Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Bega Beauties

Shane  at Bega
Shane  at Bega
G'day Petals,

Mrs Wombat and I  took a little trip North to the East coast of NSW t' other day.

To say that it is very beautiful country understates its quality and to ignore eating its Oysters, a sin of omission.

Beginning week two of the election campaign saw the TV "Logies" awarded. On winning the "Gold" Logie, Waleed Ali an Egyptian born Muslim and commentator of acute sensibility began his acceptance speech with, "Do not adjust your sets....." and finished with  "....I'm sure you have an app which will return your colour to its normal tone."
Having been subjected to quite severe and nastily stupid criticism with another contender, newsreader Lee Lin Chin for even being promoted as worthy of a "gong," Ali's later comments as to the importance of the award demonstrated with his balanced and thoughtful approach the reason for his success.
Proving just how worthy of the award Ali was a couple of evenings later, Timmy "Twat -ex Freedom Boy- IPA Clone- and presumptive Member for Goldstein" Wilson was asked on "The Drum" for his opinion on the win.  Unable to entangle his small mind from the "Free-Market" rote he spouts automatically, Timmy's mouth pursed into a sphincter-like dot as he gracelessly avoided Waleed Ali's success entirely and clumsily spat out a "...congratulations to all the winners". If ever there was a compare and contrast test of intelligence, wit and capacity for humanity, this was it; and the contemptible and miserably untalented Timmy, failed. Again.

That same night on QandA forms of the ruling rabble in the guise of Kelly "Shaduppa-Yo-Face" O' Dwyer and Innes Willox, CEO of The Australian Industry Group scored "own goals" when audience member Duncan Storrar simply asked why is it the wealthy get tax cuts and people like himself who are really struggling get nothing? The loquacious O'Dwyer gave an interestingly arcane example of how a $6,000.00 toaster to a cafe owner she knew would create more jobs and Willox whose tie would have probably cost more than Storrar's weekly wage, said that as he paid no tax on a low wage what was he complaining about! 
Storrar reminded him that he paid GST on everything he bought and that made his circumstance more parlous than someone on $80,000.00 P.A.
The audience cheered and smelled capitalist blood !
The upshot of all this was that another audience member set up a crowd-funding site to buy Duncan a toaster..... which has since raised $60,000.00 which he has said he will use for his two daughter's education.
Not only a sublime exposition of the tawdry fallacies behind the theory of "Trickle-Down" economics and the arrogance of those who would promote it but it also allowed the gutter tactics of "The Ugly American" Murdoch's propaganda sheets to be reprised by going into overdrive to besmirch Storrar's reputation for having the temerity to question the Ruling Rabble's "Right-to-Rule".

If anyone now doesn't see how our Democracy works, they really are blind, stupidly blind.

"The Ugly American" controls around 80% of news services in this country which perhaps explains why the ruling rabble can feel confident that their hubris and lying will not cause them much grief...Dominatrix, Peta "Bloody-Idiot" Credlin now moonlighting as a commentator on commercial TV slapped Prime Miniature "Truffles" Turdball around a bit by calling him "Mr. Harbour-side Mansion" and suggested that his election tactics are poor. She was happily supported in this  by her lap-dog and ex PM, Rabid-the-Hun who found her soliloquy "....absolutely riveting."
It was not known whether Rabid had a mouthful of onion at the time.
Rabid has kicked off his own campaign with a cohort of the remnants of  "Team Australia", (Warringah Chapter) bedecked in uniform "T's" and wildly cheering as their jut-jawed fuehrer strode amongst them instilling steel into them for the final solution... er, push!

Sophie "Pit-Bull" Mirabella is blaming her own side for "leaking" against her... geez, Soph...  why would they bother... you did such a good job of shooting yourself in the foot two or three times last week that do you really think they need to do that?
Eve at Tathra Wharf
Eve at Tathra Wharf
In conversation with locals throughout the trip, when the subject of politics came up, more often than not a sense of resignation and even frustration was expressed as to where the country is heading. Sometimes there was mild anger, but with all an expectation that issues like manufacturing, foreign ownership, social equity, health, education and jobs be addressed.

 That the ruling rabble's grip on power is looking decidedly shaky in their first term and with both Victoria and Queensland having tossed out in their first terms, incompetent "Free-Market" conservative administrations, the future for this less than adroit cabal in Canberra looks terminal.
But if they do manage through the agency of "The Ugly American's"  propaganda sheets to maintain power, there is I think, little leeway for them to repeat the mistakes already perpetrated on the nation.
The simmering frustrations might not as they have in the past, be held in check. The mood is different. 

Hoo-roo Possums,


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