Thursday, 15 December 2016

Pulling the Pin on Baubles of Bodgie Cheer

G'day Possums,
'Tis the Silly Season and the insanity surrounding us is becoming worse.

In the Un-united States a Happy-Clapper nutter (is there any other sort?) has foretold of the Apocalypse happening at the end of the year when Jesus is to return. 
Given that the Anti-Christ seems to have recently arrived early in the fractured States and that Death, Famine, Conquest  and War have been their stock in trade for the past 70 years, I don't think he's much at prophesy... but just in case the nutter is correct, I'd advise Jesus to A/ get a nose job, B/ blonde his hair and C/ bleach his skin a tad as people of Middle Eastern appearance are now less than welcome in Western Democracies and he might well find himself  banged-up in Guantanamo Bay doing a re-education course for having the temerity to think he could ever compete in the god stakes!

Belonging to  the Party of Individualism and Libertarianism, Liarbril, Stephanie Ross (a Pro-Life campaigner ) has announced that there are limits to others freedoms and that women should not be allowed abortions, even in cases of pregnancy through rape ... that the raped women "will-get-over-it-through-the-love-of-the-child".  How this childless young woman knows this apart from "divine conversation" as she prepares to knock off the sitting member of Narracan, is anyone's guess but it is nice to see the Liarbril Party eschewing it's C19th attitudes and returning to its more natural home of C12th medievalism.

With Australia about to lose its AAA credit rating due to the deficit growing eight-fold under the incompetent "stew"ardships of  Eleventy Hockey, Horse-Shite Cormann, Kelly Shadduppa-Ya-Face O' Dwyer and Scummo Morrison  many are asking why there is no longer the "Budget Emergency"?
Well, there is but it's not being reported with the same rabid fervour in the Ugly American Murdoch's media that we saw when Labor were in charge. 
In fact, most attention seems to be on a couple of Labor premiers who are actually "doing things" for their respective states instead of the shambles we see in the ruling rabble at a national level. 
Apart from being the most practiced of liars the ruling rabble's other finely honed skill is the "Look-over-There" diversionary tactic.

With Fictions Frydenberg, Minister for Coal-Mines and Banning Alternative Energy making the mistake the other day of announcing that a Carbon Tax might be looked at again and after copping the ire of Bestiality Bernardi, he looked even more foolish in his pathetically craven retreat when it was announced that a carbon tax would lower electricity bills by some $15 billion over the next ten years and when a Dr Ottaviano from a pioneering wave power company in SA said that because of the climate policy chaos and bumbling from the ruling rabble they would not provide the predictable power available from tides but build their first commercial plant off the coast of Cornwall in England where the policy support for renewables is more solid. 
No wonder this IPA led Australia has become a joke internationally.

Truffles', You-Beaut-3rd- Rate-Copper-Wire-NBN is about to miss it's promised targets of being finished by the end of 2016 and being cheaper than Labor's state-of-the-Art  Fibre model. In fact there is talk that, against the advice of their own expert panel they are going to slug another tax onto regional districts in order to defray costs on this world ranked, 60th in broadband speed.
Ahh... are we seeing examples of how shit rises to the top? 
Liarbrils who constantly spread the myth that they are a low tax party.
People ask what they have done in 5 years other than destroy?
Awww... come on, be fair. They have set remarkable new lows morally, ethically, economically and artistically that would be really difficult for anyone else to emulate other than having Rabid-the-Hun back with Bestiality Bernard or Vichy Abetz as deputy.

Another of Truffles more idiot choices being Michelle Guthrie, who is dismembering and disembowelling the ABC... the other day in response to journalists who wanted to know how they would do "hard" news with all her cuts Guthrie responded that she would have liked the piece on refugee children in the Manus concentration camp to have shown more "... happy children!" ??????

Isn't the Parallel-Universe of the IPA a wonderful place?     Guthrie's Gotta Go! 
And this is not fiction

Hoo-roo Petals,


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