Thursday, 25 August 2016

...on the Slippery Slope

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When Mr Hockey brought down the 2014 budget, the 2017-18 deficit was forecast to be $2.8 billion. When Mr Morrison delivered the budget last month the budget deficit had blown out to $26b. what went wrong?
....Measures blocked in the senate account for only $4b of the $23b blow-out.
Stephen Koukoulas.

Company profits are down11%
Business investment has fallen 28%
Unemployment is up (real figures estimate at 20%), real per capita incomes have fallen 3%
Growth  is the lowest on record
Government debt is up by $113b
What went wrong?

COMMONWEALTH Bank boss Ian Narev raked in $12.3 million this year or  $260,000.00 per week,  at the same time he held back about $226 a year from a million mortgage customers. The nation’s biggest bank last week handed down a record full-year cash profit

#QandA  22-8-16.   Listening to Brendan O'Neill who "... loves hearing hate speech..."     I realised this mongrel thinker was just a sophist who luxuriates in the noise he makes.... that  right-wing academic Erin Watson-Lynn  was not so much out of her depth but never got into the water... and as for Mitch "NBN Raider" Fifield, nothing was learned about anything except that the "Party-Line" is to be adhered to no matter how stupid it is.
One of the most horrifying elements of the LIarbrils is the cancerous role of the IPA in the ideological stupidity of both  Ruling Rabble's  Mk’s, 1 and 2.
How is it that there is never disclosure and never media questioning  of the Liarbrils during a campaign that it is the agenda of The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe that the deluded are really voting for?

It is also a question for Flopsy Frydenberg as to whether it is true as Dr. Michael Borga (ex CSIRO) and Prof. Isaac Santos (NationalScience Centre, Coff’s Harbour) allege that research into CSG emissions is being stalled, stymied and blocked and that one of main reasons for the gutting of the climate change section of CSIRO was the NSW Minerals Council?  All of which also neatly falls into the IPA agenda of selling off CSIRO!
And then one asks. 

Who are these Liarbril mongrels governing for?

 Jeebus ... both O'Dwyer  and The Harpy Cash make a right mess of different  interviews: Drongo O'Dwyer on "Insiders," failing to answer questions on Superannuation or if answering, not to the question put. Always light on detail and always lighter on facts.
The Harpy interviewed on Sky by David Speers,  made a dogs-dinner of trying to explain which parts of  the EBA wanted by the Fire-fighters Union  is causing so much angst amongst the RWNJ's . Screeching her emphatic, over-enunciated  "answers" at Speers, Cash failed miserably to show that she knew anything at all about the EBA or why the Ruling Rabble Mk2 wanted to change the fair work act. 
Both interviews therefore presented the normal Liarbril Kafka-esque, spin-on-the-spot drivel.
Pyke's Creek
Pyke's Creek
Australian Federal Police have raided the Parliamentary offices of Stephen Conroy, opposition shadow minister for Communication. Much like breaching the "sanctuary" of a church, this act which Truffles-In-a-Muddle has denied was his doing (to protect himself from the fact that he has completely stuffed up the NBN)  is the most blatant breach of Parliamentary Privilege  most can ever remember.  It also brings  new meaning to Copper to the House.
That Truffles-in-a-Muddle is not a particularly savvy political operator has become painfully apparent since he assassinated Rabid-the-Hun and these raids have all the hallmarks of political desperation and the clumsy finesse of the Godwin Grech farce of 2009.  Instead of silencing a whistle-blower, Truffles and the NBN co. have highlighted the very mess they wanted covered up: the fact that Truffles' and Rabid's nobbling of the NBN to satisfy The Ugly American, Murdoch is resulting in a 3rd rate service at more expense than the original Labor, Fibre-to-the-Home model. 
It seems too, that few believe Truffles and many like myself, wonder why the AFP seem to act with such alacrity against Labor figures and then effectively "drag-their-feet" in investigating  an admitted criminal like ChickenThighs Brough and his accomplices Ashby and Pyne-the-Whyne. Or why they haven't moved with more speed on known fraudster Kathy Jackson. 
Corrupt?    What other explanation is there?
So what does all this mean?
It means Democracy is being eroded and the supine public are taking little notice....
Pyke's Creek
Pyke's Creek
The ABC is about to take money for its overseas broadcasts thereby weakening its "Public Good," and ultimately leaving itself in a position for this to be extended into normal broadcasts where the argument will then be put by the IPA that it really should be sold.

Welcome to Australia, One Media, One Party Rule, One Police State... hello Fascism

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  1. No politicsc ... Like Pykes Creek with water in it - a Good Look!! Been a while!Also pics of Myrniong. Main memories of Myrniong are from the road - the pub, before they did the new road, and after that, looking up and seeing the little church silhouetted on the top of the spur, and saying thanks to the CRB for dealing with the effects of the right-turn rules from the Bacchus Marsh-Geelong Rd into the Highway, specially on a Sunday night, coming back to Melb!!!! I remember it often taking more than an hour to get from the Myrniong pub to the other side of the Marsh, and what a relief it was when they did Anthony's Cutting, and you didn't have to go down that crazy track and over the little bridge on the Djerriwarrh Creek (although that was just before I started driving that road myself, I think). But the Sunday night standstill, on the brakes all the way through the Hills into the Marsh went on well into the 70s! Geelong - Rokewood - Skipton became the preferred route for a while, when the Geelong Rd was newish, and the Rokewood Rd hadn't disintegrated into a goat-track. Drove down to Ham for the High School Centenary on the June long weekend, and the entire Highway has disintegrated into a goat-track these days - bloody dreadful road the whole way, mainly, I suspect, to the unending large truck infestation. Next time I go, I'll get the bus!