Wednesday, 1 July 2015 the Fourth Reich

G’day  Possums,  its all Wombat Droppings this week.

Isn't it brilliant just how quiet Mandy "Il Patrone" Vanstone has become all of a sudden? The old revelations of her granting a visa to a suspected Mafia identity have surfaced again and other Liarbrils are implicated in this sordid political donation stuff, too but don’t expect a Royal commission into this any time soon.
This on top of her cruelty to Cornelia Rau and Vivian Salon .... you'd think people really would think twice before having anything to do with a product called Liarbril.
It is yet to be confirmed but it has been rumoured that the Mafia are highly embarrassed by being linked to such an amateur group of thugs as the Liarbril party.
They cite the fact that in only two years the ruling rabble have increased the national debt by $100Billion, some 35% more than where it was when they took office and with no new infrastructure to show for it.   “If we acted like that in our drug smuggling, extortion, protection rackets, prostitution and money laundering we would be out of business in a week”, said Mafia Accountant, Antonio Portafoglio-Sollevatore. “ ...and the way they are goading Islamists to “have-a-go”  is too high profile and ultimately, will be counter-productive.”

In another attempt to distract that public’s attention from the social fabric unravelling through their economic ineptness, Prime Miniature Rabid-the-Hun has led a media pack including Bolt-the-Dolt and Toilet-Boy Jones in attacking the ABC for having freedom of speech.

Paraphrasing his boss Le Jongleur Roskam, Rabid has assured us that in his Fourth Reich all speech is free to agree with whatever he says and that being a bigot is a necessary quality for the New Australia and that no-one should appear on Qand A except those who understand what he means and have read the script.

One who thought he had and did was Timmy Twat-Freedom-Man Wilson who stepped in to be a panellist when two other Liarbrils had a hissy-fit and refused to appear on such a lefty-biased show.  

Unfortunately for the Fourth Reich's Team Australia, Timmy made a right twat of himself when along with P. Kelly ( Murdoch apparatchik) from the Un-Australian he delivered his ABC bashing script in a very poor fashion and got himself laughed at by the audience and very effectively snotted by the other two panellists, the intelligent cosmologist, Krause and Counter Terrorism expert Ann Ally.
Timmy the Twat-Freedom-Man Wilson is like the Magic Pudding... the gift that keeps on giving, pity it's like pus from an acne pimple, though!
Can he help it that he was succoured by the Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe (IPA) and is now sucking on the public teat to the tune of $390,000.00 p.a.?
He has some value though, you know when you see and hear him how bereft of talent and intellectual rigour the Liarbril Party really is.

I would also like to wish Sophie "Pit-Bull" Mirabella, a continuation of her success in lessening the Liarbril vote in Indi that she achieved in three successive terms. In attempting to re-take her old seat may the numbers this time, make it a safe seat for McGowan.

Hoo-roo Petals,


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