Sunday, 6 March 2016

Joining the Dots on Dies Irae.

Shane in new bathroom
Shane in new bathroom

G'day Possums, remember the bathroom? 

Well it's now finished and functioning.

Some before and after pics



It became a bit of a saga but I think it looks terrific. Much thanks go to local crew, Eureka Glass ( 1300 330 275)  for their extensive work and the fitting of the panels.

Eureka Glass
Eureka Glass
Eureka Glass 

 Will Cardinal Pell-Pot, The Graceless, apologise to those whose terrible plights he ignored?  No... he knows that that  admission means guilt and has admitted as much. His ambition, the corporate structures and his advancement in a medieval business are more important than ethics, morality and personal priestly integrity.

Henry 2nd is rolling in his grave with laughter that he couldn't fix a similar problem in the C12th.

"Pell shared a house with Ridsdale, Pell sat on a committee of priests who made decisions to move Ridsdale from parish to parish, Pell was vicar for education when Ridsdale was a school chaplain, and Pell accompanied Ridsdale to court when he was finally charged. Pell had more reasons than most to turn his mind to what Ridsdale was perpetrating."' Kristina Keneally on Cardinal George Pell's form for blaming everyone but himself.

Pell was also Rabid-the-Hun's spiritual advisor and confessor.

Deis Irae is coming for both!

Another of Abbott's brilliant appointments bites the dust: Michael Lawler, Kathy Jackson's partner has resigned his $400,000.00 p.a. position as workplace relations commissioner after not putting forward a defence of his nine months paid sick leave to support Jackson in the enquiry into trade union corruption where it seems that Jackson herself might be the only one with real "form."

Remember Rabid-the-Hun lauding Jackson as a beacon of quality in the union movement as she stitched up Craig Thompson over his misuse of $25,000.00 of union funds?
Well she's being investigated over allegedly rorting $1,250,000.00!

It has been widely reported that Rabid-the-Hun in another demonstration of "No sniping" has leaked a Defence "White Paper" to embarrass Truffles Turnbull. Apart from the "loose cannon" methodology, the ruling rabble again demonstrates its appallingly juvenile approach to leading a country and a completely arrogant disdain of service to the nation.

The Australian’s foreign editor Greg "Toady" Sheridan, the author of the report from Rupert "The Ugly American" Murdoch's propaganda sheet, and an Abbott loyalist from Rabid's wall thumping student days , said in a fiercely inappropriate defense that ­Abbott was not his source.... or Capt Catlic Andrews... it was a little birdie.... and it is perfectly OK for the Liarbrils to play around leaking secret documents for personal political purposes.

Even Nikki Savva, hardly a cheer-leader for the left has weighed in with a book co-authored with Laurie Oakes: "The Road to Ruin. How Abbott and Credlin destroyed a Government."  Detailing the complete dysfunction of the first two years of this rabble's rule, much is being made of the "intimacy" between the two and its subsequent alienation of minister and backbencher alike.
That "Bloody Idiot Credlin" opined when asked to resign her position that:  "He couldn't do the job without me," only further indicates the level of this alarmingly evil man's incompetence.  

More evidence of a  mongrel ruling rabble's behaviour which is as tawdry to each other as it is to the country should surprise no-one and further, that the rats are turning on each other on the sinking rust-bucket, SS Liarbril is not surprising either.

This is the IPA dream, a  Free Market and Free Enterprise in action....!

Then there was the farce of treasurer Mk2, "The Drone" Morrison working himself up in a lather over Labor's plan to reduce negative gearing on homes by referring to of a BIS Shrapnel study.
Oops... the report was commissioned BEFORE Labor released it's policy; was not specifically aimed at it; and was full of errors! More incompetence from this policy free, ruling rabble!

The Greens have decided to "do-a-Democrat" and support the ruling rabble with changes to the Senate voting system; a move which will effectively eliminate the minor parties and entrench the Liarbrils as having control of the Senate in perpetuity.

As that worked out so well for the Democrats after Meg Lees supported the Liarbrils bringing in the GST, where in a few years they were wiped out as an alternative party, it's difficult to fathom why the Greens are also hell bent on self-immolation. But it does mean we'll have to be more assiduous in how we cast our vote in the Senate this time around.

Hoo-roo petals,

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