Friday, 12 February 2016

Theatre of the Absurd

G'day  Petals,

We all went off to a rally recently. We were showing support for 230 refugees and their 37 babies who are about to be shipped back to the concentration camps on Nauru. Some of them have terminal illnesses and one young boy who was raped before coming here will be sent back to the same danger.

Head Public Servant Fascist Of Border Farce,  Mike Pelluzzo refused to answer questions in a Senate enquiry, instead, criticizing the media (particularly the ABC) as being advocates for activism.... Hmm.. pot calling kettle, black bum?
Here is a public servant displaying a completely partisan attitude. He should be sacked.
He was followed by the military who also refused to answer anything asked of them... hmmm... servants of the people or again, partisan activists for the ruling rabble? What seems certain is that the navy is breaching international boundaries in towing refugee boats back to Indonesia.

refugee rally melbourne
refugee rally

What a malignant ruling rabble.

Phillip Ruddock is to be Human Rights envoy to UN... this to the man that Amnesty International requested  not wear their badge after the "Tampa" criminality and the lies of the "Children Overboard" corruption. He's also the Attorney General who opined that sleep-deprivation wasn't torture.

refugee rally melbourne
refugee rally melbourne

Un-Environment Minister, Ozone-Hole Hunt has been awarded the inaugural Best Minister of Good Governance award. That it was in Dubai and that this incompetent has seen Australia increase its Carbon emissions by 1.3%  under his gormless lack of activity, has also allowed suspending protection to 1.3 Million sq km of marine park and dredging wastes to be dumped on the Great Barrier Reef, appointed a wind-farm Commissioner whose part-time work costs $205,000.00 and seen investments in re-newables driven down by 88%,  says much of its worth. 
Senator Scott Ludlum (Greens)  got it pretty right when he quipped that his mother had probably given "Ozone-Hole" the award.

Elizabeth St Melbourne
Elizabeth St Melbourne

Stuart Robert, Assistant Defence Minister is caught out  doing a fiddle for a Liarbril Party donor's business in China (one in which  has shares, btw) ... and is supported by Arfur "Da Spiv" Sinodinas.    Well, what else do you expect from some-one, who as treasurer of Liarbril fundraising  answered "I can't recall" 18 times to a Royal Commission into illegal fundraising?
And the press are being unusually quiet about the half dozen Liarbril pollies (including failed ex prime miniature, Rabid-the-Hun) accepting bribes of Rolex watches from Chinese Billionaires!
Hmmm if it had been Unionists there would be a Royal Commission called.

Albert St Brunswick
Albert St Brunswick

Then came the news that "Reboxetine" Robb is jumping ship and resigning at the next election to top up his parliamentary "super" by working for private industry.
Funny... I thought that's what he was doing with selling out our sovereignty in signing the TPP!
In an interview with Faine on 774, Rebox  told us what good shape his party is in and how wonderful the economy was..... as Faine later observed with Barry Cassidy, if it was the Labor Party brawling as the Liarbrils are doing at the moment it would be front page splashes... and all The Ugly American's rag's and "columnists" and commentators like Bolt, Devine, Hadley and Jones would be frothing at the mouth about disunity, lack of direction, turmoil and incompetence. 
And it's funny too how with the deficit doubled, unemployment about to soar and  trade terms woeful, Rebox thinks the economy is sailing along.... hmmm, delusional?
If this economy is good, then it must have been brilliant under Labor....and not the mess the Liarbrils continually said it was.

Albert St Brunswick
Albert St Brunswick

Remember when we were told that getting rid of the Carbon Pricing mechanism would make electricity prices would fall ? Well they have gone up 61% !

"Barnyard" Joyce has been made leader of the "Notionals." He who thinks Marriage Equality will harm our live Beef export trade with Asia and made a fool of himself  and the nation over-reacting to Depp's Dogs and who has spent over a million dollars in entitlements in 12 months, is now Deputy PM. He calls himself an Agrarian Socialist but supports free markets.  The circus that is the ruling rabble now has a new assistant clown!

See... it's Theatre of the Absurd...from Orwellian duplicity through the surrealist imaginings of Kafka to this!

Hoo-roo Possums,

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