Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Where's the Sense in a Debacle?

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G'day Petals,

It's interesting just how much general media is beginning to comment similarly about the state of public affairs as I did some two or three year ago.
Comments like: has Truffles-in-a-Muddle's got the reverse Midas-touch, everything he touches turn to dross. Is privatisation losing us revenue?  Where are the policy's to take the country forward rather than backward and with all the cuts... where's the money gone? Why do so many legislative pieces look like nascent Fascism?
There is also a recognition that the ABC news service has been nobbled and is now effectively another unreliable propaganda mouthpiece for the Ruling Rabble Mk2.
Is there a congruence of thought happening?
There certainly is amongst writers who with publishing houses have come out swinging against the Orwellian-ish titled "Productivity Commission" which wants to decimate their industry.  There's a lot of very good reading in the book they've produced arguing their case for the cultural and social values so important to a civilized nation. Values obviously neither appreciated nor understood by the Ruling Rabble Mk2. 
Get a free copy from you local newsagent or good bookshop.

If the reaction of the four "Insider" panelists  (14-8-16)  to a video of Peter Costello sonorously intoning platitudes like a faux "older statesman," about how to get the budget out of deficit was any indication, then this Ruling Rabble Mk2 is already well and truly on the skids. Rarely do you see journalists openly laughing at Liarbril pollies' pronouncements.  Dutton, too was savaged...but then what else can you say to an empathy bereft Neanderthal?
I'm sure Greg Ozone-Hole Hunt thinks he's some sort of latter day sage, as well. On QandA (15-8-16) his banal aphorisms and tiresome affected responses redolent of a world weary, pipe in hand, purveyer  of wisdom and experience, a font of knowledge..."Yes, I know, I know what you mean, and we're thinking about it...(taps pipe into ashtray and looks at ceiling)"  Does he really believes the shit he spouts?
On the same program, Professor Brian Cox had to suffer the amateurish climate denial rants of One Notion, Senator-elect, Malcolm Roberts.   I observed with interest the animated attentiveness and admiration on a schoolgirl's face as she listened to Cox's answers and conversely her dull, impassive closed response to -Roberts who interrupted with what sounded like oft-repeated, trite truisms ..... said much, I think.
I also appreciated Linda Birney  near the end of the program telling Roberts, who was cutting across an answer again, and with solid audiences applause to, "Oh, be quiet!,"! 
In 2013, Roberts sent one of his voluminous reports to Ben Cubby, then environment editor at the Sydney Morning Herald. This was Cubby's response:
"In considering your request that I identify errors in the report you sent to me "CSIROh! Climate of Deception? Or First Step to Freedom?" – I find myself confronting an unusual problem: how does one critically analyse a pile of horseshit?"
Morning Light
Morning Light

Current census  information is out-of-date says the Ruling Rabble Mk2, which suggests that the economic modelling to justify the savagery of  all the cuts to Health, Education, Emergency Services, Public transport infrastructure, Women's refuges, Mental health etc, is false so we need a new census.
Five years in the planning, the ABS, after suffering $68,000,000.00 in funding and staff cuts as well as the outsourcing (privatisation) of its IT section to IBM and suffering image problems because of its alteration of personal data retention, with great fanfare, launches its first on-line census. 
And it flops. Crashes. Suffers a DDOS and is pulled down.
 Firm Leadership being needed, the Ruling Rabble did what they do best; all the relevant (and the not so relevant, Whyning Pyne) ministers and assorted Public Servants all disagreed about whether it was a stunt, a hack, a real cyber attack, was local or the Russians or perhaps the Chinese, (who are allegedly pissed-off at us at the moment for a variety of reasons) but there is no leadership....the ABS, left like a Shag on a rock was being told by an embarrassed Truffles-in-a-Muddle that "...heads will roll...!"
Then it takes four days to be re-instated!
All in all, just another bloody Ruling Rabble circus, where the real fault lies again with them and their Penny-Wise-Pound-Foolish, IPA driven "Free-Market" ideology.
Morning Light
Morning Light
Gaming developers in Melbourne say that our miserable NBN internet speeds are disadvantaging their global reach and success... Spokesperson for Minister Fifield said that we should be up to 25kb by 2020. Remember when Truffle's innovative and agile, you-beaut copper system was going to be cheaper, faster and sooner than the original fibre model?  But then, Labor made a mess of that, didn't they... didn't they, DIDN'T THEY?
Morning Light
Morning Light
The leaking of 2000 Concentration Camp documents detailing the appalling cruelty being meted out to refugees (incarcerated for three years) so soon after the child abuse of indigenous prisoners served only to have Do-do Dutton blame the victims!  This episode seems to be getting more "press" overseas than here which is another "own goal" for the Ruling Rabble and a further diminution of Australia's proud but mythical image of tolerance and fairness. Yes, mythical!  We've always been a conservative, small-minded and venal lot. Now, the real national character is emerging in its full sordidness as the Ruling Rabble stoop ever lower to garner power for the interests that control them.
Like the malodorous rise of Trump c/o the Tea Party in destroying the Republican Party, our own version in the toxic IPA has through its ideological insanity become the cancer at the core of the Liarbrils.
Bob Carr opined on QandA that the really dangerous element about Trump was that he sets a precedent for demagogues getting into the presidency in 4- 8 years.... was he forgetting the rancid popularism of that loopy Alaskan woman, Palin ...perhaps she's the real precedent?
Morning Light
Morning Light
Sco-mo promises that the Ruling Rabble Mk2 will live within its means and then taxpayers foot a bill of  $11,625 for food and drinks for his budget after-party; this xtian hypocrite even beating Eleventy Hockey's record of waste for a similar rort.
Then, Senator Loopy Leyonhjelm's  over-reacting (and inciting 18C which he wants repealed) to his being hoist on his own petard of "you can only have your feelings insulted if you take notice of the insult", by Journo Chris Kenny who called him an  "Angry White Male." Well, Leyonhjelm... he's white, male (well, he says he is) and obviously is not pleased... so what his F*****G gripe this time? Oh, I know, A.T.D.... no-one is paying this rat-bag the attention he thinks he deserves!
Pit-Bull Mirabella, failing to regain her seat of Indi at the election has been gifted a lobbying gig from Gina (our biggest miner) and now serves only one master. The travel rorts will now  be on the private but heavily subsidized purse of Gina.  Pit-Bull as a lobbyist seems to have the personality attributes which appeal so much to the Liarbril male species. Relentless ambition, lack of empathy, monocular views and little discernible talent!
Where is the sense in all this?
When you see such a dearth of ability and common sense from those that would rule us, no wonder that sensible people are looking askance at their stupidity and are reacting with disdain.
People are angry...  far angrier than ever before...
Oo-roo Possums,


  1. Re the Census, it will be interresting to see whose head will roll! The 'stable' government of Mr T has given the ABS 3 ministers in 3 years, the latest one only about a month ago. Don't think even Mr T can blame him for the lack ofplanning and foresight! And leaving ABS without a head (Chief Statistician) for a year after the last one resigned obviously didn't help either! IBM = either It's Being Mended, or It's Better Manually, depending on which opposition IT dept you ask ...

    1. Interesting that students made a census site for $500 and it seems it couldn't be easily hacked... I suppose this episode is another symptom of a failing state!