Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Liarbril La-La Land

G'day petals...

It's that time of year again, Ballan Autumn Festival time that is...

 Don't ask.....

 Third year in a row for this little doggie

 Allison on Guitar
 Ms.Catherine King, Member for Ballarat and our next Federal Health Minister ...
 Lou C always dresses down for the Festival...

 Salvatore feeding the masses...,

 Light Horse re-enactors...

and a couple from the most recent ballet shoot 

For the techie-minded, f16 @ 1/2 sec. 200 ISO. Tungsten light....x2 

                                           Wombat Droppings
     or the chronicle of Australia's slide from egalitarianism into fascism

There has been another poll  suggesting that Captain Rabid-the-Hun and the ruling rabble of SS Lirarbril are on a comeback. I say suggests, for it was in "The Ugly American's" propaganda sheet, Da Oz and being much more positive than any of the other polls it might be best to treat it's "results" with caution.
It's hard to imagine how this poll could show improvement when for the past week the economic incompetence and  tawdry nature of Rabid's rabble has again been on full display.
First, with the risible Pyne-the-Whyne, Minister for Education calling himself "the Fixer" as his apology for an education policy is shredded in the senate, then Treasury effectively calling Joe Cereal/Toyota Killer Hockey a liar as to whom was really responsible for the dodgy graphs in his IGR, to Rabid-the-Hun tangling himself up over The Tardis State's East-West link (and perhaps shielding ex-treasurer Collins and Ex Planning minister Guy from jail) and being reminded that a 60% debt to GDP ratio is actually cause for more concern than the "Debt Crisis" of Labor's 16% debt, followed by  "Murderer" Morrison's being shown up as a liar over his allegations of aid workers coaching our concentration camp victims in self harm.When this was announced it transpired that the rabble had been sitting the report at the same time it was  trying to destroy Gillian Triggs and only released it under the cover of ex-Liarbril Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser's death.
Georgie "BookShelves" Brandis has put every decent journalist in the country off-side with his fascist Meta-Data laws which are effectively there to silence whistle-blowers and other critics of the ruling rabble.
That the News Poll had Rabid 's Rabble improving after all this, beggars belief.  One realistic Liarbril opined that it didn't matter what they said any more, no-one is listening; and Nikki Savva, arch Liarbril journo was laughing at them on "Insiders." This program ran a montage skit more akin to Clarke and Dawe's satire or Micaleff's"Mad as Hell" than a straight political discussion show.
The Liarbril  "narrative" or script if written for a film production character would be rejected as impossible... unbelievable.  Perhaps not for a "Python" or "Goon Show sketch or even Milligan's Q8 but that it is real and is happening now is incredible.

Hoo-roo Possums,

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