Monday, 20 June 2016

for all the wrong reasons

Shane with the Money
Shane with the Money
G'day Possums,

It came to my attention t'other day that I knew a damned sight more about Liarbril Party slush funds, money laundering techniques, backhanders and other assorted dodgy dealings than I did their policy's! I knew about "Parakeelia," "The Millenium Foundation," "The Wentworth Foundation." But I don't know, besides chipping off and then selling the bits privately, what the Liarbril's actually intend doing with Medicare.

Doctors around the Nation are actively opposing what they say is its destruction whilst "Truffles" says it's all a scare campaign by Labor and they'll "Never, Ever sell off Medicare!"

Like, we'll never ever get a GST, either!

Then, their candidate keep going up in smoke and /or are "outed" mostly for things and reasons you wouldn't necessarily think desirable in a candidate.

Cactus, Bacchus Marsh.
Cactus, Bacchus Marsh.
Despite Jermyn's embarrassing performance at the May 28 Shorten event – where he clashed with journalists after failing to articulate the Coalition's health policy – the Liarbril Party decided to keep him as its candidate.

Y'see, The Talented Mr Jermyn had set up this online phot comp. In a presentation to US investors in April 2012, Mr Jermyn predicted huge success: up to 40 million participants and 441 million photographs from across the US, Britain and Australia alone. And revenue of $24 million.
"Shutterbug Millionaire is not an epic reality TV competition yet but we're going to make it feel like one," his presentation confidently declared. But then something went horribly wrong. Shutterbug Millionaire missed its launch date and Mooter went quiet until January 2013, when the company suddenly announced a trading halt. A few days later it went into voluntary administration.
In its 2012-13 annual report, Mooter announced losses of almost $10 million - leaving it with just $15,000 in cash. In May 2014, Mr Jermyn was appointed to the Mooter Media board. In November that year, he and his fellow director Jacob Khouri - son of colourful Melbourne businessman Leo "The Gun" Khouri - were sent a letter informing them Mooter had breached a long list of ASX listing rules.

Mr Jermyn left the company the following month to pursue his political career.
And where did the rest of the $15 million of Shutterbug Millionaire go?

Grant St, Bacchus Marsh.
Grant St, Bacchus Marsh.
Another Coalition candidate has quit after it emerged he owns a Frankston brothel called Paradise Playmates. "These are false allegation. Completely false. I don't know why they are being spread by email," Mr Hsu told News Limited.
The Liarbril Party had previously described Mr Hsu as a "passionate supporter of small business...has dis-endorsed his membership, too.
Paradise Playmates has made headlines before - Victorian authorities found a Chinese woman hidden in a secret cavity in one of its walls in 2013.
House and Garden
House and Garden
Fresh from being dumped by the Australian Defence Force, Canning MP Andrew "Handy" Hastie has been exposed breaching parliamentary rules by failing to declare an $870,000 house he bought in March.
The former SAS soldier-turned Liberal MP’s failure to declare the property on his Register of Interests on time means he could be found guilty of “serious contempt” of Parliament.
It comes days after the revelation he was booted out of the Army Reserve for defying a Defence request to remove photographs of him in military uniform from election campaign material.
Any changes to an MP’s interests, including gifts or property purchases, must be reported within 28 days according to parliamentary rules
However, the House was dissolved on May 9, meaning Mr Hastie still breached the rules and went 52 days without trying to declare the property. The former troop commander said he took full responsibility for the delay.
“Due to an oversight, an update to my Register of Interests was not submitted on time,” he said. “I did write to the Clerk of the House of Representatives to advise him of this change in May.”
If Mr Hastie is reported to the Committee of Privileges and Members’ Interests and is found to have knowingly not reported, he could be found guilty of “serious contempt” of the House of Representatives.

Seems "Handy Andy" has trouble following orders!

Boabs, Grant St.
Boabs, Grant St.

Not a nice picture is it, The Myth of Liarbril Fiscal Rectitude allied with corrupt practices and an appalling sense of what to foist on the public as a candidate makes "The-Ruling-Rabble" such a shambles.

Hoo-roo, Petals,


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