Sunday, 7 February 2016

The madness continues...

Shane Chillin' in the sun
Shane Chillin' in the sun

G'day Petals,

We took a little jaunt to Daylesford t'other day and did a sampling of the Mineral Springs there. It was very interesting that each of the five springs we sampled had different flavours and strengths .... some pics of the scenery follow.... the madness that continues...

 "According to The Age, there will be a new show (on tele?) for pollies, it will be an un-moderated “journalist-free zone”, with the two politicians independently setting the program’s entire agenda and deciding what topics to discuss. Pyne told Fairfax he wanted to ‘showcase his sense of humour’, and “go into the important issues in depth and communicate to the public our policy positions and the reasons for them” — you know, like a press conference, minus all the journalists -and any hard-hitting questions."  Which is really problematic as Chwissie-the-Whyne-and-Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect, Pyne has a sense of humour only an addled right wing conservative could understand and hasn't had a coherent policy stance since entering parliament 23 years ago.
Who needs the X -Files for a fantasy trip?
Speaking of fantasy trips...Rabid-the-Hun has gone to Murdoch-land to deliver a speech to a  group of xtian fascists who actually like that he stands for values that are not fair, inclusive or sympathetic.
 He was followed by Captain Catlic, "Medieval" Andrews who was attending a "prayer-Meeting" in Washington rather than doing his duty as an elected representative here in Oz.

As both are attending right wing fundamentalist religious hate groups, one wonders whether they should be gaoled on return to Oz as they would like to do  to those who go away and fight for ISIS.

Any hope that Malcon "Truffles" Turdball-Fop can be trusted finally went out the window when it was announced that CSIRO is to lose another 230 scientists from the climate modelling division; a unit regarded as one of the world's best, which leaves Truffles clarion call to innovation as tattered as is his bowdlerized tin can and copper wire broadband scheme. Then on "Insiders" he trots out the same B/S of stopping-the -boats, (all 23 of them), never mentions that we are paying the people smugglers to turn around and take them back and supports the incarceration of children in concentration camps. What a monumental bore... loquacious pap dribbles from his mouth every time he opens it! 

It never ceases to amaze me that the only thing these mongrel Liarbrils are good at, (besides lining their own pockets) is destroying things!
from Mt Franklin
from Mt Franklin
In 21/2 years there has not been a single positive policy outcome that has benefited the nation and now they are promoting the "reform" of the tax system by which they mean hiking the GST up by 50%!

There is not one single thing they have done which was part of a policy agenda put before the people at the last election. In their typically shambolic fashion the ruling rabble just keep putting  forward IPA thought bubbles in place of real policy that would benefit the nation and its future.

As Shorten has said of Truffles and the ruling rabble: ".... they talk a lot but they don't make decisions..." The relief of not having Rabid-the-Hun stirring up hate, fear and loathing is being superseded by a similar Kafka-esque quality of fantasy in that Truffles keeps talking but says nothing.

And aping Trump the Frump... Senator David Leyonhjelm opined on Truffles popularity that .." He could probably threaten to kill you first-born and still get elected."  Loopy Leyonhjelm certainly has a way with words....
tree roots
We're off to a rally tomorrow about the concentration camps we are running for refugees and their children.... it will be interesting to see if it's mentioned in the MSM or whether the  Border Farce SS storm troopers will attend, too.
What a country we've become.

Hoo-roo, Possums,

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