Monday, 21 December 2015

seeing a tangled web and brewing storm

G’day, you three Petals,

it’s been an odd year of comings and goings …a lot of goings and changes of direction which will really become manifest further into 2016.

I’m not sure whether this society is becoming less independent as western culture becomes more controlled by consumerism and mass media than ever and  is why the “Selfie” has become such a popular an expression of identity or if it’s just another fad or the ultimate expression of selfishness and alienation from a sense of collective. So I decided to illustrate this “year-in-review” rant with a selection of people taking “selfies” from our mid year trip to France and England.

Shortly before we left for Europe Mrs Wombat was obliged to step into a senior role in her workplace for some months. At the end of it the staff showed their appreciation by putting together a gift package of an excellent bottle of wine and a lunch for two at one of Victoria’s best restaurants, The Lake-house in Daylesford. We duly went for a superb lunch the day before we flew out for Paris.
About the same time I received a postal note that there was a parcel to be picked up. It turned out to be a presentation pack of cheap bubbly with two glasses. Intended as a thank-you for the ten years work I had done for this particular ballet group I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the tawdry crassness in the Yin-Yang comparison of the two offerings.

Needless to say my feeling that this was a “Dear John” type message was realised after returning from the trip to find that without explanation or reasons I was to be elbowed aside as superfluous to this ensemble’s needs.
Having long observed this group and cognisant of their extraordinary ability to shoot themselves in the foot, this latest episode will no doubt end badly, too.

It’s fair to say that I was slowing down photographically and becoming less and less motivated by the dancers. It seems the capacity for collective effort is fast disappearing and as the “self” rules. To me that’s not interesting at all.

The revelation too, of seeing a lot of Aime’s Jules Dalou’s sculptures in both the Musee d’Orsay and in London’s Victoria and Albert has re-kindled a desire to return to sculpture.
Having long been impressed by his work as this early piece of mine indicates,  (inspired by one of his works in the NGV) I am slowly getting back into production.

There is also the influence of memories from both Wells and Exeter Cathedrals and the sculptures there, too.

And yes, my part in the bathroom renovation is complete just waiting for the splash-backs to be installed …so no pics till it’s fully finished.

Wombat Droppings

or Australia’s inexorable slide into fascism.

 Opposition leader Willy Shortstuff was recently nailed by a member of the public talking on his mobile phone whilst driving. Whack! A fine was issued for $425.
Two weeks later Ex ABC presenter but Liarbril, Sarah Henderson of the Canberra ruling rabble was filmed doing the same. Silence!

One staff member was sacked and three others suspended from Customs when they did a “random” search of  “Asbestos” Bishop arriving back from one of her overseas trips. This happened a week after this Foreign Minister (whom the Chinese think a fool) spent $30,000.00 of our taxes to fly herself and her current B/F via the RAAF from partying in Perth to return to Canberra. Again, silence. Although one of the more sane ex-pollies around, Tony Windsor got her measure when he opined that she was “…as loyal as the direction of the breeze.”

“Vichy” Abetz (Tasmanian Devil) and Greg “Addled” Sheridan, (History re-writer for “The-Ugly-American’s failing rag, The Oz) caused much hilarity when both exposed their collective wet dream of “Rabid-the-Hun” being returned to the front bench 
Presumably to eat raw onions

It turns out that pretend prime miniature, Malcon Turdball-Fop’s National Broadband Network is the dud that its critics indicated it would be. Seems that the copper wire between the two tin cans is “…not fit for purpose” and like I said at the time it will cost double and be a poorer system. Silence reigns about this agile innovation,too.

The ABC is to have a new boss….. c/o “The Ugly American”, Murdoch who apparently is happy to implement the IPA’s vision of privatising it. I think there’s a storm about to brew. Silence

“The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” poster boy, Timmy “The-Twat- Freedom-Man” Wilson was recently impressing Palestinians with his intellect whilst on a junket with Chwissie "The-Whne and Perfect-Prat-of-a-Prefect,” Pyne and “Chopper/Kero Bath” Bishop. Palestinians thought them “..ill educated and rude;”  another inglorious chapter in Australia’s demise as a civilized nation under this rabble.

Cardinal, The Graceless, George "Pell-Pot"is too sick to travel from Rome to attend the Royal Commission into child abuse. Hmmm... nervous of his own crucifixion?

At a time when it has been announced that fully 1/3 of big companies pay no tax whatsoever, Fiscal Fool “The Drone” Morisson thinks that ripping Medicare up, raising the GST by 50%, slugging pensioners and cutting school funding is a good thing for the nation. The only bright part of this is that he is losing his hair faster than the economy is failing.
As actor and comedian Barry Humphries said on one of his early returns from Britain, "I want Australia to be the laughing stock of the world." Unfortunately his satire pales into insignificance compared to the reality of this Kafka-esquely incompetent ruling rabble.
There has never been in Australia's history  such a hate-filled, unimaginative, venal, mendacious, corrupt and Quisling, mongrel mob than the present parliament. 

The mongrels are going for broke; they want a fully privatised capitalist market economy in place before they ban elections, call a state of emergency and have the “Ugly American’s” sycophantic toady “Le Jongleur” Roskam installed as general manager… there are dark times ahead.
2016 will likely be the final chapter in Australia’s democracy unless the nation wakes up to what is happening.

Hoo-roo Possums,


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