Friday, 5 August 2016

All Aboard The Brandis' Follies and Fractured Senate

Shane in frost....
G'day Possums,
it's cold again.....
but Canberra is warming up...

Truffles' and Bookshelves' "Cap-n's Pick" of royal commissioner, Justice Martin, stood down almost immediately after his elevation because of what he saw as a "perception of ...a perceived conflict of interest..."

After calls from Willy Shortstuff that there be at least one or possibly two indigenous people adjudicating the inquiry, "Bookshelves" Brandis announced (with not a Truffle to be seen at his presser), a female judge, Margaret White (pun not intended) and ATSI Social Justice Commissioner, Mick Gooda as Martin's "seconds."
Mick's only bias is that he spouted that the whole NT Government be sacked after the airing of the videos.... but he hasn't a perceived conflict of interest!

Gillian Triggs, Human Rights Commissioner has gamely stuck her head above the parapet again suggesting that the inquiry into indigenous youth detention be widened to cover the whole of  Australia.
"Bookshelves," desperate to seem relevant and not out of the limelight intoned with what could have been a twee stamp of the foot, "We, Truffles and I, had already discussed having two commissioners." there.

Triggs' involvement delights the trolls of the Ugly American Murdoch's, right-wing propaganda sheet, "The Un-Australian" who are currently running  another "18C" campaign against Triggs. In what looks like a "fit-up" about racial discrimination, Murdoch's minions are beating up a long running dispute of limited interest and less consequence with the best of their virulent and malicious prose.
Oh, where's a Freedom Boy when ya need 'im?  Oh, that's right, apart from probably feeding the "dirt" on Triggs, Timmy "The Twat" Wilson is now "busy" sucking off the public teat as the Lower House, Goldstein Member.
The saddest thing about the response to the widespread endemic racism which has been highlighted again is that the Ruling Rabble Mk2  have made such a mess of obvious procedure. They always seem incapable of thinking beyond the limits of their very narrow ideology and are constantly looking for political advantage over  what would be good policy for the nation.

Newspapers are faltering, Fairfax announced a $1 Billion asset base write down;  The Guardian's seeking public funding and it's an open secret that The Ugly American's rags are losing money, hand over fist.
Watching ABC's Lateline, (1-8-16)  the thought occurred when David Lipson made a flaccid commentary of the shambles Truffle's Ruling Rabble Mk2 is making of all it touches, that you really can find better commentary online. There may be more nutters to slalom around but more acute and independent opinions are available other than the now nobbled ABC or the MSM's whose eye being firmly on their on their advertising clients revenue, tempers their (ahem), adventurousness.... except for the Ugly American's rags... who are subsidized in their right-wing rants from other sources.
The MSM's wholesale but misplaced support for the return of Ruling Rabble Mk2 was a case in point. Voting which actually mirrored the present polls of Labor 52 to Liarbril 48 indicated either inability to gauge the public mood or rank political influence. And now, in some cases, the gushing praise of Truffle's swift response to the indigenous children's abuse is contradicted by many online commentators whose far more accurate assessments of his actions and of the innapproriateness of the initial Royal Commissioner appointment leaves the MSM looking redundant.

There seems to be a coalescence of thought facilitated by the new technologies which is by-passing the old top-down, commercial interest, paradigm of the old press.

Ex Anti-Environment Minister G.Hunt who is now Innovation Minister (this is not a joke) has decided that in this incarnation, the stripping of climate scientists out of CSIRO should be reversed.  This lucid demonstration of the "agility and innovative-ness" "Ozone-Hole" Hunt and the Ruling Rabble Mk2 makes it more of a pity that morale in the CSIRO has been shattered in the long term resulting from the short-term stupidity of an IPA inspired ideology of privatisation at all costs. It has forced 1/3 of the many talented, dedicated and irreplaceable people made redundant to find work overseas and of no direct benefit to Australia.
If anything, the mauling of the CSIRO only further spotlights how the sheer incompetence of Ruling Rabble Mk's1 and 2  with their trademark of No/Yes/No/Yes policy confusion and their limited intelligence and that of those who advise them, imposes a brake on the nation.

Another of Willy Shortstuff's ideas, that of having a Royal commission into the banking sector, is getting a "Claytons" airing with Truffles-in-a-Muddle opting for a Lower House tete-a-tete with bankers on a regular yearly basis. He hopes the public will think firm action is being taken over the egregious practices of excessive credit charges, shonky advice and astronomical executive salaries. Well, not really: Truffles in his patrician way feels that throwing a small circus for the plebians because the banks didn't pass on the latest RBA interest downgrade will keep them occupied enough not to notice that their wages and conditions have been slashed, health services are out of financial reach, and utility costs have been allowed to rise to the point where candles and chip-heater hip baths are making a come-back and that education is only for the very wealthy, or as Georgina Downer so eloquently put it, for those  "...who can afford a NICE school."
All is being eroded to the point where the majority can actually afford other than a very basic peasant-ish living.
And now there is Malcolm "Addled" Roberts; a One Notion candidate elected to the Senate having received just 77 first preference votes!  Malcolm who give every indication of being  very, very addled thinks climate change is a myth devised by Zionist bankers as a plot to control the populations of the earth and that governments use GRAMMAR to control the masses...or something. Yep, this F..*&%%$@#+*$%*@...wit is going to vote for a Royal Commission into the untruths the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology are making up on Climate Change.  This is the legislative future of this country? Thank Dog... someone who makes Bestiality Bernardi and Loopy Leyonhjelm seem sane....What a lovely Senate, Truffles-in-a-Muddle has devised for us all.
Oo-roo Petals,

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