Saturday, 27 February 2016

The political cancer of our time

Shane fuming
Shane fuming
G'day Possums,
I'm fuming a bit as you can's why.

Mal "Chicken Thighs" Brough has been told he will not get pre-selection for his seat  and has decided to quit politics.
Is that because the LNP in Queensland are aware that the Australian Federal Police will find that Chicken Thighs committed a criminal offence in asking Ashby to "lift" Slippery Pete's diary or are they just hiding their dirty laundry? And is this nasty piece of work who has historically always been seen on the fringe of corrupt practice (remember his little fracas with the false election leaflets in the 2007 election?) thinking the same or was he pushed?
Does any-one really care?
Last week it was Liarbril, Damien Mantach who admitted guilt for filching $1.5 Million from his own party which brings to some 22-25 people  the Liarbrils, State and Federally, who have either resigned or stepped down Australia wide in the past three years.
from Peter Grace c/o FB

And these are the same people who said we needed to spend $80 Millions in a Royal Commission into alleged Trade Union corruption.
"Truffles" Turdball-Fop has just seen the sacking of a further 350 staff from CSIRO in a demonstration of what an innovation policy looks like. Add this to his support of $100,000.00 university fees and $30 billions cut from schools and you will have some idea his rank, venal duplicity.
He has also announced that although "Eleventy" Hockey doubled the deficit and present pretend treasurer "Scummo" Morrison who can't add up either, has told us  that there is no longer a budget emergency  so we can spend $ 150,000,000,000.00 on defence to ward off the Chinese at sea  who are busily buying up the country.
Perhaps we would be better buying back the farm or not wasting $15.4 million on a promotional scheme for the fossil fuel industry?
The Greens are about to shoot themselves in the foot by supporting a near fascist piece of legislation which will seriously disadvantage micro-parties from being elected to the Senate. In a move similar to the now defunct Democrats who supported the introduction of the GST and suffered a devastating voter backlash, Green's leader,  "Nit-wit" Natale is cosy-ing up to the Liarbrils and the self-serving independent from Adeleaide "Nick-the-Greek" Xenephon to hand the Liarbrils control of the Senate.
Truffles wants a double dissolution election to get control of the Senate well before the unemployment shit really hits the fan in 2017 when Toyota and Ford lay off some 50,000 workers and that swells to 100,000 as suppliers go to the wall and lay off their staff too.
For the Greens to be thinking that this incompetent rabble should have full power  is a good thing, beggars belief.
The para-military Border Farce SS  troops have expressed a desire to be equipped with Tazer guns. Just how this will assist at airports is any-one's guess . Perhaps they will be used like cattle prods when it gets very crowded?
Cory "Bestiality" Bernardi  and fellow homophobe from the Far Deep North, George "The Obese" Christenson have both been railing about an anti bullying program in State schools. The Obese one thinks it's a grooming ground for gays, Bestiality just goes angrily cross-eyed thinking about it and asks for an enquiry. They both were unfactually supported by Eric "Vichy" Abetz who said there had been many, many, many complaints from angry parents across the land. Turns out the was a complaint from a number of parents in one school.
Truth and "Vichy" rarely intersect.
But Truffles, lacking the balls to stand up to these right-wing nutters, accedes to the inquiry.
Which sort of fits in his making extreme right-winger, Andrew "Bruiser" Nikolic part of the intelligence committee. Perhaps he'll impress by wearing his red beret.
The Boerish characteristics of one Dennis Jensen from WA came to the fore when he opined that there should not be any specific funding or policies for indigenous Australians. This sits comfortably with his anti marriage equality and climate denier stances.
The ugliness of this IPA inspired ruling rabble is hideous to behold.  It is very hard to see how the country will survive the depredations being wrought every day.
Foul like Brough, aggressive like Nikolic, duplicitous like Turnbull, sleazy like Bernardi, bullying like Morrison, confused like Abetz, and plain racism of Jensen and ignorant attitudes like Christenson's are dragging this country so low that lowest common denominator now looks too high to achieve.
Hooroo petals.

PS a new definition: Liarbril:  a cancer of the political system.

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