Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Advance Australia, Where?

G'day Petals,
 It's all Wombat Droppings
 or the chronicle of Oz's inexorable descent into fascism. 

The most exquisite demonstration of this Liarbril ruling rabble’s corruption of values was not the extended queue of ministers standing down after appearing at the NSW ICAC hearings: nor was it Rabid the Hun’s move to bunk in with at the AFP HQ or his Mercedes Benz deal or his daughter’s spurious scholarship or his rorting of his parliamentary entitlements to launch his book or even his cycling deals with Big Pharma. All of these acts only indicated his utter unsuitability to be a national leader when demonstrating that he was just a witless, selfish, grasping supplicant.

Neither was it Kero-Bath Bishop’s $5,000.00 chopper ride to a party function at the taxpayers expense nor Asbestos Bishop’s $30,000.00 bill to the public to travel from a party with her current beau from Perth to Canberra.

Perhaps the $600,000.00 fit-out of Hayseed Joyce’s electoral office as part of his $1,300,000.00 entitlement binge rates a place?

But no, the prize has to go to Eleventy Cereal/Toyota-Killer Hockey. The ex real estate agent and most innumerate excuse for a treasurer the country has ever been victim to.  Whilst accepting $1000.00 per week rental assistance for staying in his wife’s Canberra property, this mongrel was telling us we were “leaners” and needed to work harder.
Instead of chasing up the nearly 40% of big businesses who pay no tax, Eleventy cuts the taxation office by 4,400 personnel making it all the more difficult to rectify this rort.
Dumped as treasurer, he gets the sulks, spits the dummy and resigns his seat; quipping (and for once being alarmingly frank) that it was better to resign, than sit on the back-bench plotting revenge.
This pathetic creature has been thrown a bone: Ambassador to Washington. So on top of his very generous superannuation package he will top this up to around $400,000.00 p.a. and probably be as embarrassing over there as he was here. 

St Saveur, Dinan, France
St Saveur, Dinan, France

A Close contender was Chicken-Thighs Brough; who has been forced to stand down over his possible criminality in Ashby-gate or the Slippery Pete Affaire.
Admitting in a TV interview that he asked Ashby (Slipper’s staffer) to copy The Speaker, Slipper’s notebook Chicken Thighs, when asked the same question in parliament, gave the opposite answer.
Well, he’s pretty comprehensively established himself publicly as a liar and the Federal Police are now investigating the notebook matter.
It’s worth noting that the word is, even his own side don’t like him much and this shining example of the morality of the ruling rabble will not be able to fulfil his function as arbiter of parliamentary ethics.

I’ll bet you three who read this are thinking I’m making all this up….. Wrong, I’m not that imaginative.

The head cadaver of the Trade Union Royal Commission, the Lickspittle Dyson Heydon sent two union heavies to the police to be charged with something. Police investigate and very, very, very quietly the charges are dropped.
So Big Red Gillard did nothing wrong and Willy Shortstuff also did nothing wrong.
Hmmmm…and some other MAY have done something wrong and they're very naughty 'cause I say so...

Now that was worth $60,000,000.00 wasn’t it?

Pew Carvings St Levan Church, Cornwall
Pew Carvings St Levan Church, Cornwall.

Medicare is dying the death of 1000 cuts….. one only hopes that the service mechanic of Un-Health minister Flappy-Mouth Ley’s aircraft hasn’t got chronically ill members in his family.

And let’s rub some salt into the wounds of Jamie Bogan Briggs who was also forced to step down as Minister for Cities when it transpired that last November the married father of three was too, too familiar with a junior female staffer at a club in Hong Kong. He said he was “unprofessional”, hmmm…that’s an interesting term to use for bogan, misogynistic, paternalistic, sexist and boorish behaviour isn’t it? But Horse-Shite Cormann and couple of others like the propagandist Chris Kenny have come to his defence saying what a good decent top bloke he is....yeah, right....

But then that doesn’t seem to matter much to the pre-selection panels of this Liarbril Party in putting forward types that are destroying everything that has made Australia a civil society.

Well, there ya go Possums…. What a state the nation’s in but what else can you expect from the rubbish ruling it?

Advance Australia Where?

Bogans all let us lament
That we are full of fear
We’ve privatised all in making wealth
For investors not from here
Our abundant natures gifts are raped
For compensation poor
Oft wrapped in flags of Chinese make
And ranting mindless slogans of hate
In words fully three and sometimes more
Advance Australia Where?

Below our smoggy Southern Cross
All things made wrecked by Rabid whim
And 457’s on the rise
Our future does look grim
We say to those fleeing shock and awe
“We’re bloody full, so fuck right off
Illegal Queue jumpers welcomed here
Only if your Burqa’s doffed”
Still Oz Flagged wrapped in sentiment fake
Advance Australia Where?


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