Tuesday, 12 July 2016

What a tangled web....

Hmmm... really?

G'day Petals,

Well "Truffles" now has his ruling rabble Mk2... and the fun is about to begin.

I think he'll be the weakest prime miniature we have ever seen.

Unlikely to be able contain his fractious right-wingers, the bovine Notionals, the rancid influence of the IPA who'll want their scorched earth policy toward civil society re-ignited for their final push or the fractured Senate whose individual agendas are going to be too taxing for a rabble who have shown that bullying, not negotiating is what they do best. The train wreck is being set up.

He's not trusted... for good reason: the paucity of the "JobsonGrowth/ Economic Plan" the lies over medicare, unions and much else have seen half the population nearly send these incompetents to the opposition benches after a single term in office. To expect anything other than a return to the shambles of the past three years would be miraculous, particularly as they have no policy agenda that will not forment genuine demonstrations on a large scale.

Sophie "Pit-Bull has been rejected by the electorate of Indi ....again. Good riddance to bad rubbish.... Liarbrils close office in Indi... The Pit-Bull has finally been kennelled.

Non-Immigration Minister Dodo Dutton has blamed bikies, union thugs, activists and "sneaky" Labor tactics for his plummeting popularity in the Queensland seat of Dickson.
Dodo was ahead by just 1250 votes in a two-candidate contest with Labor's Linda Lavarch. It represents a 5.8 per cent swing against him - far more than that suffered by the Coalition nationwide.
His seat in now marginal.... much like his intelligence.
Of course it had nothing to do with his cruel, bloody incompetence, fascist leanings and "loose-cannon" comments..... did it?

Uncle Otto's boy, Eric "Feldwebel, Vichy"Abetz has also blamed GetUp for eliminating the odious Generalissimo Nikolic from the seat of Bass (seems he made people in Bass wince with his attentiveness to them) and fulminated that they should lose their charity status. Unfortunately it's the IPA who have a charity status, not GetUp: but Feldwebel "Vichy" Abetz is never one to let facts get in the way of a good rant. And "Truffle's" other "good-idea" to change the Senate voting system has seen "Vichy" Abetz' vote diminish to the point where the No:#2  on the ticket is nearly ahead of him.... which suggests that his own side think he's "off", too.
Western Hwy near Horsham
Western Hwy near Horsham
 Perhaps "GetUp" might get a "gong' in the next Australia Day awards for assisting in eliminating the noxious  Nikolic..... just like the "gong" that mining type did for his campaign against the Rudd / Gillard mining super profits tax?

Truffles Turdball has denounced Pauline Hansen... what pity he didn't denounce the ones with similar views in his own rabble!

Frydenberg, the Cormann lite of ruling rabble Mk2 is being touted as a new leader of the liarbrils.... Can't answer a question without sliding into cant, obfuscates, makes no sense and sounds increasingly irrelevant. So, this is one of their best "talents"?
Asbestos Julie is the same; platitudes and spin and when faced with a real question trots out another stock phrase and slogan.... one wonders whether if they're even aware of the meaningless of their answers as they're so practiced at it?
park, Adelaide
Sydney Liarbril Charlie Lyn, said voters were also concerned by Labor's so-called Medicare scare campaign.  Mr Lynn said the party should have moved quickly to counter the campaign. "They didn't react at all, again there was a great disconnect. They should have launched a counterattack straightaway," he said. "It's not as if we don't have ... we've got access to the best advertising agencies in Australia, we've got the pollsters, everybody. If we couldn't think of something to do that within 24 hours, we deserve what we got."
Which is precisely what's wrong.
His comments were revealing as to the complete absence of attention to policy rather than the mechanics of power that fixate the desiccated minds of these born-to-rule irrelevancies.  They care only about power and being office boys to other vested interests... and their entitlements rorting, dodgy electoral fundraising, blatant policy dishonesty as well as the continuous lying that all points to egregious self interest, not national interest.
Now this is a scare campaign? By whom?
So the wrong-headed hubris of ruling rabble#2 is no different, except that many in the electorate see that these bitching "emperors"really have no clothes. All the "bed wetters" are pissing over each other....How Freudian they all are.. very funny really....next they'll be playing with their faeces... oh, hang on... they are!
I think it is interesting that the IPA agenda which is never enunciated but thoroughly implemented (disastrously as it is turning out) by the ruling rabble has come closer to being exposed than ever before.
When the ruling rabble have been proven to be the "outrageous liars" they accuse everyone else of being (like psychopathic narcissists), and when their credibility is probably at an all time low it is time to attack them on this matter. 
Which IPA policy is being implemented next ? Let's see them defend this and not a meaningless three word slogan.

A special thank you must be sent to the failing abilities of Mark Textor with his handling of the Liarbril election debacle. It wasn't quite as bad as his Canadian effort but it has got some of the ruling rabble openly questioning his hitherto "Guru" status as a machine man; except of course for the mincing Chwissie Pyne the Whyne who thinks his ruling rabble Mk2 are an "election winning machine"....what a pity that the national Liarbril vote was only 28%.
 "AMA president Michael Gannon welcomed Malcolm Turnbull's acknowledgement that there was work to do. "What this election has shown to us is that health is at the centre of everyone's thinking when they cast their vote," Dr Gannon told AM. "It is a moral imperative of governments to prioritise the health of its citizens, and I think what we've seen in the last few days is that it's a political imperative as well."
Dr Gannon said throughout the election campaign the AMA had called on the Coalition to review parts of its health policy. "Most notably of those, the freeze on patient rebates for seeing GPs and other specialists; that was number one in the AMA's campaign," he said."
Pyne delivers... Pyne... oh dear...

Head-Space is in a spin with its CEO and 1/2 the board resigning. Seems that stripping its functions to be just an advisory body to "other " (private) health providers is not really privatization!

And for a good read on the strategy of the Labor campaign I can recommend this blog:
Lastly, Mrs Wombat and I went to Adelaide for the funeral of a close relative of mine.... an event which relates to the title as well as the election outcome also this weeks pics of South Australia.
It was a surreal experience to listen to the "celebrant's" hagiography eliminating all of the deceased persons real family from existence and re-structuring history into a more convenient middle-class narrative. There was a clinically determined excision of fact that seemed to occur some 25-30 years previously and which were probably replaced by a self-help book or three.     We both found many "Cleaver Green" moments during the eulogies when a anguished, Cleaver-ish, "Ooohhh Ffffff******K" could have been loudly emitted and I later thought that it would have been interesting to watch the guests response to standing up Cleaver-like filling in the historical gaps, rehabilitating the family, re-calibrating some "truths" and puncturing the overblown hagiography. But I was tamely polite and didn't.
So the lie will be maintained for those it serves.
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Hoo-roo, Possums,
Park, Adelaide.
Park, Adelaide.


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