Saturday, 8 August 2015 the Ship of State Founders

Shane with Falling Pieces
Shane with Falling Pieces

G'day Possums,
Well, what a few weeks we've been having here in Straya!
What probably was the most biased, partisan and incompetent Speaker of Parliament (Bronwyn "Kero-Pompadour" Bishop) to ever to besmirch the Office has resigned, (been pushed, dragged) from the Chair, over her rorting of parliamentary entitlements. 
The already fragile Ship of State, the rustbucket SS Liarbril is again adrift, with no leadership coming from Cap'n Rabid-the-Hun.
rustbucket SS Liarbril
rustbucket SS Liarbril

 Three years ago I was warning that this policy bereft ruling rabble would cause mayhem  by tearing down all that has made us such an enviable country in which to live . We are now seeing the grim results of their slavish adherence to the ideological flat-earthers of the IPA (the Coot's-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe) unemployment is up, wages for the lower paid are under attack, medical services are being privatised, pensions are being eroded  the environment is being fracked, concentration camps are seen as good and racism is being promoted.
There has been a concerted racist campaign, one that has developed since the time "Little Johnny" Howard failed to deal with the rantings of Pauline Hanson and her xenophobic stutterings 20 years ago.  Now we have the tri-partite ravings of Miranda "Septic Tank"Devine and Andrew "Blot-on-the-Landscape"Bolt and Alan "Toilet-Boy" Jones virtually joining forces with their intellectual equivalents, the moronic nasty Nazi-Boys of "Reclaim Australia " in blaming an Aboriginal footballer who has suffered constant booing for 18 month that it is his own fault because he "outed" one of the rancid people who had called him an ape!

Andrew "Blot-on-the-Landscape"Bolt
Andrew "Blot-on-the-Landscape"Bolt

 The appallingly low levels that these people, mostly employed by the "Ugly American," Murdoch stoop to, is a tactic to constantly target a subject in order to seemingly get the repeal of section 18C of the racial vilification act. It's almost as if their rabid intensity is to make 18C unworkable and therefore, useless. 

Brandis as Napoleon
Brandis as Napoleon (with apologies to JL David)
But their chief supporter George "Bookshelves" Brandis is having his own problems, coming under attack not only from the Arts bodies he seems intent on destroying but also for his sloppy incompetence as Attorney General and inability to read and understand mail.

You could say that the recent Australian Cricket Team's efforts in the 3rd Ashes Test in England is symbolic of what a state this nation is in....and if you think I'm exaggerating here's one Graeme Henchel's ode on it...

 Graeme Henchel August 2, 2015 at 12:09 pm
Why is Abbott a Dead man Walking?
Was it justice, was it Karma?
Was it Murdoch, was it Palmer? Was it lying and conceit? Was it backbenchers fear of defeat? Was it Mathias and Joe’s cigars? Was it because we’ve stopped making cars? Was it climate change denial? Was it putting Julia on trial? Was it the daughter’s scholarship prize? Was it debt and deficit lies? Was it removing the Carbon Tax? Was it trying to give the RET the axe? Was it cutting Foreign aid? Was it being so retrograde? Was it the Minister for Women joke? Was it all the promises broke? Was it Brandis’s bigots rights? Was it prancing around in lycra tights? Was it cutting the SBS and the ABC? Was it costing more for university? Was it imposing a GP tax? Was it the disregard of facts? Was it the ridiculous Dames and Knights? Was it the threats and talk of fights? Was it Joe’s “lifters and leaners”? Was it cutting the pay of parliament’s cleaners? Was it punishing pensioners and the unemployed? Was it the total moral void? Was it the embarrassing G20 address? Was it the ongoing budget mess? Was it the book-launch travel rort? Was it knighting the Queen’s consort? Was it use of the sham inquiry stunt? Was it the weasel words of Hunt? Was it the 800 Million given to News? Was it longer unemployment queues? Was it a budget most unfair? Was it too much body hair? Was it nobbling the NBN? Was it lying again and again? Was it exploiting terrorist threats? Was it job applications of Eric Abetz? Was it the sex worker wink? Was it being too slow to think? Was it Joe’s “poor people don’t drive” Was it the polls taking a dive? Was it the surprises and constant excuses? Was it asylum seeker abuses? Was it the work of Peta and the IPA? Was it repeating slogans day after day? Was it the dog whistle of “Team Australia”? Was it the pungent smell of failure? Was it wimping Putin’s shirt front? Was it because Christopher Pyne is a pain? Was it Arthur’s memory at ICAC? Was it giving Mr Burns the sack? Was it ever declining polls? Was it funding Internet trolls? Was it Newman’s election loss? Was it the submarine double cross? Was it saying the “Adults are in charge”? Was it making the deficit more large? Was it the whole damn useless crew? Was it the ties of bogus blue? Was it the hubris and the swagger? Was it Malcolm and Julie’s dagger? Was it saying he would change? Was it becoming even more deranged? Was it eating an onion raw? Was it the data-retention law? Was it exploiting Dr Karl? Was it frequent smirking snarls? Was it the daughter’s low rent at Kirribilli? Was it “Fixer” Pyne being silly? Was it acting like a bar room yob? Was it offering Bjorn Lomborg a job? Was it saying “I suppose we must grieve” Was it the constant attempts to deceive? Was it ditching his gold plated PPL mess? Was it then making Labor’s PPL less? Was it saying the deficit is no longer trouble? Was it increasing your own deficit double? Was it a second budget based on deception? Was it threatening to call an early election? Was it trying to get Gillian Triggs out? Was it Dutton acting like a Brussel sprout? Was it “get a good job that pays good money” Was it laughing at things that just weren’t funny? Was it all the talk of double dipping? Was it cabinet leaks a constant dripping? Was it denying marriage equality? Was it Brandis reading poetry ? Was it paying people smugglers to turn around? Was it the dead cat bounce the polls have found? Was it saying how much he hated wind farms? Was it lying each day without any qualms? Was it Brandis controlling the Arts? Was it the emission of smelly brain farts? Was it the false outrage at QandA? Was it telling ministers to stay away? Was it Bishop’s ride in a chopper? Was it cos Abbott did nothing to stop her? Was it Shorten’s conference revival? Was it party room fears for their own survival? Why will Abbott get the shove? The answer is, all of the above.

Hoo-roo Petals,

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