Tuesday, 21 July 2015

..as the nation unravels..

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There’s some more stuff from the travels and a lot of “Droppings” this week.

Some bright spark, in the light of Bronwyn “Kero-Pompadour” Bishop’s ongoing profligacy from exploiting the public purse which was widely “outed” this week, decided to have a closer look at the “Pollie-Perks” of claimed entitlements from the Dept of Finance’s website.

In 2014 it was over $90,000,000.00 for 150 parliamentarians!

In some matters Labor used ½ of what the Liarbrils did but in times in which “Eleventy” Hockey says are economically dire and that “the age of entitlement is over…” his fine weasel- worded phrase has come back through the corruption of historically, the most malignant Speaker of the House to bite him on the bum!


For all who railed against Labor for what was supposed to be its "dysfunction" during Rudd-Gillard-Rudd tenures, nothing has ever compared to the utter wreck of the parliament, and the shambles our country is now with this mongrel Liarbril ruling rabble.

The hypocrisy, dishonesty and rorting all coupled with what can only be seen as the rise of fascism as demonstrated on the streets this weekend can only get worse the longer they are in control.
There is no future for this country as long as they remain in power.

Lacock Abbey
Lacock Abbey

Everything they touch is compromised.
The AFP asked to investigate the matter turned it over to the Dept of Finance, and by not investigating "Bishop-Gate" are compromised.
Jane Halton (Dept of Fin) is again, as nominated "white-washer", as with "Children Overboard," cover-up, compromising the Public Service.
 The GG by inaction is compromised…. and all is fed by the Ugly American, Murdoch's propaganda sheets.
And truth and the nation are sullied by his minion's partisan storytelling.

Poor fellah, my country.


The totality of the lack of standards of any sort with this ruling rabble must make it the most corrupt of any in Australia's history.

From their misogynistic denigrations of Gillard to their outright lies on policy and the extensiveness of their personal rorting of entitlements, to the cruelty's ordered onto refugees and the "monstering" of Triggs and the ABC, these mongrels through their slavish implementation of the Right-Wing, IPA agenda, have shown that they are not ruling for the nation but small sections of large corporations. 
Therefore they have no authority, and no credibility.

Le Bec Hellouin
Le Bec Hellouin

 Apart from their incompetence, the ruling rabble are showing  by their gutless inaction over Bishop's corruption that they have no morals or ethics at all. Their arrogant contempt for the electorate at large and for ministerial standards of conduct probably signals the lowest ebb ever seen in Australian political history. 
Who will be the next speaker, Arfur "Da Spiv" Sinodinas with his brown paper bags?


The arrogant posturing of Kero-Pompadour in parliament may have had some impact before but now her credibility is shot to pieces as she's exposed as just a petty thief, pure and simple.
How delicious that her own ego and hubris were probably the main factors in her complete loss of face.
And then we had the farce of Police protecting by pepper spray the fascist thugs of “Declaim Oz… Oi, Oi, Oi,” whose confused right wing thoughts brought them to be embarrassed in Melbourne!
I love the vacant faces on these proto-fascist fools.

A visage, blank and stupid marking them as tools.

Their incoherent hate

 is what the Liarbrils love

 in it's distracting  from the wrecking

the ruling rabble shoves.
Hmmmm.... Little Johnny's legacy from not shutting up Pauline- Please-Explain's nasty rants years ago and Timmy Twat-Freedom-Man's IPA inspired attempted defence of Bolt-the-Dolt's drivel?

Cheers Possums,


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