Thursday, 2 April 2015

….once more

Shane travelling
Shane travelling
G’day Possums,
It’s time for a change of scene.

With the little Wombats looking after the burrow, Mrs W and I are off to France again.
After some time in Paris we perambulate to Rouen then across Normandy into Brittany following a sort of reverse ‘44 Invasion route. 
From there we waddle onto a boat to visit one of Mrs W’s “rellies” in Cornwall for a few days, wend our way to London and on the way, probably see every English garden ever planted.

The Bayeux Tapestry is one of the “must’s” listed, as is Caen, Camembert and Calvados.

 It will be interesting too, to compare the solid spatial harmonies of the French Romanesque to English Norman

Jules Lavirotte, Paris

and some of the Parisienne Art Nouveau architecture of Jules Lavirotte

with buildings like

the Watt Chapel in Kent and to visit the village in Kent that allegedly my C17th Wombat ancestors came from.

 ....and one more from the last shoot….

Dancer: Naomi S
Dancer: Naomi S.

Wombat Droppings..
the demise of Egalitarian Oz and its morphing into Fascism.

On the listing rust-bucket SS Liarbril, Captain Rabid-the-Hun has become 3.5% more popular.
Rarely venturing from the newly fortified bunker of his parliamentary cabin, Rabid’s lack of sightings has seemingly pleased the crew no end. This and the bonus of “Cereal-Toyota-Killer” Eleventy Hockey speaking positively about the worsening economic forecasts has lulled the Aspirational Bogan crew into a comfortably dull miasma with words like "... it's better to make a profit than to make a loss because ultimately you make more money out of a profit than you do out of a loss".... just like an anaesthetic.

Content at no longer having to think, the crew of SS Liarbril drowsily ignore the sounds of the bashing of the President of the Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs emanating from the engine room. Captain Rabid, “The-Drone” Morrison (he with blood on his hands), “Bookshelves” Brandis and Neanderthal Senators various, are bullying her over her recommendation that a refugee from Indonesian occupied West Papua who has spent nearly eight years incarcerated after completing his seven (?) year sentence on being convicted for manslaughter, be compensated.
It was felt that because of his involvement in the “Free West Papua” movement he couldn’t be repatriated back to West Papua without fear for his life and Triggs has recommended that compensation at a rate equivalent to $50,000 per year of his incarceration be offered.
Inconveniently coming at the same time as the Moss report which showed that “Bloody” Morrison lied about his allegations that aid workers assisted concentration camp inhabitants on Manus Island in self harm methods and that the sexual abuse of refugee children in the camps is other than he said and rife and also at being so obviously at odds with the prevailing ethics of the ruling rabble, Triggs needs to be shown the error of her thinking.

Bloody Morrison then “turned some stomachs” when seen cavorting with children in the SS Liarbril’s crèche. It is understood that after fumigation and washing the children suffered no real harm but will only have bad dreams for a few weeks.

                                                                                                  Timmy ”Twat-Freedom-Man” Wilson again, is nowhere of importance to be seen but his fellow “Coot-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” (aka IPA) “Bunter” Berg is, bobbing around regularly obfuscating debates on ABC”s “The Drum.”

Chris Berg, IPA
Chris "Bunter" Berg, IPA

In his latest Libertarian-lite, poppy-cock, and playing the most current popular game of the Ruling Rabble: “Shoot-the-Messenger,” “Bunter” was opining that the Government’s Statutory Sports Drug watchdog, ASADA should be investigated by a Royal Commission because it couldn't definitively prove that the Essendon FC injected 34 of its players with banned substances and it was all Labor's fault anyway.
Unfortunately for “Bunter” his arguments generally have all the force of a ball of vapid vapour thrown at low speed; you watch it dissipate as it meanders toward you, then you exhale and “Puff”…… gone!
Perhaps a Royal Commission into the football club, its “sports-scientist-drug-supplier”, the coach, management team and the board might be the proper target but the rules on board SS Liarbril are Orwellian/Kafka-esque at present.

Which is a bit like Captain Rabid’s newest thought-bubble (probably courtesy of his bosses at the IPA?) of limiting the chances and opportunity for independent senators being elected.
All in the name of strengthening democracy mind you.
Sort of like the old aphorism so beloved of Senator “Vichy” Abetz, “Freedom through Work!” Or how 800,000 unemployed can disappear in filling 150,000 vacancies.

Hoo-roo Petals,

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