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..about a tangled web...

Shane at NBN
Shane at NBN

G'day Possums'
So with week three of the election campaign about to kick off in what might be a more nasty mode, if week two's fiery end was anything to go by.... Malcon "Truffles" Turdball is losing ground as preferred PM and the polls are slightly favouring Labor.. (except in the Deep North where everything is odd) which is something most people thought impossible just 6 months ago.

And some more pics of the east coast to lighten the load...

"Truffles" has made himself as morally and ethically bankrupt as the "Reclaim Australia" and "Patriot Front" turds by supporting "Dodo" Dutton's appalling "dog-whistle" about the costs of attending to the needs of the refugees incarcerated in the concentration camps of Nauru and Manus Island. What was intended for diverting public attention from the deepening economic crisis the ruling rabble are creating was a deplorably sad and inhumane rant about their levels  of literacy and numeracy and how they will be taking all our jobs AND relying on welfare to boot!  Just another rung down in the pantheon of Liarbril racism, xenophobia and tasteless mongrelism that has afflicted this party since Little Johnnie dis-endorsed Pauline "Please Explain."  Rather than shut her down the Liarbrils eventually took on her attitude and fanned the flames of racist bigotry.

It is being said that this little piece of "theatre-of-cruelty" was a concoction of their election strategist Mark Textor;  a "dead-cat" distraction, perhaps like "ute-gate" in 2010?
Although apparently going down well with the "great-unwashed" and bogan's who listen to the shock jocks, there were many more that found this now normal behaviour from the right, utterly disgusting and repulsive.
May Mr.Textor have all the success his business had in the recent Canadian elections. 

Pambula river
Pambula river
Congratulations must go to Richard Marles (even though his stance on refugees is not much better than the Liarbrils) for "keeping-his-cool" under the waspish rantings and interruptions of the shrewish Leigh Sales. In that particular session the ABC's apology for an interviewer, was certainly wearing her tinny IPA/LNP heart on her sleeve for all to see.
Then, the following night, as he is being "interviewed" on 7:30 Report (being ranted at too,  having his answers cut off and at times, interrupted, by both Sales and the robotic "Horse-Shite" Cormann), Sales announces to Tony Burke that the AFP are raiding a Labor staffers home and the offices of Senator Conroy, (Opposition Communication Minister). Apparently looking for NBN documents which had been leaked in February and which Conroy was not allowed to tender in parliament. This was around 7:40pm whilst the "Ferals" were still sitting in their cars waiting for the staffers to return home... film crews were in attendance at this "secret" raid, too.  Hmmmm.... political street theatre?
Truffles maintained he and the ruling rabble knew nothing about the raid. "Bookshelves" Brandis, Plastic Attorney General was keeping a low profile as he genuinely knows nothing but Comms. minister Fifield admitted next day that he knew about it but didn't tell anyone...yeah Possums, right!
AFP also had a "special constable" a staff member from the NBN there to photograph documents from the Labor Party's NBN policy.
It is being said that NBN have secretly re-trialled the Labor original fibre to the home again (which was being deployed before this incompetent mongrel cabal were elected) and have apparently found its implementation far easier and cheaper than Truffles' third rate fibre to the node and copper to the home, mish-mash of slow technologies.
Gypsy Point
Gypsy Point
"We wouldn't want the public knowing how badly we've stuffed up this infrastructure, blown the costs out by triple and delivered it late by four years", Communication Minister Fifield wasn't heard to say,  "We've opted instead for Orwellian State sponsored terrorism and see nothing at all inappropriate in playing this card during an election!" "After all" he didn't continue, "Mark T's a genius and Jane will nobble any future enquiry into the truth!"

AFP didn't think that "Kero" Bronnie's  $5000.00 helicopter flight was worth investigating after the public servant, Jane Halton who ("managed" the calumnies of "Rottweiller" Reith's "Children Overboard") told them there was "nothing-to-see-here"....and they didn't worry after The Defence White Paper was leaked to Liarbril favoured news sources either....and we are still waiting for them to investigate Kathy Jackson's alleged misappropriation of millions in union funds with her squeeze Michael Lawler, as well as Mal "Chicken Legs" Brough who admitted on TV, asking Ashby to copy Slippery Pete's diary (a criminal offence) as well as Chwissie "the Whyne" Pyne's involvement is the Slipper affair.
Strange, that for a "hands-off", "independent" and "non-political"  force  The Australian Feral Police (aka "the  plastics") seems only to see wrong on the left of politics!

We await, with interest, the announcement of Kristallnacht in the next few days.

Meanwhile, jokes like, "NBN leaks will at least bring a copper to your door"  and "I node nuffink guv", etc, abound.

But it's becoming alarmingly like a police state to laugh too much.

Agriculture Minister, "Barnyard" Joyce has urged dairy farmers to go to the competition watchdog ACCC with concerns over recent milk price cuts. He can't do anything as he's only the agriculture minister and believes in the free-market system....which is why when he came back from China and the "Free-Trade-Deals" told them to ramp up production and make gazillions. Pity that the Chinese have pulled the pin on that!

Don't those who vote "National" realize they are supporting the system that is cruelling their futures?
Are they as thick as their cattle?

I said more than three years ago before these mongrels were elected that A/ they had no policy framework, except the IPA wish list, B/ they were liars and were, C/ incompetent.. all of which, sadly, has been shown, time and again, to be accurate.
The deficit has doubled (but there's no "budget emergency" now), unemployment has increased for full-time work and our trade figures are appalling. Manufacturing and the Arts have been gutted, Medicare is under the most severe threat, wages are down, conditions are actually being eroded and education from primary to tertiary is being bowdlerised back to the C19th. Egalitarianism has been submerged under the deadliness of selfish "Aspiration" with the subsequent corruption of political life. Donations from foreign countries, particularly China;  from dodgy lawyers and developers are growing each year and placing our democracy in a parlous state.

White trash of Asia... we've nearly arrived.
It now remains to be seen during week three what Textor concocted "confection of a disaster" will befall Labour on Wednesday or Thursday of the week and reach full crescendo in the rancid week-end rags of the "Ugly American" Murdoch.  Which of the seeds already planted will be further harvested and embellished?  

Although petals, I have a sneaking suspicion that the stench of funk and the fear of oblivion is permeating the Liarbril's tatty ranks. They may well become more extreme and socially divisive but as they alienate increasing numbers of the moderate electorate they will Saturn-like in their panic, turn on and devour each other....after all, destruction is really what they're best at!

All is not quite lost, just yet.

Hoo-roo petals,


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