Tuesday, 3 March 2015

being judged and found wanting

G’day Possums,

Shane with Award.

Well, we’ve been judged… at Lens Mist that is and “honourably mentioned.”

Which, I might say, is not  lunch at “Jules Verne” … 

....not even a baguette.

Some more pics from the venue
 Lens Mist Photo Award 2015


And the winner…
Kim Croker: "Fishing for Fog"

Next year in Jerusalem?

Wombat Droppings

The chronicle of the inexorable slide of an egalitarian nation into Fascism.

Senator “Bookshelves” Brandis has been censured by the Senate as unfit to hold the office of attorney general and “refusing to fully account for his conduct when appearing before a committee of the Senate, undermining Australia’s commitment to upholding human rights, and being unfit to hold the office of attorney general.”
The Greens senator Penny Wright said Triggs, in her report on children in detention, had done nothing more than “embarrass an acutely sensitive and vengeful government.”
“It’s a frightening thing when our government believes it can attack the very institutions that are designed to hold it to account and that is why we must show our censure and take action,” Wright said.
"..Chris Moraitis, (Brandis’ Public Servant secretary) denied specifically asking Triggs to resign, but said he had told Triggs during a meeting in Sydney on 3 February that she had lost the confidence of the attorney general, George Brandis." and “the government would be prepared to consider positively a senior legal role for her”.
Hmmm.... Geez mate, yer not sacked and we'ze not askin' fur yer resignation... but there's a nice little earner over there if ya see it our way.
What, with this translation, is wrong?

The problem with these "gents" is that it seems that they've never had the opportunity see how limited they are except when confronted with someone as civilized as Triggs and
that's when the visceral libertarian-child-hate-tantrum kicks in because they know they're completely out of their depth and not in control.

To read the transcript of the trial of Jeanne d'Arc is interesting as a comparison.
The C15th churchmen treated this peasant girl with due regard as they actually appreciated her as a formidable foe.

David “Floater”Johnston, ex defence minister was censured too a couple of months ago, before the incompetent was dumped and sent to the back-bench.
These censures are unfortunate parliamentary “firsts” for this remarkably inept ruling rabble.

Even that nest of anti-socialist Vipers, the Business Council of Australia now is saying there’s no “Budget-Crisis” whilst “Horse-Shite” Cormann still stumbles around in mumbling a patois of slash and burn, being unable to admit, even to himself, that the social insanity of his and Joe “Cereal-Toyota Killer” Hockey’s still to be passed, budget of fiscal game-playing has been as disastrous on the ruling rabble’s public standing as has Rabid-the-Hun’s “captain’s picks.”

Captain Rabid has, rather oddly, picked up in the polls. Whether this is real or is a propaganda dis-information effort of a new polling group will be seen in coming months;  but Rabid’s propensity to shoot-himself-in-the-foot particularly with an economy turning sourer than milk left in the Sun, unemployment growing at the same time as more jobs are being off-shored and with no-one left to blame except the Aliens with three heads, indicates it just might not be timely for a rabble celebration.

“Le Jongleur” Roskam  (lead Clown of the “Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” and prize eunuch of the Liarbril Party) thinks it is better to be working poor rather than poor on social welfare benefits. This pathetically socially limited, theoretical libertarian doesn’t mind poverty: just the state of poverty you exist in.
It really makes you wonder which bit of his alleged idol’s most salient aphorism “Love One Another” he consistently fails to understand?

Le Jongleur has a competitor to his IPA in the CIS; another “Right-Wing, Libertarian, Free-Market,” thought bubble factory which judging from what I saw last night on QandA, is  staffed as well by loquacious 11 year old proto-fascist theorists in life. This mob too, tout themselves as the best thing since sliced bread which is par for the course with these seedy-minded hypocrites.
The storm will break soon.

Hoo-roo, Petals,

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