Monday, 27 June 2016

On the Brink..

Shane on the Brink
Shane on the Brink

G'day, Possums....

It's entered the last week of the federal election campaign and according to the Ugly American' Murdoch's biased propaganda sheet, "The Australian" the Liarbrils are ahead 51-49, two party preferred, so the ruling rabble are very close to being another one-term wonder... well, they were less than wonderful which is why they're in the parlous position they are. 

Falsely claiming the mantle of the "Steady-hand-on-the-Tiller," and wrongly claiming that they are a unified cabal the Liarbrils with claim a plan for someone called Jobson Growth. 

What they consistently fail to mention is how they are going to address the 200,000 estimated job losses which will flow from their 2014 decision the decimate the car manufacturing business' across two states which is about to take full effect in a years time.

This corrupt, lying and devious ruling rabble who have been exposed for fiddling the public purse time and time again are marshalling their ultra right wing to reject any social progress that might filter through what's likely to be a very divided Parliament.

I fully expect large demonstrations will be starting in February - March and that they will become more violent as the Neo Liberal Trickle Down insanity becomes more apparent and social services are cut whilst business' are gifted the proceeds. The wealth divide in this country is at the widest its been in 75 years..... and this will only lead to one thing , increasingly violent reaction.

Closer to the home burrow, one of our local candidates (Nationals) and councillors Paul Tatchell has taken up the quill again to rant maliciously about the evils of socialism in language which frankly sounded like a pastiche taken from the boozy ravings of a drunken and  bitter slag-fest in the corner of some dingy pub.
Dead Pigeon, Bacchus Marsh
Dead Pigeon, Bacchus Marsh

My reply..., dunno whether it will be published, was:....

"It was so entertaining to again read Tatchell in full flight: to re-imagine the snarling twisted visage , quill clenched in bunched fist as around the sneering frothing lips the furiously flicking tongue scuttles with the feverish eyes darting to and fro as the torrent of bile, misinformation  and frankly, visceral hate for anything which might suggest "Social Contract" is poured into public consciousness.

What a pity though, that the National's candidate seems to think that by acting in the public interest by closing down the toxically polluted Fiskville training facility the Labor Government is harming the community by actually protecting its fire-fighters.

What a pity the National's candidate is not as forthcoming as to the complicit under-the-carpet tactics of CFA management of the time in seemingly sidestepping this issue.
Perhaps this article might elucidate the public:

What a pity this National's candidate wrongly conflates this with the long term  troubles at Bacchus Marsh Hospital (currently being addressed by the State Government) by suggesting without evidence, it is somehow "under threat."

What a pity the National's candidate in his rabid support of the politicisation of the CFA ignores the real social damage this will do to what is essentially a "social" grouping for the benefit  of disparate communities.

When the next "subs" collection is due, can the National's candidate advise whether I should sign the cheque to "Parakeelia" or just Liberal Party HQ?"
Convent Lane, Bacchus Marsh
Convent Lane, Bacchus Marsh
I said years ago that this was increasingly becoming a divided nation where the selfishness of the "Aspirational Bogan" will claw away for any advantage and spit to hell anything called the "common good."

One of the most egregious examples of this self-serving  individualism was the wife of a Sydney shares trader who with a friend, using their insider knowledge defrauded their firms and clients to the tune of $1 1/2 Million to "top-up" their already wealthy lifestyle.
This wife of one of the pair who wouldn't admit guilt and was facing sentencing opined (she's a PR hack) that her boy shouldn't face jail 'cause it really wasn't all that serious and besides, " was hurt." She was supported in her contention by that well known purveyor of Orwellian Truths "The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe", the IPA. 
It would seem that the cupidity which lead to the GFC, the bankers who caused such loss and suffering, being let off because "they were too big to fail" and then joked publicly about their "bonuses" has permeated the lower depths.

Hoo-roo petals,


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