Tuesday, 17 November 2015

seeing a New World Order

Shane the Builder
Shane the Builder
G’day Possums,

Well, this burrows bathroom restyle would have been quicker to build afresh than renovate… but we are in the home stretch with just tiling and splash-backs to install so next post should show the finished piece of work.
Having single-handedly built the burrow in the first place, I have been spending much time tweaking walls and ceilings to plumb and true and discovering how much shrinkage there has been to the original timbers.

Ahh… Next year in Jerusalem!

Wombat Droppings…

The Chronicle of Australia’s Inexorable Slide into Fascism.

Parisian’s have had a moment of real horror and the like the rest of the world, Oz lit up like the French Tricolour. We barely mentioned a similar brutality in Beirut and certainly didn’t light up the Cedars of Lebanon!

The French events have emboldened a moronic little cabal calling themselves the “United Penis-Head Front of Orstraya,” or something like that, to produce little stickers with the words “Ban Islam” combined with an illustration of “Skull and Crossbones”. Whether this is to advertise a new Caribbean Pirate film by placing them on shopping trolleys or attract the attention of race-hate purveyor Alan “Bondi” Jones by putting them in toilets is, as yet, unclear. But this handful of embarrassment’s political thinking, knowledge, philosophy and level of intelligence is so confused that they could be advertising a new “Pop” group who can’t spell either.

Malcon Turnbullfop, fresh from assassinating the previous leader of the Ruling Rabble, Rabid-the-Hun, and on his way from counting his Shekels in the Cayman Islands was asked his thoughts on the French atrocity. Interestingly, this loquacious, communicator was surprisingly wooden, clich├ęd and conventionally prosaic in his response and seemingly lacking a sense of empathy about the situation. Caught “on-the-hop,” did our new and popular with many, ruling rabble leader show in this vignette, the first crack in his smooth persona and the cold reality that lurks just beneath?  He seemed to be listening to himself, not speaking out and from the heart. Unable to perform from script Turnbull-Fop, faltered.

Not so “Dodo” Dutton, Non-Immigration Minister.
Asylum seeker refugees get raped and pregnant…Meh!
Self immolate…Meh! 
Are murdered…Meh!
Full of faux empathy for Syrian asylum seekers this monstrous incompetent conveniently ignores the people incarcerated in Concentration Camps on Manus and Christmas Islands who are now being joined by what he says are “hardened criminals” who haven’t paid their traffic fines.
“Dodo” has not indicated if he will follow the Indonesian suggestion that all the “Baddies” be dumped on an island surrounded by Salt-Water Crocodiles and left to fend for themselves via Food drops. Although it seems to me that swimming with “Saltys” would be safer than trusting a Liarbril.
There has been a riot…what do we know …not much, as it is all off limits to all but the select few of propagandists from The “Ugly American” Murdoch’s tabloids.
We do know however, that it is now a crime to report rapes, maltreatment or anything detrimental to ruling rabble commands.
Germany, 1935?
While the electorate’s Ostrich-like capacities become more and more apparent… the slide continues.
This week was the 40th anniversary of the coup which removed an elected government.
It was a time when an unelected representative of a foreign monarch, with advice from two liarbril senior legals plotted against Whitlam's  government and got what they wanted, so creating lasting social and political division.
When you look back on the history of this country, is there anything in the right-wing agenda that has ever benefitted the whole rather than a select few?
And on a last note: Foreign Minister for fashion, Julie "Asbestos" Bishop has been vetoed by Russia's Premier, Vladimir Putin from attending talks to solve the turmoil  induced by Western powers in Syria. Putin, like many here, finds her too abrasive and of little content. In another demonstration of the fascist control of the media, you would have better luck finding a needle in a haystack than reports of this snub.  Which, if it were a Labor government minister, would almost be a cause for a Royal Commission into ministerial incompetence.  

Hoo-roo, Petals,


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