Saturday, 16 January 2016

..and it's only January

Shane in the Sun
G’day Possums,

In another blow to the democratic process it has become known that both the recently resigned technology writer for the ABC, Nick Ross and “Lateline” presenter Emma Albirici were effectively gagged from criticizing Malcon Turdball-fop’s outdated, overtime and cobbled together NBN technology’s as a too expensive mess. 
Apparently anytime Turdball-Fop appeared on "QandA" critical questions both from the audience and online about the NBN have been vetted.
What's that you say about the "Left-Wing" bias at the ABC? And to see why Ross and Alberici were muzzled ......

The cost to the nation not just in monetary terms but of progress in health and education just to appease the wishes of “The Ugly American” Murdoch is another disgraceful indication that this ruling rabble are really just the puppets of vested interests. 

 It almost as disgraceful that Turdball-Fop has interests in 2 overseas companies who are rolling out systems similar the Labor plan he has dismantled.
This is the act of a Quisling.
Public education has been gutted of $600,000,000.00 and this innovation pretender is cutting alternative technologies back…but it’s a great time to be a millionaire!

Sussan “Flappy-Mouth” Ley Minister for Un-Health has decided that if you have cancer, diabetes, kidney problems or anything else, you will have to pay for any pathology tests you may require. In another demonstration of her unsuitability, (she is Sports Minister as well) as a human, “Flappy-Mouth” criticized Labor for instigating the investigation into the doping scandal at Essendon Football club which has resulted in 34 players being banned from playing for twelve months. Like many of the ruling rabble, ethics is not something she is familiar with.


Stench is bubbling to the surface with the TPP, too. It appears, as details slowly emerge, that “Reboxetine” Robb has dudded the nation; but then he is a Liarbril so what else do you expect?
There will be far fewer jobs than have been touted and it is expected that a 0.02% growth in the economy will result. Allied with Investor Trade Dispute Mechanisms the country will be stuffed.

Greendale Sky
Greendale Sky

Uncle Otto’s boy, Eric “Vichy” Abetz and Kevin “Medieval” Andrews are stirring the war pot to make themselves look brave and patriotic….but not relevant.

“Barnyard” Joyce has announced he’s ready for the leadership of the Notional’s. I’m not sure why he wants us all to return to an agrarian feudal system run by 457 visa workers on $2.00 per hour when Turdball-Fop is busy implementing Rabid-the-Hun’s IPA directives to replicate early C19th social, medical and industrial practices but many laughed at his ambition.... but not at the $1,300,000.00 he spent in "entitlements"!

Speaking of Rabid… he still thinks he’s go some clout and has offered Mr Peta “Bloody Idiot” Credlin  (Brian Loughnane) as a candidate for Ambassador to the Vatican… perhaps this is a way to hide him from the fallout that is bound to happen when thuggish ex campaign director Damien “Light-Fingers” Mantach hits court to defend himself from the allegation that he ripped-off the Liarbril Party in two states to the tune of nearly $2,000,000.00?
Mr Credlin would be able to keep another hiding there, Cardinal “The Graceless” Pell company or perhaps help him with his tours around the place as he is too unwell to return to Australia to face the RC in child abuse.
Sort of makes Thommo’s $6,000.00 fraud look trite!

Greendale Sky
Greendale Sky

And then we will have the pleasure of waiting to see how that Liarbril doyen of the Union movement, Kathy Jackson and her dubious B/F fare over the $2,500,000.00 she is alleged to have filched…..

And it’s only January!

Hoor-roo Petals,

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