Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Winter of our Discontent

Winter is coming
Winter is coming
The Winter of our Discontent is upon us...
we have the worst Prime Miniature, The worst Treasurer, the worst minister for the environment, the worst defence minister, the worst health minister, the worst immigration minister and the worst attorney general ever in this country's history. What a 21/2 year achievement by these "adults"!

Sophie "Pit-Bull" Mirabella has elbowed her way into the spotlight again, not just in a physically assertive manner only but in stating publicly that $10 millions had been with-held from a hospital upgrade because she didn't win her seat! Here's a woman who equates pork-barrelling with good governance! "Pit-Bull" I think, has just blown, at least another 5%off her chances of winning that seat back.
This is the sort of political corruption we see too often!
But then, it's a helluva lot cheaper than $50 Billions on submarines to save Chwissie the Whyning Pyne and Perfect Prat of a Prefect's seat.
 But having loudly celebrated the deal with the French DCNS company, (and ...can they do deals ... just ask Malaysia, China and Pakistan) later, it was quietly announced that a $1/2 Billion contract for an Ice-breaker had gone to a Dutch shipbuilder leaving another 2000 Australian's unemployed. 
Bye-Bye Chwissie, that just sank you!
Federal police have ratcheted-up their investigation into whether "Chicken-Thighs" Brough carried out a criminal act in having "Fiddles" Ashby purloin "Slippery" Petes diary entry's from his boss. 
As Chwissie the Whyning Pyne is also involved in this little piece of probable illegality, in the words of the "Two Ronnies'" "It's Goodbye from me and it's good-bye to him!"
Arfah "Da Spiv" Sinodinas  is also in the news again for all the reasons of the right . He's declined an invitation to tell a Senate inquiry just what he knows about political donations to the Liarbril Party. This is very reasonable of him, as he "..couldn't remember.." on 50 occasions (at the corruption hearings in NSW) when as honorary treasurer for Liarbril fundraising, who laundered what with whom. So what could he possibly tell the Senate?
Hot on the heels of the "innovative" sacking of 200 or so Climate scientists from CSIRO because, as their rather rabid boss says, "The science of Climate Change is settled and rather than investigating what is happening, it's time to make solutions."  Senator Bookshelves Brandis  and Senator Princess Fiona of Nash have decided it's not at all settled  or proven, so as well as being bigots they have a perfect right to limit any solution to what they see is not a problem. Which ties in rather well with "Truffles" Turdball and "Shaddupaya Face" O' Dwyer's united stance against "Little-Willie-Shortstuff" Shorten's idea of winding back negative gearing. In a comprehensive fear campaign, one says it will raise house prices the other that they will fall!  All bases covered on that one!

Another shock for "Truffles" and his Anti-Immigration Minister "Do-Do" Dutton was the PNG Supreme Court ruling that our Concentration Camps on Manus Island are not legal and the PNG PM has ordered that they be closed. Coming as it does after the deaths in two weeks of an Iranian inmate by self immolation and the protracted death of another from Sepsis (from inadequate care and follow up of a cut on the leg), the ruling rabble are looking decidedly wobbly as their IPA inspired malevolence unravels.
Although, this time, when they say "'s all Labors fault.." there's some truth in that and as a country we need quickly to find our collective conscience again and stop trashing the brand we once had.
"For ideologues, reality runs a long last to dogma, even when reality is biting you on the back side." (New Matilda)

"Scummo-The Innumerate" Morrison is stridently spruiking what many think will be his once and only budget.  I can not think of a time when having so effectively blown away the economy they have to produce something that will actually work for the country not just their business backers and because of their own foolishness there is little to work with and everyone is looking this time. All the Liarbril hubris over what fine economic managers they are is going to seen in the correct light for a change... everyone will see that the Emperor has no clothes. I'm just wondering Petals, whether Scummo will deliver his once and only in "Tongues" with his addled acolytes behind him Happy-Clapping "I've got plenty of Nothing"?
Don't take my word for it:
The ruling rabble, becoming nervous that there's widespread support for a RC into the banking sector has decided to put back the money they took out of ASIC and has said the banks would pay for it. In best hypocritical mode, Scummo "The Innumerate" proclaimed that he would be not chuffed if the banks handed the bill for this back to the customers because "....we'se here at the ruling rabble rooly, rooly care about all youse Hillsong peasants out there and we want to get elected again." Making it seems, no visible smirk when it was suggested that the banks paying for the body investigating their corruption was more akin to placing the Fox in charge of the Hen house, he attempted to divert further questions  saying, "Well, it's all Labor's fault anyway!"
Rabid-the-Hun has had a televised Tête-à-Tête with his main cheer-squad "Blot-on-the Landscape" Bolt. Bolt talked of the Abbott Era: those who listened thought he said, "Error"  Anyway an era is a long time and it's hard to justify Rabid's 18 months of incompetence as an Era.... although it certainly felt like it. Rabid said his works would be remembered. Yes, his bogan attitude, small minded, right wing Catlic conservatism, lack of compassion and mindless slogans, and destruction of an egalitarian society will be difficult to forget.
It's hard to know whether the end of the Roman Empire was like this or is it more reminiscent of Hitler's Bunker in May '45 but the sense of Ship of State being not only rudderless and heading in the wrong direction but foundering, is hard to shake.
The country is ethically moribund ... the cancerous IPA agenda has done its stuff..... perhaps radical excision will be of benefit.
Autumn Greendale
Hoo-roo Possums,


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