they are doing.
So at the end of 2016 Australia is adrift financially, a laughing stock morally and a bad joke environmentally.
Hoo-roo Possums, enjoy Saturnalia,


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