Thursday, 30 July 2015

Further unravelling the Nation…

Shane in defensive fence
Shane in defensive fence

G’day Petals

I’m  preparing for another Ballarat International Foto Biennale, August 22 –19 September.

Title of show: “Dancer.”  And some of what I’m showing.

Dancer: Lawrence Winder
Dancer: Lawrence Winder

Dancer: Lawrence Winder
Dancer: Lawrence Winder

Dancer: Lawrence Winder

More detail, closer to the event.

Wombat Droppings

The chronicle of Australia’s descent from Egalitarianism to Fascism.

What has become known as “Chopper-gate” is still maintaining a focus on the dishonesty and fiddling the public purse, which looks to have become endemic amongst the ruling rabble.

Speaker Bronny Kero-Pompadour Bishop attended another wedding under the cover of a “secret meeting” with an “undisclosed academic” in the Deep North.

If this sounds a bit like Two Weddings and a Funeral you would not be mistaken as the publicity surrounding Bronny’s and other pollies rortings have wiped another 3 points from the ruling rabble’s poll figures in a week and many of them are becoming nervous that the prospect of being a “oncer” is looking ominously possible and their snouts will be removed from the trough.

Deputy Prime Miniature Warren Ploughman Truss it turns out, spent $21,000.00 on chartered aircraft to fly to a meeting (again in the Deep North) to tell pensioners to tighten their belts… or “…we’ll all be rooned.” His explanations as to the unavailability of commercial or RAAF craft sounding somewhat thin and self-serving. 

Then his boss Rabid the Hun, kitted out in his best “Top-Gun” Cos-play gear probably spent another $12,000.00 for a flight from Brisbane to Darwin in a RAAF chopper.
Apparently for “a number of official briefings with our armed forces.” 
This unpublicised event also included visiting a Party Fundraiser for 30-40 attendees.

The deliberate blurring of the lines between official and unofficial business where the taxpayer is footing the bill for Party-Political purposes is plainly dishonest. It shows that a disdain for ethical behaviour can be the only outcome from the pursuit of power and a lack of real leadership.

When pretend Treasurer, Joe Eleventy Hockey visits his farm (in the Far North, again) 13 times and claims it as “official business” on top of paying $270.00 per night living-away-allowance “rent” to his wife for her home in Canberra you know clearly, things are rotten.

These people are incapable of leadership: they are compromised, mired in a morass, a deceitful swill of their own making and their only defence is, “Look over there…it could be quota for more women in Parliament…” or “How dare Labor steal back a policy we stole from them …”

Labor, playing the game of Lowest-Common-Denominator looks as if they will maintain the Refugee Concentration Camps that are disgracing our nation and have also decided not to have a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption, a move that many in the community see as absolutely necessary and well overdue.

The further breakdown of this country is evident in the racist treatment of Adam Goodes an Indigenous football player who is now routinely booed by racist opposition crowds. This behaviour has been aided and abetted by, guess who?  All the shock jocks and right-wing journo’s like Blot-on-the-Landscape, Bolt the Dolt!
One, Toilet-boy Jones even went so far as to ludicrously claim that Goodes was “playing the victim!”
It’s interesting that amongst these unctuous ravings about Goodes being a “sook” for shaming a girl in the crowd who called him a black Ape during a game some 12 months ago nothing is said of those sport “stars” who have bashed their wives or G/F’s, had adulterous liaisons with team mates wives, raped, taken drugs, were thugs on the field and generally just been Bogans.
Let’s bash the minorities, the disadvantaged, the poor and needy… targets that can’t answer back against the power of the Ugly American’s press.

I said years ago, this is the Age of the Aspirational Bogan where the Free-Market values of the right wing IPA rule.

Poor fellah, my Country.

Hooroo Possums,


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