Saturday, 7 May 2016

It's on

G'day Possums,
It's on .....

So, the Liarbril ruling rabble after two investigations, have admitted that Border-Farce was incorrect in labelling the nine Save-the-Children workers as agents in promoting and assisting self-harm amongst the refugees in our concentration camps at Manus and Nauru. Whilst admitting their guilt by their confidential payment to the nine concerned for the reputational damage done, the Border Farce, it's boss Roaming Quisling, and his boss Pelluzzo and the Minister, Do-Do Dutton, were at pains not to issue an apology.

Isn't this just the penultimate hallmark of this ruling rabble?

Wrong, just deflect. Incompetent, blame someone else. Corrupt, ignore. Rort,'s our due. Lie.. so what?
What a painfully low and sorry level these IPA office-boy ideologues have dragged the nation down to.

It has been revealed that former Prime Minister Tony Abbott spent more than $7000 on alcohol in just his last two months in the top job.  Then, Rabid-the-Hun in a moment of rare candor, opined in "the House" that "Chain-Saw" McFarlane who is retiring should be "...looked after..." by the fossil fuel industry he did so much for as a parliamentarian. Hmmm by following this gem with an anecdote about how he was handed an envelope with $5,000.00 in it after a function by a "...well known millionaire..." soon after he entered parliament, this Jesuit trained ex-priest said he had to seek advice on what to do!   PM material.... NOT!

But remember: Unions are corrupt and Labor governments are wasteful. 

"Kero-Bath-Pompador" Bronnie has also fouled parliament for the last time as did another hypocrite, Phillip "Anti-Amnesty" Ruddock. Bronnie sneered a parting remark that there would be more to come in her pay-back for being dumped both as the worst speaker parliament has ever experienced, her Helicopter rides and as a liability as a candidate. The amount of venom and bile these Liarbrils exude is quite amazing. They are psychically very unwell people.

Michaelia "Harpy" Cash went to ABC 774 to spruik her $4.00 ph wage for the dole-and-rort program, lying to Faine that it had all the safeguards of a normal job... it doesn't!

The harpy squawked her way through the interview... well, it was more of a monologue than interview, sounding in her strident efforts to override any criticism like a gaggle of Sulphur Crested's at sunset, only less mellifluous. Responses immediately after on talk-back were less than positive but that means little to the ruling rabble who only listen to their own ilk.
There are rumors that she might be dumped further down the Senate ticket to 5th or 6th spot where she would get less than the 350 odd votes she got last time... if that's the case then it's bye, bye Harpy.

The next day it was the turn of Prime Miniature, Malcon "Truffles" Turdball-fop to warn us of the grievous sin of making home ownership affordable for all rather than just the wealthy investor. Perhaps channelling the warm inner glow he had when he'd shelled out a couple of Million for his daughter's penthouse apartment with harbour views a few years ago, Truffles blithely advised Faine who had said that his children were priced out of the housing market to do the same. Hmm... remember Eleventy Hockey saying  "Want to buy a house? Get a better job?" Well, now it seems you have to have wealthy parents, too.

Scummo "The Innumerate" Morrison announced that "Hard-working-Families" would have "Jobs-and-Growth" many, many times and that he had a plan and not a budget, which was sort of true. It was a revision to the "Trickle-Down Economics" of the 70's where the majority of us get piddled on from a great height by the wealthy who get wealthier. He also said it was a classless budget as all of that stuff is now old hat. That was sort of correct too, for as someone pointed out, the ruling rabble have no class! Scummo also revised the mathematical definition of "small business." Now, for tax purposes a business that makes a Million is a small business. And black is white, too.

All, except the "Ugly American's" propaganda sheets were diffident in their analysis of this non budget plan, which withheld figures from scrutiny as a ploy to make Labors budget reply look as if it had the proverbial "Black-Hole" in its funding. Horse-Shite Cormann was even criticizing Labor's budget the day before it's release which was rather prescient of him and then he was embarrassed to have Treasury admit they had costed the ruling rabble 's effort which made the assertions of Truffles, Scummo and Horse-Shite that they hadn't, just what they were: Lies!

It is one thing for this ruling rabble to be incompetent economic managers but it seems they are just as incompetent politically. Perhaps it's their overweening sense of entitlement and hubris getting in the way of common sense?

Willie Shortstuff's budget-in-reply was pretty good... at least it seemed to have the country as a whole balanced for a future.... and from the head-down attitude and glum faces of the ruling rabble opposite, was hitting more marks than missing.

The Polls are's a long campaign to July 2nd,  yes Petals, the election is on....and there is a lot of anger about... this country really is at a cross-roads, will Australia begin to grow up or will it blindly follow The Ugly American's bullshit?


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  1. Interesting that it was Union activity, and the pressing, nay, essential, requirement for the re-instatement of the ABCC which was the reason the double-disillusion was called [maneuvered?], but we are yet to find anything about this in any of the ranting and other verbalising from anyone on the right, since the election was called!
    And I have yet to find any teacher, nurse, cop, firie or other worker in a similar 'public service' occupation who is under 60, and has a negatively geared property. Insurance salesmen, real estate agents, Amway floggers and tradies are another matter ...