Saturday, 30 July 2016

Beige, and the badness of...bland.

Beige Shane
G'day Possums,

              Mrs Wombat and I had a mission to attend to t'other day in Pt Lonsdale. 

Now for you two Americans, three Russians and the solitary Frenchie who read this stuff;  Pt Lonsdale is at the head of Port Phillip Bay and is known for its lighthouse and shipwrecks which like its neighbour Queenscliff, was settled around 1835 and was a Pilot station, fishing village, goods and  transport hub as well a favoured tourist destination in the late C19th.

Many of the larger buildings have heritage listings and there are still many of the old  fishermen's cottages and other small homes which, since the 80's, as both places have regained  their popularity particularly with retirees, have been renovated and then sold or passed on to their children.

It is now very expensive and very middle class.
It was while driving through Pt Lonsdale and on the way to Queenscliff that I noticed how "Beige" both places are. There is, because of Council Building control over colour, material and style, a stylistic blandness which has overtaken what was once (from the 40's -80's) a daggy, quirky and relaxed holiday destination.
It reminded me of suburbs like Balwyn, Malvern, Camberwell and Toorak where there is a female tribal uniform of open-necked blue gingham shirt, red and white hounds-tooth pattern neckerchief, blue pullover (round neck, de rigueur) and probably a box pleated skirt with sensibly heeled court shoes.
Pearls...necklace or ears, are optional extras.
Queenscliff bland
There was a limited colour range in the buildings Grey-blue, Grey, Beige (of  course)  Grey-Green as well as White in all it's Cream and "Off" variations. The ubiquitous Weatherboard Planking was predominantly (and what we later informed  when visiting a couple who are about to embark on building a new home in Queenscliff, "Heritage") a sharp edged profile and not the old style Bull Nose or Rebated bottom edge or even the Architectural Block so popular as a faux stone look in the C19th.

Windows likewise, have to be vertical with a certain proportion and are also apparently called "Heritage."
It is an interesting conundrum: do you allow more adventurous architecture with new buildings, materials and colours and alter the character of a place or do you legislate to "beige " the area into the blandness of middle class submission? Are the developers/builders, turned Councillors to blame or  their building material suppliers?
It's all so safe as to be dead!

But the real deadness, not just the architectural and renovation symptoms of it; the deadness of spirit, of soul, imagination and humanity were best exemplified  by the Ruling Rabble in Canberra this week.
The shocking (to us, in the south) video revelations of how incarcerated children in the Northern Territory are treated caused Truffles Turdball to immediately call a Royal Commission!
 "Ooohh, didn't he move fast and decisively," some say.
Others might query why the explosive program was "Held " for at least six weeks during the election campaign, when Truffles would have been alerted to it by right-wing board members at the ABC?
Pt Lonsdale from Queenscliff pier.

Others too, are wondering why the Chief Minister of the NT who lied about knowing about the child abuse and the tear-gassing, water-boarding and "spit-helmet-ing" of children was able to set the parameters of the enquiry?
Others are also questioning the appointment  of Justice Martin to adjudicate the enquiry as his history of "odd" judgments against indigenous defendants and leniency toward "white" offenders is the stuff of scandal, "up North."  
Everyone is querying the competence of both the Attorney General "Bookshelves" Brandis and the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Nigel Scullion, the latter who had quipped in an interview, ".....the video's didn't pique my interest!" And the former had difficulty explaining ( so why should today be different?) why only two tame "UncleToms" were called, not to advise but ratify the decisions being made over their heads about the 97% of the incarcerated who are indigenous.
The stench of incompetence and corruption grows every day with this poisonous and feral cabal in Canberra.
Oh and by the way, who was Federal Minister for Aborigines prior to 2014? Why, Mr Abbott, Rabid-the-Hun, his incompetent self, of course!

This shameful episode was quickly followed by the sheer farce ( but again shame for the nation) of Truffles kow-towing to the ferals in his cabinet like Vichy Abetz ("....Rudd hasn't the temperament or capacity..") , or Bestiality Bernardi, ( "...Abbott would be a much better Onion than Rudd...") or Horse-Shite Cormann, ("Hij niet leuk ..." English and economics are his second language) by not  endorsing the multi lingual, ex- diplomat, ex- Foreign Minister and ex-Prime minister, Kevin Rudd as being, "not qualified enough" to apply to the United Nation as Secretary General.
What qualified "Eleventy" Hockey to be Ambassador to Washington: that he was widely seen as an abject failure as Federal Treasurer and made Australia's economic situation much worse?

It's so typical of the Liarbrils to tear down anyone who might have done  something useful and of benefit : like saving the country from recession....Rudd, Swann and Co. did that in spite of Eleventy Hockey and the rest of the rabble advising a course which what would have sent the country into a depression... but then Ruling Rabble Mk2 have their chance again....  around 2017 we'd all better duck.

Oo-Roo, Petals

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