Saturday, 12 December 2015

Going from bad to worse...

G’day Possums,,, here’s a shot of where I live… taken early this morning…
Greendale Landscape
Greendale Landscape

Random Wombat Droppings …or how we are going from bad to worse and to hell in a handbasket

It has always struck me how angry the "right" are. I think it's born of the frustration that aspirationals must feel in that that which they aspire to is unattainable because of the political and social structure. Greed, selfishness and short-sightedness combine with their aspiration to engender fear of any "social" contract which might limit their individual advancement and at the same time they are constantly reminded  that the system of their aspiration is stacked against them.
But then, by the same token the hate I feel toward the likes of the clowns from the IPA, Blot-on-the-Landscape, Rabid-the-Hun, Loopy Leyonhjelm et al, is born a similar frustration that these mongrels get their way at the expense of society as a whole, most of the time.

The “Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe”…the IPA is running the show. Malcon Turdball-Fop will be kept as the Ruler of this Ruling Rabble because electorally he’s safe… but otherwise he’ll have to tow the Murdoch, Rinehart, Miners and Bankers line. What sovereignty Australia had will be finally eliminated and every single public service will be privatised.
 Le Jongleur Roskam will the Chair of the Board and Malcon will become permanent faux PM.

“Far from deserving praise, the half-reversal of CSIRO and NICTA funding cuts simply highlights the need for the Turnbull Liberals to review all of their cuts to science, research and innovation which include:
$107m from the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) program
$75m from the ARC
$27.5m from ANSTO
$7.8m from AIMS
$16.1m from Geoscience Australia
$20m from the Bureau of Meteorology
$120m from DSTO
$174m from the Research Training Scheme"
Triggs is “Woman of the Year” A beacon of sanity in a nation fast losing its way in an IPA thought bubble.
Ahhh... Liarbril sagacity, management and innovation... myths that make the Dreamtime look like scientific fact!
Buggered the NBN, blown the budget and rorted the parliamentary entitlements  like there was no tomorrow. With the biggest leaner, Joe “Eleventy, Cereal/Toyota Killer “ Hockey getting a job in Washington…. I didn’t realise we hated the Yanks that much…but at least it will limit his potential for ongoing damage to Australia.
The Paris Climate talks have shown that Oz is now third last in the world in our emission targets…. From leading the world to third last of 128 Nations in just 2 ½ short years is quite a Liarbril achievement….everything they touch they destroy…

We need Rabid-the-Hun to continually remind us just how dysfunctional the thinking in the Liarbril party is in selecting these anti-social mongrels.
He is still talking delusional nonsense about being leader again… and making stupefyingly silly remarks about the need for a Muslim “reformation” and that we good xtians are the culture to emulate…. Hmmm… right!

Cardinal “The Graceless” Pell-Pot is allegedly too ill to front the Royal Commission into child abuse….fearful perhaps, of his own crucifixion?

Mal “Chicken Thighs” Brough and fellow mongrel conspirators, Pyne
”the Whyne” and now Wyatt “The Boy” Roy are smelling like the shits they are over “Slippery” Pete’s political assassination….criminal charges, anyone?

Bronnie “Kero-Bath-Chopper” Bishop has decided that she is going at 73, to stick around in parliament to help fight terrorism … which terrorists, she didn’t say but it could be her own party…. Or it may be to match her colleague of same name, Jules “Asbestos” Bishop’s rather extravagant $30,0000.00 flight from a party with her B/F for a meeting in Canberra….Jules hasn’t heard of video-conferencing.

There ya go… how Oz is going to hell in a hand-basket care of the IPA.
Hoo-roo Petals


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