Monday, 4 July 2016

Not with a bang but a whimper...

Almost celebrating
Almost celebrating
Well it's almost all over....
The punters got it wrong, and ALL the MSM editorials were backing the wrong horse.

First Godwin Grech....then a farce of a AFP raid, now a shambles of a Senate, include poorly misfired thin policy and lackadaisical campaign...and  "Truffles" is not only an incompetent NBN manager but a lousy politician to boot.......which is what his right wing will give him soon.

The Night of the Long Knives is upon us.

Michelle Grattan: "Turnbull's post election speech was extraordinarily lacking in self awareness."

David Lipson's (ABC Lateline)  smarmy anti labor asides are possibly going to look a bit hollow too after the mess Truffles has made of this election; 
but  I can just imagine this segue from Alberici,      "Well David, Turnball has made a mess of this hasn't he?  " Well, Emma," replies Lipson, "I think Shorten's attempt to eat a Hot-dog from the middle is a more glaring example of incompetence that has labor numbers men toting up for a spill."

Or some such other rubbish this Liarbril Lite pretty boy will make up.

And just how rude will Leigh sales be now? I suppose we'll only have to glance at a trashy cartoonish headline from the "Scum" to see where she will follow.

Early in the evening during the election broadcast I was looking at the performances of Sales, Uhlmann and Crabb and also noting not only the growing number of seats that were falling to Labor, and with Penny Wong who was being ignored by this self absorbed trio, sensed that "something is up here" but this panel kept blithely brown-nosing Scummo and often interrupting and ignoring Wong until : Bang: 1,2,3, Tassie seats had gone, then suddenly they were all at sea having to deal with a reality that was way out of their comfort zones. They never recovered and their bias' took a battering for the rest of the night.

Truffles is miffed that no-one believed him over his promise not to privatize  Medicare. It was, perhaps, just too soon after "The GST is dead and Buried," There'll be no cuts to Health, Education, no cuts to the ABC,"etc  for anyone to believe Mr Harborside Mansion this time around.
He took particularly virulent umbrage at a phone text which he alleges wrongly claims to be from Medicare so when all else had failed....He called the cops!

Now this is becoming a problem in itself... AFP raid opposition premises at start of the election over "leaked" NBN docs. AFP seem, on the other hand to be dragging their feet over an admission of criminality of Chicken Thighs Brough and similarly over Kathy Jacksons $1.5,000,000.00 "travel bonus" from HSU.

It is looking very much like you don't have to ask if the AFP is corrupt .... but just how corrupt?

Incompetent Attorney General, Georgie Bookshelves Brandis has finished this term of Parliament much as he started it.  Perverting the law of the land. First he gets a release for Bloody Idiot Credlin (Rabid-the-Hun's  dominatrix) from a drink driving charge that would have most of us lose their license for around six months and now he has ordered, quite wrongly, that any legal advise about the hung parliament and related matters must go through him only and not the Solicitor General!
Fascist ...Hmmmm.. looking very close to it.

Liarbril handing out HTV on booth I was on was verbally, roughly handled... the pity was he actually knew nothing of any of the policies he was supposedly supporting, so couldn't  understand the criticisms of them.
He was nonplussed when a pensioner handing out Greens HTV said, "I'll die if they put up the cost of medicines as I wont be able to afford them." And another Green, ' Yes, we've got the new Copper from the node. It even buffers watching a You-tube video and we're three houses from the node. The copper can't cope even with that!"  He then tackled me on supporting Medicare by asking, "When did you take up that stance, a month ago when Shorten announced his "scare" campaign?"  "No," I replied, "40 years ago when Malcolm Fraser was doing the same as Turnbull!
He became much quieter after that.

Well, there ya go Possums, it looks like a hung parliament or possibly a Liarbril wafer thin majority .
 I would actually prefer the latter, just  to see how "agile and innovative" the ruling rabble's "JobsanGrowth" begins to look when around 200,000 hit the unemployment queues in 2017. The mongrels have nothing in place.  No policy, no plan... again, just hollow rhetoric. Then we'll see just how "Shoulder-to-Shoulder" the member for Corangamite is with her constituents.

A special thanks must go the Le Jongleur Roskam and the other clowns at the IPA circus (The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe)  for making this Liarbril implosion possible.
 Without the IPA's medieval anti-social agenda so incompetently adopted by both Rabid-the-Hun and Truffles;  the ruling rabble have swallowed the poisoned chalice of unbridled free market theory offered them at the behest of Rinehart ,Murdoch and all the other divisive manipulators who see no value in social democracy.
Well done Roskam; more hate , division, more angst and turmoil. It's what you do best!

Hoo-roo Petals,

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